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New Information Shows Megyn Kelly’s Career On The Brink Of Collapse

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  1. Dave says:

    It’s what she gets for dissing Trump.

  2. Ucky Light says:

    that’s what pompous idiots get……….loser !

  3. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    She failed to reason in with the fans. She started this herself, by the way she treated Pres Trump, during the debates. Plus her fans do NOT like to be betrayed, & that’s what she did. She better be changing to the news person she was BEFORE the campaigns started, otherwise she’s done for. MSNBC doesn’t improve a person’s career.

  4. mrp15 says:

    I watched her first show just to see Putin who utterly destroyed her despite her short skirt and plunging neckline which she expected to entice him. After that, I never even thought about it again and will continue to shun her show.

  5. MildBill says:

    Surely by now she has all the million$ she will ever need to subsist in New York, but it was never about the money, it was always about the ego and how many trophies she could collect. . . The money is but a trophy to her, along with the TRUMP trophy she missed out on several times, the PUTIN trophy that wasn’t to be, the illustrious career move from FOX to ABC that never came to fruition. . . .The one thing she is the very best at, and getting better at with age is “bridge burning”, so look forward to seeing her in her new field of endeavor, “DEMOLITION” where she will seek to destroy one of TRUMP’s buildings, and somehow feel vindicated, I’m sure !

  6. Megan is a very able reporter. However, she become partisan in the past year. This has wrecked her reputation. Those she disfavors stop watching her. Those she favors view her as a biased bimbo that outlived her usefulness. A lose-lose situation. Only solution is to return to being neutral and objective reporter and nothing else.

    1. sophie bonner says:

      Too late, we have seen as she really is.

    2. Tom says:

      She’s done , people don’t care what she has to offer. We all saw her true colors and we tuned her out. Bye Bye

  7. sophie bonner says:

    If she can’t fit in at NBC/MSNBC, her only outlet left is cnn. She would do well there because she can say anything she likes and call it news. Her salary of $15 million a year will hold her over if she is very frugal. LOL She can go to Timbuktu and I still wouldn’t watch her.

    1. Tom says:

      I hope she goes to CNN I’ll for sure never see her again. But they don’t want her she’s poison. 15 million a year you have to be kidding.


  9. Tomahawk says:

    Well, good.

  10. kitekrazy says:

    NBC is for the extreme left. She doesn’t fit in. The networks still can’t compete with cable.

  11. chief1937 says:

    Kelly’s interview with Trump and Clinton during the campaign did it for me she was so byas it was pathetic. She needs an awaking that the world does not revolve around her.

    1. Tom says:

      Oh she thinks she was the hottest thing going. I found her to be stuck up, over barring, rude, self absorbed, and at times out of control.

  12. Tom says:

    I never liked her from the first time she appeared. Why Fox hired her made no sense. I am so glad to never see her again. Thank you Fox. I can not imagine her husband putting up with her. It won’t last, what man would want to be Mr Megyn Kelly.

  13. BigMG says:

    What I want to know is who is filling these people’s heads with crazy ideas that their career will be launched by destroying other people at fox. So, no where else is anything going on? Doubt that.

  14. Peter Joffe says:

    Snif, snif, snif. Please pass we a box of tissues to wipe away the tears of joy that I have at the demise of this very bad presenter who can only talk with a forked tongue. Perhaps Al Jezeera will give her a job doing a kiddies show?? Like CNN she can find nothing good to say about anything.

  15. hwyphd1 says:

    When perky Katie Couric lose yahoo news Kelly could fill in until they put her out to pasture

  16. travis690 says:

    There appears to be a vendetta against Megyn Kelly running through this site.

    While she did bring most of her downfall upon herself, this thread is wearing me out.

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