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Pelosi Proves She’s Off Her Rocker Again With This Childish Comment

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  1. pappy450 says:

    This is another FREAK that needs to be gone, her pension REMOVED, (and checked into a “rubber room” permanently)

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      I don’t know if everybody is aware that the Allies in WWII did not want Hitler assassinated. The longer he was in command the sooner the war would end.

      Same with Blow-see and her ilk. – They only help us with their stupid stunts.

      Let the commie elitist bitch go.

    1. champion2211 says:

      You will not find something that has been missing since you were born. It back then wasn’t cultivated to have much of anything in it. You are just a part of why the Democrats are going to the sewer.

  2. Dave T. says:

    I would say F*ck Nancy Pelosi, but I wouldn’t do that with a 20 foot DILD0

  3. dux nobis28 says:

    When will Pelosi finally be committed!

  4. Duane says:

    Please. Please. Please. The Dimocrats must leave Pelosi in charge of their party.

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      That’s what I say. We have no one that can do half the damage to the NWO Marxists and she is doing. Hope she keeps up the good work. With her help we are heading for another landslide in 1018. The RINO/NWO Marxist elite are in deep shit because of this silly bitch. Go, Bliow-see, Go!

  5. Curt James says:

    Aren’t Democrats/socialists wonderful? Isn’t California great to keep sending to Washington Pelosi, Waters, Boxer, Finestein(sp?).

  6. richard black says:

    and the left coast still elects this dumba$$ !!!!!

  7. Dondh says:

    When are the Libturds going to understand that they can’t win with idiots like Pelosi, Al Gore, Al Sharpton, Commings of Georgia, Schumer, big mouth Elizabeth Warren who says mostly nothing but lies like all those other Libturds mentioned here. Lastly, maybe the worst of all, Barack Hussein Obama, a traitor who should be locked up and never allowed to run again for any political office! He now is leading a Libtard group of Demorat people who are doing everything they can to get President Trump out of office. SO DEMOCRATS WHO WANT A BETTER AMERICA, PLEASE DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE WHEN THEIR TIME IS UP, BUT GET BEHIND PRESIDENT TRUMP! YOU SEE THESE PEOPLE AREN’T EVEN GIVING PRESIDENT TRUMP A CHANCE TO DO HIS JOB TO A BETTER AMERICA!

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      There are no real Democrats like the ones of the 50s left. It’s the NWO Marxist party all the way now. – And they are just as much if an enemy to our Judaeo/Christian way of life as the stinking moslems(sic)

  8. Chuck says:

    You have to have a mind to lose it. She has never had a mind. Airhead personified. But, as noted by others, please Dimwitocrats, leave her in charge of the once great party. Truman must be turning over in his grave at how far it has departed from reality.

  9. William M Durham says:

    Well it seems as if the old horse porno queen is again leading her queers in an anti Trump chant, too bad no one gives a damn about her or her queers although I do hear her horse porno business is doing well

  10. Mathew Molk says:

    Best thing that can happen for us. – Let the silly bitch go. All their stupid stunts are blowing up in their faces and the more they pull the more non RINOs will be elected in 1018.

    They are just the last vewtages of the rotting corps that is all that is left ot the democrat party. They have become NWO Marsists and it’s all over for them, The patriots of our country will NEVER let a Marxist prevail again.

    We won, they lost and since they can’t seem to get over it the Frogs said they will take them all in. PAck ‘um up, Run ‘om out.

    The only reason there are gatherings of these traitors and no counter demonstrations by us id we are at work while they are living off the 30+% of our hard earned the government takes away from us.

  11. Duane A. Fisher says:

    We all know Pelosi is Mentally ill! It seems these days you can not be in government unless you are a “RETARD”!

  12. Philomena says:


  13. Craig Vandertie says:

    Late stage symptoms of Alzheimer’s is what she is experiencing.

  14. Donald Lindsey says:

    She needs more psycho-druds

  15. daGunny says:

    She is getting more senile or stupid by the day. She didn’t want to see “illegal aliens” arrested or deported unless they did something “Illegal.” Duh! They have violated our immigration laws; they are in this country illegally, therefore they have done something illegal…they broke the law, how much more clear is that: Ms. Pelosi? Problem is, her family(DelMonte agriculture) and Kerry’s wife (Heinz Foods, big agriculture) depend on illegal migrant workers who will work below minimum. They censured Lyndon B. Johnson for having “wetback” and “sharecroppers” working his land, but they don’t want to touch Pelosi’s or Kerry’s families because of the big money/campaign donations they represent. Corruption at it’s slimeyest!

  16. silver fox says:


  17. silver fox says:


  18. Somekindofpatriot says:

    Pelosi is senile, sociopath, and a communist who should have been charged with treason many years ago for her dealings with Hungary in the interest of her husbands businesses.

  19. gobrien says:

    The only reason Pelosi would prefer Bush over Pence or Trump is because Bush NEVER fought back against the liberals, the media, the special interests, etc.

  20. KJ says:

    The lesson to be learned here is that gin and Botox kills brain cells.

    1. Dennis says:

      I think that toup may have something to do with it. Either that, or the gallon of dye she puts on her gray (or bald) head!

  21. Diane DeMarco says:

    As far as I’m concerned Nancy Pelosi is, by far, the dumbest woman in politics. How she ever reached the position she is in, is beyond me. Oh, wait, It’s her influential, rich husband who got her to where she is. When she speaks, you would think she’s talking to a grandchild. What a bloody moron!!

  22. Dennis says:

    Is it my imagination or does she look all dried up? She must be in competition with the elephants – as we all know, THEY have wrinkles!

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