Megyn Kelly Just Got The Worst News

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  2. William Durham says:

    Wornout,wasted,untrustworthy bitch

  3. Larry Lewis says:

    Poor baby, her looks did not get her the big win.

    1. joe says:

      you mean her face lift

  4. SZ939 says:

    Megan Kelly will not survive at PMSNBC! She doesn’t have the Ultra-right insanity of Rachael MadCow, nor does she have the Interview skills to bash real Conservatives.

  5. Ogden Frost says:

    We ALL could’ve told you this, NBC. She alienated herself from the American public long, long ago.

  6. mpdMD1965 says:

    Megan Kelly was a hit because the folks selecting her looked no further than her puffed up chest and perhaps what more she chose to parade. The pundits determined that if they were “excited” most of the “braindead sex crazed ” makes or transgendered females would respond likewise. Surprise, Surprise!!! The excitement died before its time. Now it is time to pay and get nothing for the price.
    great lesson learned. All we the audience need do is turn the nothing to offer broad off. The oglers must continue to pay. Hopefully the experience was worth the heavy price. We the viewers need only TURN HER OFF!!!
    The price is right.

    1. COL Joseph A. Masterson says:

      They must have been seeing what others didn’t then! She had a rather brusque interview with Howard Stern, and he in his direct, female bashing way asked her “What size are your tits?” She responded her husband called the “Killer B’s”! Not much for a woman her size!!

  7. William L. Ramsburg says:


  8. jhforsythe says:

    People tend to get what they deserve. We all saw her attacks on Trump. Trump won; Megan lost, and she will continue to lose. She is a lost cause!

    1. Macy's Mom says:

      Oh please, Trump the jackass did NOT win. He is hated all over the world and he has an approval rating of 23. Name one president besides this jackass who said on video “I put my hands on a woman’s pu*** and have sex with her because I am Rich” And this is when his wife was five months pregnant. Name one president besides this idiot who uses his Twitter account to call people names like “Fat slob, et al.? And as for Megan, it is too bad NBC dumped Tamron Hall to hire this bigot. NEITHER TRUMP NOR KELLY WON – THEY ARE BOTH IN THE GARBAGE.

      1. simplicimuss says:

        Spare us your tripe ! Macy is calling ,…she needs you. We don’t 1

        1. gg says:

          Love that response..sure agree Macy’s mom’s elevator don’t go to the top.

      2. usmcltc says:

        Hey Macy’s Mom, your hatred is showing. I bet you approved of what JFK did with women other than his wife, right?

      3. Rodney Steward says:

        Sick puppy!

      4. Elfie says:

        Why do you have to resort to “jackass”? You must be living a very sheltered life that you do not know what is going on in the real world and what people talk about. Yes, rich men and women use their money to purchase things that include sex and goods…….by the way have you ever heard of trophy wife????? or directors couch? I love the fact that the President is twitting because he has brought more to light we the people could not even dream of. He is a winner and the best part we the people win right along him. Don’t be resentful or envies this is America the land of Opportunity. You could also be a president if you have the guts, brains, money and those who will prompt you . But be careful if you have that kind of help you will be bought and paid for . Have a nice 4th of July and what it stands for.

        1. gg says:

          My goodness Elfie what a great respond to the unthinkable leftist. They haven’t seen the #’s of 5.7 million illegal votes on their left..so oh Hittlary did not get the popular vote and they have not gotten CA records which is strong democRATS, I estimate a double to the 5.7 if CA were counted on the illegals.

      5. rose says:

        that he may have said these things is irrelevant he’s a man and this is how men talk which leads to it isn’t part and parcel of who he is. the problem with liberals; they take one insignificant part of what someone they don’t like says or does and they run with it, never taking into account the entire person. News flash; no one is perfect

      6. A_Nobody says:

        Well, I agree with you on Kelly but you are definitely one out to lunch wasted lefty. Trump won handily and if you’d been paying true attention and gotten past your own hatred you’d know he also won the popular vote when they finally removed ALL of the illegal voting. You obviously pay attention like a blind lemming to the phony poll of the left too. So, my suggestion is to grow up and start searching for truth rather than the leftist indoctrination you have obviously listened to.

        1. gg says:

          Glad you pointed that out to her, they never check anything only what their cult tells them.

      7. Elfie says:

        He is hated all over the world?????? what world??????? You seem to for get that the European countries do not have freedom of speech and what is communicated to the public is sanitized. Ich wuerde Forschlagen dass Sie mal Reisen damit Sie sehen was wircklich vorsich geht. oops, I like to be leave you can read this.

      8. rick meek says:

        WOW — What rugs are you on……

    2. Rodney Steward says:

      Sounds a lot like Hillary !! 🙂

  9. Dick says:

    The Russia Trump caper is over. Get over it . What people do you think would follow a loser to another network? NBC you made a big mistake. When she came on fox news channel I switched to the food network for an hour. If you can’t cook get out of the kitchen girl. Stick a fork in her she’s done………

  10. Larry Lewis says:

    Her facelift, her sexual attitude, etc. Wonder who sexually came on to whom?

  11. Gary Vogt says:

    This is what happens when a person thinks their poop don’t stink.

  12. Rich-D says:

    Her facelift makes her hard to look at, and she really is not that talented!

  13. myfordtruck says:

    go ahead and can the idiot and anybody that would hire after this is as smart as the dnc

  14. bikerchick22 says:

    I’d watch a re-run of honey boo-boo before megyn kelley!!

  15. Einar_Petersen says:

    The Viewing Public has Tamed That Shrew…!

  16. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Her fans feel betrayed, so aren’t going to follow her. They feel, & so do I, that she’s a traitor. Bet she’ll be begging to come back to Fox news! But, it will be too late.

  17. Dick says:

    I understand “Last Man Standing” is available. NBC would do well to dump Megyn and hire the last man. Their ratings will definitely improve.

    1. twinspineve says:

      I miss bill…

      1. James Tipton says:

        I do too.

  18. Di says:

    Don’t watch social engineering anymore controlled by 7.

  19. blog2038 says:

    Who cares, it’s NBC money.

    1. COL Joseph A. Masterson says:

      Good point! I hope they spend more trying to resuscitate her!!! Reminds me of all the money Soros dumped on Hillardyke’s campaign and got nothing for it!! Roll on y’all, roll on!!!

  20. Nutmeg Man says:

    Guess ole Megyn has learned the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, especially when it’s one of the all-time worse fake/false news outlets, NBC.

  21. jreb57 says:

    “A rerun of 60 Minutes beat out the episode – which signifies one of two
    things – either nobody cares about the Trump-Russia conspiracy, or
    Kelly’s clout as a “journalist” has significantly declined.”
    Or both.

  22. rick meek says:

    SO WHAT —— I have NO love or sorrow for this waste……

  23. Mike Lashewitz says:

    It just goes to show beauty IS NOT everything and beauty with a STUPID EGO is just about nothing. Jenna Jameson (porn star) has more class.
    Moreover it seems the media is realizing that INTELLIGENT Americans are no longer buying the Anti Trump lies and total Globalist motivated bullshit.
    Trump IS OUR President and we all put up with the shit and LIES from Obama why is it so hard to put up with the TRUTH from Trump?
    1342 Obama lies and counting.

  24. kevin A Grumpy Old Man says:

    Hey you don’t step on Super Mans cape, You don’t try and out wit Donald Trump, You dont spit into the wind and for sure you don’t go to NBC (No Body Cares) and expect intelligent people to follow you!

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