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Not A Joke — This A-List Actor Is Really Running Against Trump In 2020

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  1. Houmid says:

    Johnson doesn’t know jack about national security, economics, foreign policy. Hell, when was the last time (if ever) that he read the U.S. Constitution?

    1. Terry says:

      Are you talking about The Rock or obama ? LOL

      1. A_Nobody says:


    2. Maestra de Vida says:

      And we all know how experienced and well-versed Trump is in national security, economics, foreign policy . . . WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF RUSSIA! LAND OF IDIOCRICY AND FREEDUMB!

  2. Hotnike says:

    Never heard of him. Don’t need actors running for president.

    1. Jim says:

      We had a great President with Ronald Reagan however; the Rock would be just that…a rock if he was elected !!!

      1. Darlene F. Donston says:

        LOL You have got to be kidding! If you want a Socialist/Communist MOVE! No one will care!!!!! Our Fore Fathers made this a GREAT FREE COUNTRY FOR US, you don’t like it GET OUT!

      2. bik says:

        He had been president of the Screen Actors Guild and governor of California, so he wasn’t just starting off at the top.

      3. Hotnike says:

        Jim, that was then, this is NOW!! BIG difference!

      4. Bilgeez says:

        Right, he’d sink right to the bottom…

    2. Maestra de Vida says:

      That’s right . . . we’ll settle for a narcissistic, reality TV CHILD actor! Geez. Talk about the dumbing-down of America!

  3. C K Johnson says:

    That will make Trump a sure winner if the Rock runs.

  4. Christine Glass says:

    Anyone but a Clinton.

    1. Jeffrey hamilton says:

      Sure looks like a close second to a CLINTON!

  5. Bud William says:

    Hmm, will he be running as a Democrat or Republican? Or as a Actor?

    1. Jeffrey hamilton says:

      He’ll be running as an “Insignificant” Liberal!

    2. Kenny Albert says:

      He is not running. Fake news.

  6. Jeffrey hamilton says:

    Just what we need A tooth fairy and a cartoon cowboy! Give us a break! Boy, talk about desperation!

  7. Elena Bowman says:

    He doesn’t stand a chance against President Trump. He’s been in too many movies and he let his belief in the make-believe world cloud his mind.

    1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      I’ve read a couple of articles where his co-stars have said he’s arrogant. I really like him as an actor, but not as my President. We don’t need more arrogance in the White House. We just got rid of 8 years of that!

  8. Terry Osborn says:

    The Peoples’ CHUMP, laying the smackdown on his Candy Ass Ignorancy. Tom Hanks as V.P.? What happened with Mick Foley, The Rock and Sock Connection? If ya Can’t Smell what ya cooking, IT DOESN’T MATTER what your name is. PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS MY VOTE. THE REAL MAN WITH BALLS GET THE REAL JOB DONE!!!!.

  9. servicetruth . says:

    Think we know MSM and the hill don’t like ‘outsiders’ even if we love them. Why would the Rock give up everything for the abuse?

  10. servicetruth . says:

    Think we learned lesson from Obama. We need a person who will get something done.

  11. Nana Monster says:

    I LOVE the Rock BUT don’t agree with his “open door” policies. We have to draw the line and start taking care of our own first for once

  12. Blue Note says:

    Actors, like children, should be seen and not heard!

  13. Terry says:

    Come to think of it, he does kind of look like obama. Except as a male.

  14. Kenny Albert says:

    No he isn’t. He is not the one who threw his hat in the ring. Someone else simply entered his name. Fake news.

  15. ARETHEYNUTS says:

    He is on fire right now, he’s not going to give that up right now

  16. James in Texas says:

    I have long thought that Hollywood had a A-List, now I know so! I wonder what the “A” stands for?

  17. Jesustheonlyway says:

    Doofus alert!

  18. vinny says:

    What are we going to have another NIGGER running?

  19. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    He’s worth a lot of money, but, he has no idea how to run a business, OR a country. Mr. Trump’s business sense is one of the reasons people voted for him. He has experience in a lot of areas already. All the Rock knows how to do is pose, & try to look sexy. I like him as an actor, but lately he’s gotten a big head, & is being totally ignorant.

  20. kybob says:

    Why not? We have already have had one African American/Caucasian whose main previous political experience was voting “Present” in the Illinois State Senate.

  21. richard black says:

    i wouldnt say A list at all !!!

  22. Deanna Sharp says:

    stupid is as stupid does. who ever this guy thinks he is, someone needs to wake him up to reality.

  23. M. Wilk says:

    D. Johnson is dreaming! I won’t vote for him over Trump. If he truly doesn’t understand Trump’s immigration ban, then he’s definitely not presidential potential. This ban isn’t against LEGAL IMMIGRATION – it’s against illegal immigration and from countries that have most terrorists. People who stubbornly ignore and reject the true intent of Trump’s words and actions are not going to be a President who will protect America and her citizens. These people are deathly dangerous to humanity and those who are ignorant of reality and/or refuse to see and believe the reality of them don’t belong in our government. Dwayne Johnson lacks discernment and discrimination and I don’t him as my President!

