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Former Late Night Host Has Some ‘Sick’ Indictments For Trump

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  1. Herculesx Blade says:

    letterman is trying to get a job and everyone knows the networks are against President Trump,All I can say is he better watch when he steps out in the street theres a lot of john hinkleys out there! And IRS investigators!
    And God he’s about an ugly ,stupid looking MFer! Who is he hiding from?Maybe his ex-Black boyfriend!!!!!

  2. polly says:

    Nothing as sad as an old fool

  3. BeeCubed says:

    I never watched Letterman when he was on TV, so why should I care about anything he has to say now. Colbert, I’ve never seen and probably never will. He has nothing to say that I care to hear!

  4. REMAINFREE says:

    Is anyone else fed up and/or sick and tired of this liberal bull shit, yet?


    1. Countrysunrise says:

      If ADT can pull out of CNN, the advertisers from these networks would be a piece of cake for these losers!! Aren’t they on “small” networks anyway??? It goes with their pea brains!!

  5. Countrysunrise says:

    Wow!! Grandpa Moses just came out of the same woods as Hillary!! His comments are just as old and stale as he is!! The Master of Comedy and Common Sense, Johnny Carson, passed away, God rest his soul!! After that, Jay Leno filled in for a while, then left when he saw the parade of the weirdos. He was the smart one!! After Jay Leno left, comedy died!! And the young audience takes the garbage they say seriously!! God help America!! We have been hijacked by Comedic Jihadis!!

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