Anti-Trump Marvel Superhero Abandons Fan Base

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  1. Billy Joe Diesem says:

    FK Hollyweird don’t tell us how dumb you think we are. Personally I’m done with you dumb assess, I don’t need you and I hope (as Hollywood thinks of us dumb) will Boycott them. We don’t give a damn about what your political views are. BOYCOTT HOLLYWEIRD

    1. ernldo says:

      If I want to see a movie, I steal it to watch, not a red cent for the perverts. The local theater doesn’t know me…..

      1. Bud says:

        At a very minimum, either rent the DVD through Netflix, or buy a used copy. That way the producers or actors don’t get any extra money (or do they get a few cents every time Netflix rents one of their DVDs to someone?).

        1. john says:

          Marvel CEO gave Trump $1 million to Trump’s campaign. He also gave $5 million to the Great American PAC and Trump announced the CEO of Marvel has advisory role on veterans affairs issues in the administration.

          So, good on ya for keeping your money from Trump.

          1. Mystralfire says:

            He needs to revamp Captain America, give him to an actor who actually appreciates freedom and the Constitution.

          2. john says:

            Sorry, man. Each Captain America film has made significantly more money than the last.

            You’re in the minority on this but Chris Evans thanks you for the tickets you’ve purchased.

            Now, stop whining about an actor and grow a set.

            Marvel is and always has been a company of progressive values and representation.

          3. Mystralfire says:

            No thanks. I don’t want a set. As a woman, I’ve no use for them. I voiced an opinion, there was no whining. Maybe take your own advice as you seem to be upset at my comment. Got a man crush issue? Awfully testy over an opinion. Straight to the defense of Captain America.

          4. Kenny Albert says:

            His name should be changed to Captain I Hate America.

          5. old codger says:

            …or Craptain America!! I’m done with Marvels Craptain America!!!

          6. johnny b says:

            Democrap trolls…..

          7. Wayne Pemberton says:

            Despite what you think, Marvel is not a moral or political compass that we all have to set our course by. It’s sad to think that you do. Besides, the point everybody is making -THAT YOU’RE NOT GETTING- is the movies’ messages and the actors’ messages are not necessarily in sync, and not all the actors in the same movie agree with each other or the movies’s message…making the whole thing hypocritical. Movies send messages; we all know that. Actors act! They get paid stupid amounts of money to memorize other peoples lines and not their own. But, this adulation and obscene money they receive seems to give them a false sense of entitlement and self importance and that their way is the only way one should think. They go BEYOND just giving an opinion. They’re actors and have to making everything so damned dramatic In other words, that’s why we’re saying that’s why they need to just shut the [email protected]# up… capiche?

          8. old codger says:

            AMEN Wayne, AMEN!! Look at Mat Damon and Liam Neeson! Both make bang, bang shoot’em ups, blood and guts shot outs and both are ANTI 2nd Amendment, HATE guns and don’t think AMERICANS should own guns!! Mat, the Bourne guy and Liam the Taken 1, 2 3, etc.! F U C K EM, rotten B A S T A R D S!!

          9. johnny b says:

            AND since I’ve learned their Democrap opinions I have stopped purchasing tickets to their movies and will continue to boycott any movie they are in and someday when their marketability is down so much that no studio will hire them then I will smile and know that I had a hand in their demise….

          10. john says:

            Yup. Clearly seems to be working. HAHAHA.

            Record breaking box-office for Marvel and DC.

          11. john says:

            Keep whining, snowflake.

            So pissed these dudes make more money than you. HAHAHA

          12. ernldo says:

            You can make money too if you learned to use your vagina for more than blathering….

          13. john says:

            HAHA. Pulling your strings and you’re dancing. Love it!

          14. Chi Sam says:

            There is not one person in the world named “Mat”. You’re stupid and incompetent.

          15. old codger says:

            Alert PC cop on duty, ALERT ,ALERT. People like you should go out and play on the freeways during rush hour!!!

          16. Chi Sam says:

            Argue that “Mat” is correct…or shut up. Your incompetence is not on me.