  24. Daniel Gray says:

    Johnson has repeatedly said he is NOT running for political office as of 7-18-2017 and your story clearly says that a single person has started a page to get him to run.
    yet your title says that he is going to run. Now either the author lied in his title or you are making up fake news. Which is it?

  25. Doris Will says:

    I never heard of him. This nation was built on IMMIGRATION. Obama seems to favor those who want to be here as a separate society, and not Americans. As far as I can see The Rock is just another Left Coast Liberal. Liberals seem to prefer leading from the rear, we’ve had enough of that.

    1. BambiB says:

      … LEGAL immigration.
      And at far lower levels than today’s legal immigration (like less than half!)
      The criminal aliens in this country are nearly 25 to 100 YEARS worth of legal immigration at the rates during the period 1930 to 1990. In 1990-1991, the number quadrupled (Thanks a lot, H. W.) and then settled back to about a million a year (double the previous rate).

    2. Bilgeez says:

      They want to lead from the rear because they want to butt **** every body!

      1. Doris Will says:

        I heard that’s the way they like to do it.

      2. Maestra de Vida says:

        Exactly . . . that’s why so many are eagerly bending over for the Trump Royal Screw!

  26. BambiB says:

    The worst part about Trump so far is the libtard press coverage.
    Yeah, well, he could cut back on his tweets and accelerate his schedule – but otherwise, not bad so far.

    1. Doris Will says:

      Tell Ryan and McConnell to get congress off their butts and push the President’s Agenda. Tell the Rino’s shape up or ship out, and tell McCain to Stop running around with this New World Order nonsense. If Americans wanted a world without borders, they wouldn’t be building walls and bolstering our boarders. I think McCain wants to be President of the World, I don’t think he’ll live that lond, and Obama wants first Dibs on that. They have been pushing this folly for hundred years. I think it was the last Rothchild that just died, and he was a hundred, and still hoping.

      1. Bilgeez says:

        McCain shouldve stayed in Vietnam if he wanted to become dictator one day…

        1. Doris Will says:

          Not enough money! He’s thinking President of the world, just like Obama!

  27. mrp15 says:

    Last thing we need is for this loser to run for office. His brains were fried in the wrestling ring.

  28. Dick Hudnet says:

    No f’in way! This arrogant ass has no qualifications for any position in the government, much less than as President of this country. Just so much more bull shit they want to blow up our asses. Not gonna happen!

  29. A_Nobody says:

    There’s not a sole in la la Hollywood fairyland I would trust with a steel block let alone a governmental office. Shades of another Al Franken loser. Stick with movies, Rock.

  30. US Patriot says:

    Take note Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. You are a good man, but you do not have any type of experience in running businesses and especially a Government. Just becuase you are an actor and rich does not give you the qualifications to become President. Obama was proof what happens with no experience. Obama was proof it takes more than have Hollywood and wealthy foreign donations put you in office! Obama was the worst President in the history of The United States!

  31. rick meek says:

    Fairy Boy is running —— and I thought that people were going to encourage real people and problem solvers to get in there……

  32. rick meek says:

    Hmmmm -I guess I’m on the dems hit list too…..back in the days – I spoke to just about every nationality out there was especially russians… They were doing their fly by’s in bears or fighters and we talked all the time….They love their country like I love the US – They are having problems with their families like we do – they have problems putting food on the table – bills – etc….. When called on to do their duty – They will do it – just like I and my friends will do ours…..The FEC rules ALLOW for foreign nationals to be part of campaigns but NOT contribute MONEY…….It’s all BS……besides – they took more than enough money from foreigners including the russians…..

  33. rick meek says:

    Great ——– another CA kook…..

  34. Jeri Ross says:

    These Hollywood stars have such big egos who think we care. Get a life Dwayne!!!!

  35. Bilgeez says:

    Well, he’s the biggest buffoon in Hollyweird right now!

  36. davegrille says:

    This would not be a good choice for the Rock.

  37. Delbert Townley says:

    Actors=scripted plots of bloviated distorted and glamorizing to the “NTH” degree… of the real reality.. Folks they are very talented folks that entertain for excitement of unreality, wishful simulators for exorbitant mounds of $$.$$$.$$$.$$$.

  38. Wondering Woman says:

    After the disaster of Obama, Dr. Ben Carson is probably the only black American who would stand a chance of winning! Winning an Oscar does not qualify one to be THE potus!

  39. SDofAZ says:

    Oh dear, a bonified meat head from la la land and Hollyweed. Stick to your acting career darling!

  40. Gloria Johnson says:

    Trump is trying to drain the swamp not fill it back up again. Trump will kick this guy right out. Does anyone really believe these stupid fake articles. In other words lies. Fake news is lies that is real

  41. travis690 says:

    The Crock for President? I needed a good laugh today, with this stupid Muller investigation ongoing.

  42. Amber says:

    Alek Baldwin is going to run, Kamala Harris from CA is going to run, Maxine Waters is going to run, I am pretty sure de blaiso is going to run. This is going to be one hell of a fight between the Democratic Communist Party. Can’t wait.

  43. astrojohn says:

    “A-List” WTF??? You’re kidding, right?

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