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Most Recent Evidence How Obama Failed

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  1. Harold says:

    being a convicted terrorist Rivera should be on a no fly list. Make sure he is on it and let him make his way to New York .
    Maybe after the parade he can do lunch at Francis Tavern

  2. LLJINTL says:

    Obama loves terror and destruction and with glee, welcomes all which will destroy America, and has been on this path since his youth, yapping incessantly at confused sheep for support for what these sheep cannot comprehend. The youth in the public schools in America have been mind-raped, and are pregnant with the demonic bastard. More hell to follow…

  3. tarheel61 says:

    What a mess, Obama,Soros and Hillary. You mean that with all the laws they have broken, also Treasonous Acts they can’t be locked up? I’m talking Gitmo with no privileges. Make it so !

  4. Carl Looney says:

    Obama hates American because he is only half-white. What one can change one is welcome to do, but this he cannot change so he should accept it. But in his case, he is clearly a racist. That’s all.

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