          17. old codger says:

            Speaking of STUPID copied from Wikipedia:
            “Mat Erpelding (born 1975), American politician
            Mat Kearney (born 1978), American singer-songwriter and musician
            Mat Latos (born 1987), American Major League Baseball pitcher
            Mat Mendenhall (born 1957), American former National Football League player
            Mat Osman (born 1967), English musician, bassist of the rock band Suede”
            Have mommy put on your big boy pull ups!!!

          18. Chi Sam says:

            Like I said, stupid…you had never, ever heard of them. You’re either a very effete man, or rather masculine, post-hysterectomy former woman.

            …or you’re simply a purposeless Asberger’s imbecile that should have been terminated at the first sign of genetic defectiveness.

          19. old codger says:

            Can’t you f—ing read a s s wipe!!!

          20. old codger says:

            Speaking of STUPID copied from Wikipedia:
            “Mat Erpelding (born 1975), American politician
            Mat Kearney (born 1978), American singer-songwriter and musician
            Mat Latos (born 1987), American Major League Baseball pitcher
            Mat Mendenhall (born 1957), American former National Football League player
            Mat Osman (born 1967), English musician, bassist of the rock band Suede”
            Have mommy put on your big boy pull ups!!

          21. john says:

            “Marvel is not a moral or political compass that we all have to set our course by.”

            Quote me saying this. I told you what Marvel has always been. You demanded they be something you want and they’ve never been.

            Quote me saying it. Oh, lets cut to the chase. You can’t.

            You lose.

            Now, stop whining about some actors. It’s truly pathetic to behold, snowflake.

          22. Bird says:

            That was before they attacked our president, began calling us stupid and deplorable, and started a war on every moral value we possess. That was when movies were made for entertainment instead of indoctrination and award ceremonies rewarded the best instead of applauding political content and gutter language! You’d rather see our country destroyed rather than admit you were wrong or God forbid, support President Trump in what he is trying to do FOR this country!!

          23. john says:

            My God do you whine.

            Know what happens when someone I don’t respect calls me “stupid and deplorable”? I don’t care cause I’m not.

            Poor, @Bird did an actor who plays Captain America hurt your feewlings?

            Go find a safe space, snowflake!

          24. johnny b says:

            Go crawl back under your rock….

          25. john says:

            Keep whining about some actors, cuck.

          26. old codger says:

            Stick your head back up into your smelly region!

          27. john says:

            Don’t like your whines being pointed out, huh?

            Whining loser.

          28. old codger says:

            No just don’t like “TOTAL A–HOLES” like you! SnowFlake!

          29. john says:

            Still whining, snowflake?

            You can stop crying any time now. But I’m happy to laugh watching.

            Now, post again. It’s amusing me.

          30. old codger says:

            You must be looking in the mirror. I enjoy toying with idiots as it makes my day.
            P.S. I’m the one amused about how can anyone be so totally stupid! Does mommy have to turn on the computer for you??

          31. john says:

            Good boy. Fetch!

          32. Warden Clyffe says:

            Having an actual purpose would really make your day.

          33. old codger says:

            JA! What a f—ing A–WIPE

          34. kristine says:

            Ignore “John”, you will never get a logical discussion. Stooping to the kindergarten brand of conversation to try to relate in someway is ineffective.

          35. john says:

            Haha. YOU didn’t even ignore me. Where do you get off telling others to?


          36. kristine says:

            How sweet……you thought I was talking to you………

          37. john says:

            How sweet…… You replied 5 frigging times to a weeks old interaction nobody cares about. Hahha.

            So, yeah.. like I said… You didn’t even ignore me. Controlled. Haha.

            Thanks for the laugh at your expense!

          38. kristine says:

            You are correct, now that they have dropped the veneer of neutrality, it’s going to very much effect their sales. Some very rude and repulsive people on this chat are not realizing, or don’t want to recognize that 50 % of us don’t agree with “their” viewpoints or politics.

          39. john says:

            Yeah, those Spider-Man box office numbers are really hurting. Nope. Oh, wait… it’s going to have massive numbers and out gross the last couple Spider-Man films.

            Haha. Turns out people don’t think like you. Haha.

