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Jon Stewart’s Recent Cancellation Another Sign The Liberal Agenda Is Failing

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  1. GodIsOneAndHisNameIsOne says:

    They can take Samantha Bee off the air, too. She’s nothing more than a shrill foul-mouthed talentless cry-baby.

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      To be honest I never heard of her.

      1. GodIsOneAndHisNameIsOne says:

        Her show is Full Frontal

    2. truth says:

      You forgot Canadian citizen that has no right to comment on anything in america. Besides the fact that 95% of everything she says was made up by retards and believe by millennials. As for Jon Stewart the less we have of liberals like him on tv the better

      1. Phillip says:

        “…Canadian citizen that has no right to comment on anything in america” — why not?
        PS “America” should be capitalized (just like “Canadian”).

      2. darll says:

        Any citizen of any country has a right to an opinion about America and hopefully, the freedom of speech to state it.

  2. george briar says:

    hate that loser.

  3. Countrysunrise says:

    They’re all just falling over each other with Political nonsense that isn’t funny anymore. It’s time to either turn them off completely, or boycott their sponsors, and let the sponsors know!! They are going beyond the pale now!! The President hasn’t done a THING to them, yet they do these stupid stunts like Kathy did, to imitate ISIS, then plays the victim card. Colbert IS and always WILL BE an overpaid A-S!! This is the first time I’ve ever heard of Samantha Bee, and the name alone told me everything I NEED to know about her!! Humor is officially DEAD in America!!

  4. Mathew Molk says:

    I keep saying.

    They Lost, We Won and are pulling away further by the day.

    Just ask USAA, or take a look at’s stock quote. – Dropped from 28 to 25 in 4 days.

    We are even stating to the LGBTQRST Alphabets back in the closet where they belong.


    1. ExpatriateSoon says:

      USAA lost my accounts and life insurance last month

  5. Maria castro says:

    I think his last name is something like lubitwas, I don’t recall, I don’t remember exactly if I ever watched this man.

  6. CCTexas says:

    No loss here. Just another liberal has been.

  7. Jim Norris says:


  8. Jack says:

    It’s about time these liberal haters are having to answer, for all the misinformation, and hate that they spew.

  9. ExpatriateSoon says:

    ABC wasn’t that a song we sang in pre-K Since Shondra Rimes shot her mouth and started Flapping her gums no Greys Anatomy. She killed off everyone good except for Ellen Pompeo so buh bye

  10. Phillip says:

    I think you are confusing critical thinking and reasoning, with ad hominem.

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