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Bill Clinton Cracks Anti-Trump Jokes At Alec Baldwin Tribute

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  1. joeinz says:

    It’s ALL in the smugness of their droning diatribe that turns my stomach. From the constant and unsubstantiated verbal attacks (with no basis of truth) to the ad homonem comments on topics they know NOTHING about. Now, I’m no fan of the man, Donald Trump, but I am a BIG fan and respecter of the OFFICE of the presidency. Let’s have some decorum and respect . . . YES, you too, Mr. Obama !

  2. Red Steiner says:

    Lol A never never has been “Actor” and a serial rapist taking shots at President Trump. laughable huh?

  3. keedon says:

    Yo Alex when are you going to keep your promise and leave the US? You ugly braindead twit keep asking Trump to keep his promises.

  4. yellowjacket2 says:

    Alec Baldwin and Bill Clinton….now that gives a whole new meaning to dumb and dumber. And unethical and more unethical. And immoral and more immoral. And liar and bigger liar. And….well, you get my drift.

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