Redskins Name Controversy Took A New Turn

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  1. moma says:

    Political correct – what idiots. Why don’t they just get over themselves. They are what is offensive. I am Native American and I don’t find it offensive.

    1. dude says:

      I am to and to me it’s just a name has nothing to do with being offensive no more than African americans,or country hicks,or red necks…it’s stupid this country is gone off it’s rocker trying to be politically people better wake and see some people and the media are doing it for profit and self indulgent …a lot of people just follow blindly …but most americans could care less about being politically correct and a lot of us don’t intend to be and never will be…and if people don’t like it that’s just tuff

  2. Bilgeez says:

    Most Native Americans I know are Redskins fans. They are like; “hey we got our own team!” How many other ethnic or racial groups have their own football team? The only people I see offended by it are white liberal, mostly Jews, and some blacks, like Obarry, who knows what race he really is? All easily offended snowflakes.

  3. Kenneth Schoonover says:

    The negative hype about the Redskins name has gone too far! If American Indians aren’t offended by it, then why do people contend that it is offensive? I myself see nothing wrong with it. I think using the name “Redskins” means that the team is tough, brave, and determined–things that are winning qualities. There’s nothing vulgar or insulting about the name.

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