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Former CIA Officer Eviscerates Comey

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  1. Mathew Molk says:

    The FIB(not a typo) is a Preeminent cesspool. They couldn’t catch a cold. If they were the law men that they claim to be they would have arrested Commie Comey before the left the capital building and he would be held without bond just like the goofy girl that did the exact same thing he did. .

    What has happened to the cops in general in this country when treason and misuse or public office is less then DUI?

  2. charlie says:

    fbi has always been a cesspool. jeh was no good but has been praised highly. they think they are the congress and supreme court all in one time to shut it down and start over

  3. myfordtruck says:

    China should be one our biggest worries especially the way they are using Hawaii to have babies there so they are so called US citizens something that should be changed that if you are not a legal resident here your children born here should not be made citizens And this Russia investigation should be killed and Comey put in jail with a bunch more even some from the press

  4. Teleman119 says:

    Lordy, knee jerk gracelessness is the cardinal sign of all vicious back biting perverts. Lordy, the entire reason Comey always presented himself as such a boy scout is because he is a dyed in the wool pervert, like all corrupt Democrats. He was appointed to that position by Obama himself, and those perverts always recognize each other. I was waiting after he got fired to see what he would do. Lordy, you don’t need to act ‘like’ a boy scout if you are an authentic noble man. Lordy, It is good to know that even the FBI chief can’t hide from the truth about his corrupt, partisan, treacherous self. This is all coming down like train wreck in very slow motion and each bite couldn’t be more delicious. People are going to jail and I can wait to see it. All the evidence is against Democrats who wanted and continue this conversation and there is NO evidence against Republicans.

    1. Dan says:

      Correct in all except I believe that Comey is a registered Republican. Heard this on Fox news when the real reporter Bill O’reilly was there.

      1. Teleman119 says:

        That means nothing. He was appointed by Obama and worked to help Hillary walk. He’s a dyed in the wool Democrat as far as I’m concerned. The People’s Republic of China and Democratic Republic of North Korea, neither belong to the people or are democratic. He should be in jail no matter what Party he is ‘registered’ with.

        1. DrSique says:

          Party affiliation means little or nothing. The Republican Party is only slightly less infiltrated by big government scum than the Dems. Hell, Powell went from a registered Repub to an Obamaphile faster than a trip to the restroom at Taco Bell. All patriotic Americans need to learn that this is not a struggle between political parties. It is a war for the very soul of our nation……………………and “We the People” are not winning.

          1. Teleman119 says:

            You are preaching to the choir. The Republicans are so infected with Democrats that they don’t even remember or know they should all be trying to repeal ONLY and NOT replace Obamacare. They should want to give us back the free market health insurance and system that was stolen from us by Democrats. It is impossible to have low costs, high quality and Universal coverage all at the same time. Universal coverage means less value for over 90% of Americans to pander to the sickest among us. Let the government create a program for people that can’t afford health insurance and let the rest of have our free market health care. Only 10 million of the 33 million available to sign up for Obamacare did. The rest paid the fine. AMERICA DOES NOT WANT GOVERNMENT HEALTH INSURANCE. The lack of votes in Congress PROVES THAT. 10 million people is less tha 3% of our entire population. This is ALL BS.

      2. littlesmoke says:

        If he is, I hereby excommunicate him. We don’t want him.

      3. sc says:

        well so is John “songbird” McCain and L. Graham but for some reason they always seem to suck after the demo-rats,

  5. Nice to read an accurate statement by someone in the intel agency who saw Comey for what he is, delusional power hungry media whore traitor, just look at his history, don’t believe the boy scout image BS, he is a demon who was behind all leaks from start, now admitting to being a leaker. PATHETIC, WAKE UP AMERICA

    1. reggie says:

      His history with the clintons goes way, way back.

  6. Eric Hartman says:

    He “leaked” as a civilian.

    1. Tony Rowell says:

      then he had stolen documents and should be jailed forever

      1. Eric Hartman says:

        You’re funny.

    2. Don C. Hayward says:

      Assuming that you are correct his employment contract along with the post employment provisions of his security clearance proves that you have no idea what you are talking about.

      1. Eric Hartman says:

        You say so. They were not classified notes. They were his notes he made after conversations with trump. I’ve heard from those more knowledgeable in legal matters and government matter than I say it is perfectly legal. Perhaps since you are so smart you can provide proof that you are correct. Since Comey is a free man as of today, so far I am correct.

        1. Don C. Hayward says:

          Read above post

      2. Don C. Hayward says:

        “All” material originated during the course of employment by the government or pertaining to events that occurred during the employment by the government are considered to be the property of the government. Comey’s affidavit as having read the provisions of his security clearance makes Comey subject to prosecution unless it has changed since I signed my affidavit of having read my own secret clearance in 1963 or 1964. Classified document status has nothing to do with anything.

        1. Eric Hartman says:

          Time will tell then, but I currently am not buying.

          1. Don C. Hayward says:

            I’m not betting on prosecution at all. Killery has violated multiple statutes plus the Espionage Act by her own admission and has not been even investigated by a grand jury. Probably the most blatant example of government corruption at the highest levels in the history of the country.

          2. Eric Hartman says:

            Well, if you are a trump fan complaining about hillary and government corruption, I would have to question your sanity.

          3. Don C. Hayward says:

            “Fan” is not the correct term. I support the Trump agenda and policies. You see I do not have to “like” a person in order to support his policies. As far as both you and I know Trump has yet to corrupt any agency of government or use his position for enrichment. On the other hand the entirety of the Obongo admiration were up to their necks in corruption.