            Now, don’t forget to follow your advice and ignore me. Don’t reply.

          40. kristine says:

            Give it time johnnyboy……..give it time.

          41. john says:

            Translation: I’m not right now (when it actually matters) but I’ll be right one day. You’ll see!

            Wow. You’re terrible at this. Hahahha

          42. johnny b says:

            Are you a troll for the Democraps???? or the movie industry????

          43. john says:

            HAHAHA. I’m not a spinless worm whining about Hollywood so I can only be one of those 2 things, huh?

            You’re so proud to be such a loud whiner! You really shouldn’t be.

            GROW. A. SET.

            Best part is you’ve turned over your money to these actors you despise so much! HAHAHA. And you’ll do it again.

            Now, stop crying. Be a man.

          44. ernldo says:

            Comic book boy, you want johnny to grow a pair? Why, to bounce on your chin? Comic book sissy wants another to grow up?….you’re too funny.

          45. john says:

            HAHA. I got you so upset, snowflake.

            You’re so bent out of shape. HILARIOUS!

            Dance, puppet!

          46. old codger says:


          47. ernldo says:

            Jonn will suck anyone’s root for fifty cents….

          48. Rich Shack says:

            Still waiting to hear anything “progressive” from them

          49. john says:

            HaHa. Then you’re not following Marvel. Rich, you’re wrong. Spend 2 seconds looking and you’ll find all you need from the right WHINING about how Marvel is too progressive.

            You’re wrong. Accept it.

            (Next time, stop pretending you know things you don’t.)

          50. kristine says:

            Values? What are they?

          51. john says:

            “Values? What are they?”

            Yeah, I wouldn’t expect a righty to know what values are. You just like to pretend.

            Keep giving your money to Marvel & Disney though. Don’t let me stop you. Hahaha.

          52. kristine says:

            ??????? It would help if if you actually thought about what you are trying to communicate before typing…..

          53. john says:

            Says the dummy who wrote “?????” as a sentence and used a 5 point ellipsis where even a grammatically correct ellipsis wouldn’t fit.

            Think about what you’re trying to communicate.

          54. kristine says:

            Yeah, your communication skills are lacking.

          55. john says:

            Wrong. Yours are.

          56. Shayne Jenkins says:

            After all, it is Captain AMERICA!!! I’d vote for a new actor immediately!

          57. Houmid says:

            Marvel did revamp Captain America. Now he’s actually a Hydra agent of totalitarian fascism. So maybe Chris Evans is trying out for that part.

          58. Bird says:

            Marvel CEO better ‘vet’ his actors and actresses better…. or tell them to keep their politics to themselves as it’s affecting his coin purse!! Just like Kathy Griffin, these people who think they are sooo smart, and we little people are so dumb, can’t even figure out, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you!” We are the party that got Donald Trump elected, Target’s ‘bathroom’ policy overruled, and put Kathy Griffin out of business…. who’s the moron now?

          59. john says:

            He doesn’t care what you think. HAHAHA.

            Wow. “You” (you really didn’t do anything) got a white Republican elected. Unprecedented!

      2. C.T. Dixon says:

        In other words you are a criminal, a thief.

        1. ernldo says:

          I don’t consider taking from traitors theft (making my own rules like a demotard)…don’t get your vagina in an uproar.

          1. C.T. Dixon says:

            In other words stealing from someone who you disagree with politically is okay, so you wouldn’t mind if a group of communists came to your house and took everything out to redistribute it to poor people or a group of anarchist hackers hacked your bank account and drained your bank account.

          2. ernldo says:

            Come try it….hope those Hollyweird perverts appreciate you sticking up for their “rights”….

          3. C.T. Dixon says:

            So where did you grow up? Was it on “Animal Farm” or in Oceania?

          4. ernldo says:

            I get it, so comes the name calling, like a kok sucking demotard…Take the dik out of your exhaust port and go f*ck yourself, commie c*nt….Low IQ rump swab….
            you are blocked, as I do to all flaming tards….

          5. C.T. Dixon says:

            What name calling? I think you have a problem with projection? I am sorry if you are so ignorant that you did not get the literary references to two great books of the 20th Century. “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” How about thoughtcrime or doublethink or newspeak?

