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Democrats Could Be In Store For A Rude Awakening

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  1. Bud says:

    The Democrats are betting the store on regaining their power with the full fury of the liberal media behind them.

    1. EmmaKate1Von Plouse says:

      Better not hold your breath.

  2. Maria castro says:

    Libtards are like those conceited old and ugly women that believe they are still beautiful, they don’t see well, so they don’t see their true image in the mirror.

    1. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

      Now that’s a good one…just too funny but oh so true…teeheeheehee

    2. Dennis Kennedy says:

      Got to be talking about Hilliary and Pelosi.And don’t forget Watters.

  3. Albert Ambrosia says:

    More demorats anbd journalists need to be body slammed.
    Lets make America Great Again
    Lets bring a grand jury in for all of the 4 Clintons, Clinton Foundation, John Kerry, Mccain, pelosi, Watters, Warren and lest we forget all of the Obamas.
    Lets not just investigate Pres Trump and company, lets do it right.
    Everyone above, except for Trump, have done 1000% worse and needs to be tried for High Treason and lets use the sentence reserved for traitors….hang em high

  4. Kirk Kahler says:

    Democrats every day show America why they voted for trump ! they are using a play book that is killing there party and they just don’t see the damage they are doing to them self’s and this just cracks me up !! the days of there power over the people is slipping a way real fast and as soon as this Russia thing is over and the killing of seth rich is over then there is the computer they are loosing there minds about that the DC police now have ! the corrupt Obama/Clinton/MSM will all be in trouble and I am sure many will be going to jail ! all of this will take the Democrats decades to repair ! the left is using fake news , lies, miss direction ! road blocks, and riots they sponsor , Russia , mad white men and what every they can think of to stop the loss of there power and money ! and they think that America wants them to do this what a joke they are so blind with hate that they have be come so two faced that they are killing there party I guess that’s what they want and I for one am not upset at all just wish they would just do the jobs they were hired for and stop with the hate ! there team lost and thank god for that !

  5. dje3 says:

    Any dems out there that voted for Bernie? How about you guys get together and SUE the DNC for violating their rules in assuring Bernie’s defeat. Actively assuring Clinton nomination by internal conflict is FRAUD, plain and simple.
    Sue the DNC for return of all donations of approximately 50% of the DNC who supported Bernie…that is donations for the last 4 years. Sue them for FRAUD. sue them as a CONSUMER…in fact you are a consumer when your money is sought for funding of political direction. You have the RIGHT to expect it to be spent and used according to the RULES of the party.

    Sue the INDIVIDUALS in charge as well for FRAUD. Sue in each state..the local Dem party for being involved in the fraud and for allowing any of its funds or activities to be used by the DNC because of what the DNC has done.

    Place any sane person in a jury and I guaranty you will win. They DNC deserves to lose that as well as a 100% penalty for fraud plus attorney and court costs. Chances are there will be a settlement of a class action before it even gets to court!

  6. Kika68 says:

    Oh the dems have a plan. Hitlery is out stumping her stupid ass again thinking that people are actually listening to her. All she is doing is letting every one know which party not to vote for next election. And that Tom Perez, what a big mouth with his swearing. That will get them somewhere….flushed down the toilet

  7. jackel says:

    The Democratic leadership is showing it continually disappoints middle America, and, sells the poor out for their gain. Their platform, or lack of one, is way behind the left field wall.

  8. Cecilia Robarge says:

    America has awakened up to the enemy within, the devilcraps… These idiotic mean-spirited sobs, will suffer more than they can imagine come voting time. America will be “RED” again!!!!!!! Thank God for that ….. amen

  9. Bob Hunt says:

    I have to wonder if the democrats believe when they take the Country down they will somehow be exempt?

  10. george briar says:

    fear not democrats your end is near and your party will join the dinosaurs of yesteryear in being extinct and only exist in history books and museums so people won’t forget your time even though it was stupid.

  11. george briar says:

    In other news it’s believed Billy Pig is lying in his death bed waiting for the inevitable with some rare STD they never seen before or even have a name for while Hillary is still hanging out at the hiking paths kicking over garbage cans screaming “It was my turn damn it”. and Obama travels the world with his wife Mike pretending to be President, sad very sad until he’s arrested and brought to justice which should be soon.

  12. gardeauxandrew says:

    Vote to keep all dems from holding any and all political offices the fake ones and also some repubs! Keep dems out!

  13. JOHN STEEL says:

    once the liberal dems , lose the Latino vote , and they are, why? because intelligent people who come to America, want better then they had. WHEN they realize the republican administration will help them get it .
    DT. will be the looking class they will use. GOD bless America.

  14. Francisco Machado says:

    The Democrats are throwing a tantrum over not getting what they want. The get the sense of their own popularity by surrounding themselves with like minded people sharing their psychosis. They are energizing the mob mentality, high in visibility but devastatingly low in productivity. They do not have a program. The rioters enthrone their idol on a parade float – and go where?

  15. RG ODOM says:


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