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Pope Francis Just Went All Anti-America

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  1. Gen11American says:

    President Trump needs to tell the Pope in Rome to cease interfering in the immigration policies of the US. If we’re stupid enough to maintain current immigration levels, the US will have 525 MILLION inhabitants by 2100, and that number will destroy whatever quality of life any Americans presently enjoy. And if we abide by the Pope’s immigration degrees, the vast majority of those we take in will be WORTHLESS Third-World additions to our economy and culture, creating even more poverty in the US by impoverishing American taxpayers! When the Democrats voted in Medicaid, only 4% of America’s poor received FREE healthcare at US taxpayer expense. At present, largely due to flooding in millions of piss-poor immigrants and ME Muslim refugees, and due to 95 million Americans being out of the workforce, that figure is now up to 40%. If we continue taking in more piss-poor immigrants and refugees, our country will be bankrupt, unable to defend itself, or be able to construct the Border Wall to keep out the 600 MILLION Third-World peasants George Soros wants to flood into our country, or to conduct the war on Islamic Jihad which the Islamists declared against the US in 1979!

  2. Donald Repp says:

    This socialist pope is quick to criticize our immigration policies and our attempts to slow the influx of immigrants (both legal and illegal). But I have yet to see him open the gates of the Vatican to any refugees. The Vatican consists of 110 acres, plenty of space for a refugee camp. And if the pope were to sell of the billions of dollars worth of artwork stored in the Vatican, the refugees could live pretty comfortably. Until he does this, the pope is nothing but idle words and should STFU.

  3. Marilyn Lambert Byrd says:


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