          6. BambiB says:

            “1984” should be required reading for every American. It’s the Demoncrap playbook and tells REAL Americans what to avoid. (It also presages appalling surveillance by the state – which has already been exceeded to an extent Orwell could never have imagined.)

          7. old codger says:

            I’m sorry they can’t as they are to engrossed in reading “Asinine Erroneous Facts for Dummies and DemoCRAPZ”!!

          8. BambiB says:

            That’s pretty much where we are today. Only they call themselves “Demoncraps”/

          9. mustangsallyann says:

            Please lose the V reference. Many of we women aren’t supportive of those wishing to destroy our country. ;o)

          10. BambiB says:

            But, in fact, MOST women are! Just look at the gender makeup of the Demoncrap party. (about 5:3 female) or the voting patterns (http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/07/28/a-closer-look-at-the-gender-gap-in-presidential-voting/)

            You may be a female who is not a raving libtard moron – but you’re the EXCEPTION for your gender.

          11. mustangsallyann says:

            I’m leery about some of the stats and studies, it’s too easy to come to the result you desire and something they actually taught us how to do when in college. Just to show how horrible and deceptive they can be, my degrees are in Psych and Criminal Justice. That said, it’s a darned shame women would support anyone that has the potential to put our children in danger, emotionally as well as physical.

            We’re a Christian family so seek God for guidance, not some idjiot politician and that will never change no matter how hard they try to make it so. As far as the women that support their agenda, they no longer put their children first and have allowed corrupt politician’s to manipulate them into forgetting their most important job, raising and protecting the little one’s they’ve brought into the world. Just one more detailed prophesy that’s finally come to fruition. SMH But I have to believe that most obedient Christian mother’s and families, don’t fall into their trap quite that easily.

          12. old codger says:

            The “V” word is the clinical/ medical term for that part of your body. I don’t see the outrage over that word! Now had he used the big “C” word I could see the panties in a uproar/ outrage! I always thought the “C” word was the BIG, HUMONGOUS, disgusting slanderous “BAD” word that most women hate, loathe, detest, object to, etc., etc.! Sorry but I think you over reacted on this one.

          13. Shayne Jenkins says:

            In my opinion, some females deserve the ‘c’ word. A ‘c’ word is the life support system for a ‘v’ word. This could very well apply to folks like Ms’ Pelosi, Wasserman-Shultz, Goldberg, etc. The list is long…

          14. old codger says:

            No arguments here, all the ones you mentioned TOTALLY deserve the “C” word!!
            (C)an’t (U)nderstand (N)ormal (T)hinking!

          15. Chi Sam says:

            I’ll bet you were very mean to your wife. You very likely have done a lot of damage to other people, particularly women and children.

            You’re a bad man.

          16. old codger says:

            And your TOTALLY STUPID!

          17. john says:


            Tip: When you want to call someone stupid, make sure you know which version of “you’re” to use while doing so.

            Most of us mastered that in the 2nd grade. Guess YOU’RE the stupid one.

          18. old codger says:

            No just in a hurry!

          19. john says:

            No. You’re just STUPID.


            You didn’t know! HAHAHA.

            SO. STUPID.

          20. old codger says:

            Are you and Chi Chi lovers, family or what 2 Arseholes supporting each other and BOTH dumber than an amoeba!

          21. john says:

            You told someone they were stupid and you didn’t know how to spell “you’re.” Haha. It’s the best!

          22. Chi Sam says:

            If just two persons that have ever encountered you find you stupid, you should not be concerned one whit…but I doubt we’re even the only two to come right out and say it.

          23. Chi Sam says:

            You’re an incompetent, mouth-running oaf.

          24. old codger says:

            It is said dumb can be corrected through education but “STUPID” is forever. Hows it feel to be stuck in forever? Both you and John are narcissistic, egotistical a s s wipes!

          25. Chi Sam says:

            The word you’re is not part of your vocabulary? Odd…were you raised by someone that did not particularly like you?

          26. Shayne Jenkins says:

            HA! Your list would be longer!