          4. Eric Hartman says:

            I don’t like trump personally OR his policies. You may think trump is not corrupting any agencies or enriching himself but believe just the opposite. Obama was no angel in real life, but compared to trump he was/is. It is no excuse by any means, but every POTUS except Truman and Carter have enriched themselves. Reagan (and Nancy) are no exception. The problem is money talks and BS walks. Both parties, one more than the other.

          5. Don C. Hayward says:

            Not being an angel in real life is irrelevant in my view. Trump is a capitalist and believes in the Constitution as written and intended. The Democrat Party despised America, capitalism and the founding documents and as they despise this country I despise all of them. .

          6. Eric Hartman says:

            Sorry, you are a brainwashed fool. Have nice day.

          7. Don C. Hayward says:

            I knew you would revert to name calling. Your kind always do.

          8. Eric Hartman says:

            I knew you would revert to saying Democrats hate America. Your kind always do.

          9. Don C. Hayward says:

            Truth will set you free.

          10. Eric Hartman says:

            Perhaps you should seek it.

          11. Don C. Hayward says:

            I have ever since JFK F up the Bay of Pigs invasion and allowed Castro and Che to become icons of the leftist lunatics.

          12. Eric Hartman says:

            So what you’re saying is you are stuck in 1960 and have been wearing blinders focused on one event and not keeping up or looking at history before and after. Nor do you appear to want to look at the rest of the world. Hell of a way to seek truth. To you there is only black and white and nothing in between. Therefore you have a warped sense of what you call lunatics think. BTW who was just complaining about “name calling”?

          13. Don C. Hayward says:

            Like Trump I sink to the level of the discourse and have no problem gutter fighting.

          14. Eric Hartman says:

            That you do. Nothing to be proud of IMHO.

          15. Don C. Hayward says:

            Actually the “hate” is more directed toward all those who would disagree with their socialistic dogma and point out that capitalism has lifted more people from poverty in 250 years than all other forms of economics for the previous 5,000. The elected hierarchy of the Democrat party are almost with out exception of Marxist ideology. Bernie “Commie” Sanders is after all, your standard bearer.

          16. Eric Hartman says:

            Define hate.

          17. Don C. Hayward says:

            Why? You people do very well with the attempt at eliminating conservative opposition by means of assassination. Doesn’t get much more definitive. While you people get your panties in a wad over word games that trump plays Obongo Inc. encourages cop killers in the streets. Lunatic leftist have defined hate in this country forever.

          18. Eric Hartman says:

            Kinda the pot calling the kettle black aren’t you?

          19. Don C. Hayward says:

            When was the last time a right wing alleged extremist made a list of lunatic leftist legislators to kill via armed anarchy against sitting members of the Congress??? You freaks have been shooting people since JFK and the lunatic commie Oswald.

          20. Eric Hartman says:

            Look at the big picture. Most violence in the US is perpetrated by right wing extremists and that is a fact. Obama did not “encourage” cop killers. Anarchy can be either left or right extremists. Read something other than your reich wing rags for once. You sir have a very narrow tunnel vision and a very narrow mind. There is more than black and white. August 2012, Sikh temple WI. June 2015 Clementa C. Pinckney, Charleston. on and on you look it up. I’m leaving on vacation away from all the belligerent reich wing nuts. Have a nice 4th. Blow something up with fireworks.

          21. Don C. Hayward says:

            Not only are you ignorant of reality you evidently expect others to buy your disinformation. No wonder the popular term is lunatic leftist.

          22. Don C. Hayward says:

            Where are all the right wing nuts doing political assassinations on sitting members of Congress??? Conservatives have problems getting to a protest let alone shooting people. Your creds are up in smoke just like the disinformation that you spew.

          23. Eric Hartman says:

            I see you edited out the word “hate”. That was less than an honorable move.

          24. Don C. Hayward says:

            How do you edit something that you do not write? Using the word despise is/was intended and not edited.

          25. Don C. Hayward says:

            Who cares who you like personally???

          26. Eric Hartman says:

            No, the question is who cares who cares who I like personally. Certainly not me.

          27. Don C. Hayward says:

            I was your own post jerk.

  7. Robert Dimmock says:

    Comey not only destroyed himself but he took all the hard working, honest agents down with him. He’s proved he is nothing but a slug.

    1. George says:

      The good news is that Hillary, Obama, Lynch and a bunch more will and should go down with Comey. For that reason I thank him. As soon as Trump manages to shed the Washington establishment and Democrat snake skin he’s been forced to deal with, every one of his people who got caught up in the vicious net used to try to bring his presidency down, should be unconditionally pardoned and let back into his administration. They should be given a second chance. And for God’s sake, send Ivanka to be ambassador to Luxembourg for the duration, alone.

  8. kas5221957 says:

    How can anyone take a word out of Comey as true? He states that he took motes to himself of talking with Trump. None of these notes ever came to light until well after he was fired. Real easy to make bs up then. Then he leaked these notes to get a special proscuter to try to get Trump who is his best friend. It is Comey and his best friend who need to be investigated. Mueller should be fired for what he was supposed to look into has been proved false. Now this jerk is on a witch hunt for anything. Job is done so firte his leftist rearend now.

  9. David VanBockel says:

    ‘Tis true: we will still be in major party bickering when the North Koreans fry us in our beds.

  10. Jim Norris says:


    D.C. S W A M P…

    G R E E D AND L U S T…

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