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There’s A Surprising Secret Behind Trump-Hating NBA Coach

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  1. fiftysevenchevy says:

    Kerr is an IDIOT & A JERK…………..Period!!!!

  2. John Flynn says:

    when I see that Kerr is the Golden State Warrior coach (that’s San Fran, folks), it doesn’t surprise me Kerr is taking this attitude. NOBODY in the Western states seems to care for their President

    1. MyRoseHasTHORNS says:

      Many on the Pacific Coast DO care for President Trump. The media is hiding that from you except of course when they blame the peaceful marchers for the violence of their fav Anti-Fa group. The biggest liberal areas get the most attention and have their hatred portrayed as the Right’s fault.

    2. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve says:

      Amen, I don’t take political advice from my plumber or my favorite NBA coach, (even if he was my favorite)

    3. Elizabeth Michaels says:

      Hey John Flynn, I live in Northern Nevada and we (most of us) are very Conservative. Thank You very much. in fact the county I live in is very RED.

  3. EE says:

    Kerr should only play with balls and shut up!

    1. sox83cubs84 says:

      He probably plays with his own.

  4. Lynn Darbyshire says:

    it’s called JOB SECURITY !!

  5. Jmanjo says:

    It is that California liberal snot nose attitude showing!

  6. Ollie Octopus says:

    I NEVER watch these games anymore. It’s my black thugs vs your black thugs, with idiots like Kerr coaching.

  7. Donald Repp says:

    Keep in mind the Kerr spent most of his career playing for Popovich, so it stands to reason that he would share his mentor’s feelings. Both of them can think whatever they want about our president, but they should not be using their NBA position as soapboxes from which to spread their vitriol. As far as I know, nobody has ever credited either of them with doing anything worthwhile off the court. They should both do what they do best, coach basketball. Leave the political commentary to people who know what they’re talking about.

  8. tryscavage says:

    He said the reason when he said: ‘You walk in and see the faces of your players…’. The reason is less a ‘reason’ and more a ‘fear reaction’.

  9. Nutmeg Man says:

    I’ve always respected Kerr and was happy that he was finally able to return to the bench last night. But I can’t believe how he is badmouthing Trump after what happened to his father. Trump is simply trying to make the country safer by any means, and I salute him for that. The world’s biggest liar and worst president in history who preceded him exhibited a laissez-faire attitude and wouldn’t say radical Islamic terrorism because he didn’t want to insult his brothers. But that merely allowed the Taliban and ISIS to become stronger, which is something Trump is trying to reduce.

  10. MikeyParks says:

    Kerr wants to sit down with them, make S’mores and sing Kumbaya. His father would be so proud.

    1. sassy frasse says:


  11. Crusty Ole Fool says:

    What’s “perplexing” ALL Leftists suffer from irrational, mindless derangement syndrome.

  12. tryscavage says:

    I keep telling you: Look CLOSELY at all people in the NBA, NFL. It is staring you in the face.

  13. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Well, WHEN the terrorists strike here, I sincerely hope that they start with people like this jerk, & then they can hit Hollywood after that. Which they will, since they hate all that Hollywood stands for these days. Can you see any of these people leaving acting, & signing up to fight a war? Most of these people are nothing more than mouthes, & wouldn’t be caught within 50 feet of a REAL dangerous situation, & they deserve all they get.

  14. cutterguy says:

    Wonder how he “consoled” his players. Did he bend over for each one?

  15. Mike with the Silver Star says:

    Yes, another example of mental retardation among liberals…

  16. burrus1206 says:

    What bothers me most is the fact that there doesn’t seem to be similar pro-Trump or anti-Obama sentiments expressed by sports figures [players and coaches].

    CERTAINLY, such sentiments are held by members of this group.

    The explanation can ONLY be that such players and coach’s are too cowed by political correctness to express their views..

    If they did.., sports organizations would be forced to either be confronted by their glaring hypocrisy or take steps to curtail divisive political activity by its’ members.


  17. CCTexas says:

    Kerr is just a child seeking attention. Put him in the corner, he will go away.

  18. sox83cubs84 says:

    Between a Trump-hating snowflake coach (Kerr) on one side and a Trump hating, King of the Floppers superstar (Lebron James) on the other, as far as I’m concerned, the best result to the NBA Finals would be two giant sinkholes opening up and devouring the two teams’ home arenas.

  19. Beth says:

    This is scary. If anyone should be pro-Trump it is this guy. But instead he is repeating the robotic words of all the other Kool-Aid drinkers. It is scary to see the brainwashing going on in this country. Wake up, sheeple, think for yourselves! Read, listen to Trumps words, observe his accomplishments, THINK! I bet if Kerr’s dad could speak he would support Trump’s views on terrorism.

  20. Phillip says:

    Some people, rather than hate, follow Christ’s example and work to understand and love others… even those that have done a terrible wrong.

  21. Dan says:

    He hasn’t been mentally the same since Michael Jordan smacked him in the head at practice, years ago !!

  22. big KAhuna says:

    Basketball has become a haven for black influences and for rich people attendance to pay their outlandish salaries ( enough to support their drugs).
    Most whites refuse to watch or support- why because we want to see white athletes
    Perform. Black dominated sports are very corrupt and crime within is over the top.
    Steve Kerr has become the Uncle Tom of the white race- he’s made his bed and I would never trust his allegiance to his own race.

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