      3. mustangsallyann says:

        If we aren’t willing to pay to watch, we don’t watch the trash at all. We may be one of the very few people that haven’t and won’t watch 50 shades of gray, among the other trash they’re putting out today.

    2. cutterguy says:

      the only movies I have been to recently, 7 months, has been d’sousas or ones I am fairly certain are conservative actors. and I love movie pop corn! lol

  2. ernldo says:

    Hollyweird can go screw, and I thought a few of these tards vowed to leave America with a Trump election victory….when are you going, pervs?

  3. Paul Whitley says:

    Who on Earth pays any attention to a person who pretends to be a “Super Hero”. Why does he seem to think his opinion is important to anyone else?
    I am probably being unkind to someone I have never even seen, but then again, I don’t live in a fantasy world, so there is little chance of ever seeing him or any other Marvel Comics “Super Heroes”. Like most people, I live in the real world.

  4. jong says:

    For some odd reason a person becomes a actor in Hollywood they THINK that they then have a Phd in Political Science and Economics. Nope. If you had not been a actor you would still be a house painter. And still full of defecation.

  5. roboteq says:

    It truly is a shame that high profile entertainers can’t express their personal views publicly for the very reason they are successful. It is a shame, but it is also part of the reality of show business. These famous folks need to understand that the very reason they are so famous is also the reason they need to be more responsible than others. We are all only human. When someone we admire for their entertainment talents speak out vehemently against real life leaders, they risk changing our perception of them. Is that unfair? Maybe so, but life is not guaranteed to be fair. There are now several actors, singers and comedians who I used to really enjoy watching and listening to that I no longer can because of their public rants against persons in leadership positions. If these entertainers truly feel that hateful toward others, then they do not deserve having all whom they are hateful toward support them.

  6. Mystralfire says:

    Wow! Just….WOW. So, no more Captain America. Now I won’t be able to watch him on screen without being sick to my stomach. I’m so disappointed in so many people in Hollyweird. Chris Evans is obviously a mindless, ignorant, tool. I can only hope that at least some of these people will wake up.

  7. Scott Ezell says:

    These actors?! have a disease called liberalides. It affects your/their sense of reasoning, common sense, perception It makes you/them stupid & naive. Its a common illness among liberals.

    1. johnny b says:

      The problem with liberals is that in itself; is a mental illness….

  8. Kent Powers says:

    Somehow ,somewhere along the way we began to think that anyone with a podium & a microphone was an expert at whatever their tirade for or aganist an agenda or a political party. These actors [so called] entertainers, comediennes , etc. know little if anything about the real world, most live spoiled, sheltered lives, notice these idiots state no issues that they are aganist, just that they hate somebody. The democrat party is very quickly getting the monopoly on hate & destruction, going to be a bad day when the karma comes along to clean things up.

  9. Rick_H says:

    The next Marvel movie will be downloaded from pirate’s bay. Not giving liberal Hollywood any of my hard earned money.

  10. tryscavage says:

    If some one told Trump ‘There is a guy dressed up in Batman costume who wants to vote for you Trump would say ‘It would be better that he votes for some one else.’

  11. mustangsallyann says:

    Answer this one you bozo. How does abortion keep women healthy? As a female that had several friend’s do so after being abandoned by the father once they informed them, I’ve seen their future of heartbreak, guilt and self loathing due to their decision. Seems to me they ended up much unhealthier than they’d have been if they’d seen a different way and still had the baby anyway. Dude, you are the worst type of idjiot!!!

  12. Johnstoirvin says:

    Speaking of ignorance, it seems the more famous a person becomes, the more driven they are to share theirs with the world!


  13. bobwhite1935 says:

    Chris Evans Planned Parenthood abortions have become the new Birth Control method too bad your parents didn’t learn about it before you were born

  14. Chris Dube says:

    Everyone has a right to their opinion..
    but pissing off at least half your potential customers is NEVER a smart decision. Just ask Target and Starbucks.

    Considering these people are so “brilliant “, shouldn’t they be able to figure that out?!

    1. old codger says:

      There’s an old saying; “Opinions are like A–HOLES, everybody has at least one”!! Chris just shared his A–HOLE with America!! LSHMSH!!

  15. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Well, hit them where it hurts~in their wallets! They have the freedom of speech to say things like this, but, we also have the right to not watch their movies, or buy their products. IF Muslims were running this country, which still may happen, Hollyweird will be shut down. Hollyweird is one of the reasons that countries like Iran, call us the country of satan. Even Putin called us that when Obama was still in office. The actors need to have to go back to REAL life!

  16. Joe Sam says:

    hey chris when you become a real american then you can open you dumb mouth ,until you learn what this country is about shut the fuc=- up you stupid as-.you have no right to be an american hero because you do not know what the U S A stands for you scum .OLD VET.

    1. old codger says:

      I here ya and second that post!!! Air Force vet!!

  17. Wayne Pemberton says:

    For the life of me, I just cannot wrap my mind around how the former president and his Liberal cronies (including these self righteous, know-it-all actors) think. I mean they talk like what Americans talk like. They use words that CLAIM they are truly American, yet I can’t seem to recognize them and their ways as being anywhere remotely close to being American. I’m so embarrassed and heart broken by what they represent.. Trump’s policies and what he’s trying to do for America and Americans makes OBVIOUS sense for us and our country. The ex pres. and his legions only care about themselves as #1 (Barry got rich from being President, Trump doesn’t need this job and donates all monies from this gig), and every other foreign government and their policies before ours is their second priority…. from Economic policy to National security. Political correctness is more important to them than the lives of good American human beings… as is PC is more important to them than the prosperity of America. And, what really makes them unrecognizable to me as fellow Americans is that if they don’t get their way, they are the most dangerous bunch of all. I call them for what they are… RADICAL LIBERAL POLITICAL TERRORISTS. They are violent (as we saw at Berkeley, in Dallas, at Trump rallies etc., etc,). They are liars and bear horrible false witness to the media and our citizens (fake news) about our earnest conservative politicians that are trying to put this country 1st again (our country has been neglected, putting every thing and every other country first for so long now that America has to get some much needed “me” time for awhile). And, at the VERY LEAST, they are the SOREST bunch of losers on the planet…Trump won, the people spoke- get over it And, to me, that’s as UN- American as it gets. Conservatives were 10 times more disappointed having an inexperienced, populist candidate, with questionable ties and influences, out to simply make fortune and fame for himself, win the last 2 elections. But, we acted NOWHERE NEAR as radically, violently, or unlawfully as the RLPT’s have and still do, We acted like true Americans should….not happy by any means, but didn’t turn to violence and cutthroat tactics, either. Hang in there, Trump. You’re not a perfect man; none of us are. So, those that judge you for the human frailties for which we all suffer are hypocrites extraordinaire. As far as I know you meet all the legal required metrics for being our President (and that’s what chaps libs’ ass, so much that they’re on a witch hunt to invent illegalities for which to blame on you) You are exactly what this country needs at this juncture in our American history. Thank you for being the type of American that I’m able to truly recognize. Thank you for your selfless service, Mr, President.

  18. John Beam says:

    Chris Evans: “I FEEL RAGE! I FEEL FURY!”

    Dude, you feel like a snot-nosed little brat that didn’t get his lolly when he wanted it. Someday, you’re going you know what the real world is like, and it’s going to slap you so HARD, you won’t know what to do. SJW’s are the most pathetic creatures to ever set foot on God’s green earth.

  19. mjmaf says:

    Oh I get it – Captain AmeriKa! Das Vadanya! Lots of other stuff to watch where the overpaid make believers ‘shut up’ and play their assigned roles – For entertainment value only! Leave your Leftist Anti-American (spell that anti-Trump) politics at home!

  20. tryscavage says:

    I sure wish that the person who teaches the Chordate Morphogenesis course to my son wears a Batman costume for each class.

  21. KKiekow says:

    Who does President Trump hate? I am missing something here. He doesn’t hate Muslims, he hates terrorists. He is not racially biased and would hire anyone who can do the job. He is not misogynistic, as his campaign manager can tell you. He has 2 grown sons, yet it is his daughter who is at his side most of the time. Too many people believe the MSM machine and everything they utter as the gospel. You are the ones who hate, are racist, are tearing this wonderful country apart.

  22. GRAMPA says:

    because you can act doesnt say you know politics

  23. Sharon Cumings says:

    They wouldn’t need government money for abortions if they actually developed some morals to live by!

  24. Elwood Ballard says:

    Pathetic Hollywood Snowflakes. If you’re a Whiner and Cry Baby, then get out of the “Action Films”. Just stick with supporting terrorists & Communists !

  25. Wambli525 says:

    The only time celebs make any sense is when they are reading a script … and then they need to rehearse before the take. Boycott every celeb that is anti Trump.

  26. johnny b says:

    Libertard actors will soon be out of work like Kathy whats-her-name….. simply because they can’t stay to a subject they know something about…. Instead they mouth off about the only honest President we have had and then cry when no one buys tickets to their shows any longer…. well buck up cupcake and if your going you gotta pay the band….
    AND stick to acting and shutting up about politics….. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f119ab4a161ca94d40aabef3d4672ff4eff738ec2be2e37e5810794e9a3435c.jpg

  27. GRAMPA says:

    sadly yet another actor chooses over standing and looking ignorant to opening his mouth and removing all doubt.

    1. Warden Clyffe says:

      One chooses ‘between’ two options, stupid. “Choosing over” means nothing whatsoever…not even to you.

      1. GRAMPA says:

        clearly you should have taken my advice for one cannot justify an argument by name calling. Indeed I may be stupid in many things for what I dont know would fill books. granted my grammar is very poor but hasnt stopped me from having two company’s and providing a good living wage for good hard working men and women. I dont correct anyone’s grammar because I have no authority. What I lack in grammar I make up in skills in other ways. I accept criticism daily from many who are qualified to do so. I dont accept it from small minded people like yourself who show their ignorance in treating others with civility. I am a self made millionaire and can prove my standing and can show I own a company check on Michigan > gov for Mullan Electric. I have been a contractor for many years. despite my affliction of bad grammar. It is clear from your posts that you have a serious problem for you try to correct many to make you feel intelligent. you should try to change your logo for Tesla doesnt fit.

  28. Houmid says:

    Well, I’m obviously better informed, and smarter than Chris Evans. I thought maybe he identified with his Captain America role. Obviously he’s just an actor, and doesn’t even think about what part he’s playing.

  29. Victor Orozco says:

    Guess he’s a better actor than we all thought. Convincingly plays a great American on screen but off screen he’s a disloyal little punk.

  30. pateboo says:

    If certain Marvel actors keep up this pace, their careers may go the same route as Kathy Griffins. The Marvel actors who know how to keep politics separate from their careers, would be wise to disassociate themselves from the actors who DON’T. There’s a saying that goes, You’re known by the company you keep.

  31. zonkedout1 says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much. They aren’t bashing conservatives. They’re just bashing Trump.

  32. ernldo says:

    I don’t spend a nickel on Hollyweird trash, and the faggy whathisname caption America can go suck hitlery’s saggers…

  33. SG says:

    It’s funny after all these idiots beat their chests and talk smack that they will still blame others for their ignorance. They seem to forget that they get paid from people watching their movies, and sometimes hollyweird would rather dump a “star” than lose money. We’ll see this loser later on down the road still proud of a mediocre career asking tourists if they want his autograph, to which the tourist will say, “and who exactly are you? What movies did you star in?”

    No one really cares what party an actor likes until they make their ignorance known, and then it’s irreversible look at kathy “I have a severed head, but I’m only kidding, it’s a joke” griffin, think she will be loved and admired like Bob Hope – NOPE!

  34. Carol Wells says:

    He does not appear to have very much on the ball anyway! Have watched him for a while and he appears slightly squirrelly!

  35. Maria castro says:

    I think he is a little too emotional, maybe he has an identity crisis about his manhood.

  36. Rodger K. Shull says:

    well, ANTI- CAPTAIN AMERICA the new SUPER-CRAPPER. you are as fake as the fake super hero, you play,

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