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Breaking News; Mueller Investigation Could Expose Corruption In Hillary Campaign And DNC

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  1. David Linton says:

    Anything corruption that Mueller finds about Hillary or the DNC will never see the light of day.

    1. Scott Pierce says:

      That was the reason he was appointed…

      1. R1050 says:

        Yea, Rosenstein (the man who appointed Mueller) has his position because he is an Obama plant to ensure they find nothing on Hillary Clinton. Mueller has all sorts of conflicts of interest and should resign, but he will not resign. His conflicts of interest are: (1) Most of the people he is hiring contributed to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, (2) As the article says CrowdStrike is a company in which Mueller worked, plus he is heavily invested in the company. This is the company Mueller has contracted with to look into the Hacking of the DNC computers.

        1. johnbored says:

          Also, he’s best buds with Comey.

        2. Enchanted says:

          and don’t forget him and comey are buds.

      2. Annie says:

        The evil hag Hillary is like Teflon..nothing sticks to her! She should have been in prison by now!

    2. pappy450 says:

      David Linton,
      YOU are exactly CORRECT. This whole “investigation team” should recuse themselves for ALL being HITLERY “supporters” and “campaign contributors”. (talk about “conflict of interest”) This whole “witch hunt” stinks to high heavens with COLLUSION and CORRUPTION. (but what else do you expect from democommies hell bent on removing PRESIDENT TRUMP from office because the “poor little snowflakes” LOST?) Even though they tried every trick in the book to RIG the election.
      I guess “We the People” showed them we didn’t WANT another “oscumbag part two” in the White house. So NOW the TAXPAYER FUNDED “investigations” will continue on, even though there is NO “evidence” except what the democommies have done. Time to move on, and give us ALL a break from the BS.

      1. Boogie says:

        I should have read this before I commented. We’re on the same channel here.

    3. Doris Will says:

      I really think we should demand that a Republican be hired to monitor
      this witch hunt, we are paying for this travesty, and we should know exactly what is found. We already know all the evidence regarding the Russian fiasco was traced to Obama and Hillary and the Democrats.

      1. Rex Whitmer says:

        A carefully checked out Republican, I would hope! There are quite a few RINO’s in the party!

        1. Doris Will says:

          Trey Gowdy, Condi Rice, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin

  2. dennis cheever says:

    How could he ever find anything when he is not even looking. Remember he is a political animal, they do nothing but spew hot air.

    1. michael a says:

      I so agree with you.

    2. Julia says:

      They’re all political animals!

  3. KDC says:

    “Mueller Investigation Could Expose Corruption In Hillary Campaign And DNC”… Ha, ha, ha, ha that’s the funniest title I’ve read yet! How about ” corruption in Hitlary campaign and DNC sends them all to prison for ten years”? That’s what I’m waiting for. Cut with the lame excuse for an article. We’ve been hearing this for months!

    1. Michael Dennewitz says:


      1. americanswhoarehonest says:

        Maybe they learned how to do that from the Republicans. tRump being the biggest abuser of all.

        1. Annie says:

          So you’re a hag Hillary supporter! Poor crybaby snowflake!

          1. americanswhoarehonest says:

            Ha, you are not even smart enough to know SNOWFLAKE is in reference to Republicans, and YES we do know you are crybabies, just like tRump.
            That word has always referred to you people because you go out at night and cause trouble with your white bed sheets and pointed hats. You have been snowflakes in like a very long time, and you didn’t even know it. We laugh like crazy when you are uneducated enough to believe that word refers to us.

          2. Jmanjo says:

            Turkey, you are the one that is wrong here. The liberal are the snow flakes and you don’t even know your father!

          3. americanswhoarehonest says:

            I told you the way it is, so if you continue to throw that word at us, we see how idiotic you are. I know both my parents, so can you say the same. That stuff usually comes out of peoples mouth that doesn’t, so they think everyone else doesn’t either.

          4. stu magoo says:

            well, i would hope you know your parents, being how you are living in their basement! 🙂

          5. americanswhoarehonest says:

            I haven’t lived at their home since I joined the military. You bring that up, so I am assuming YOU live in YOUR parents basement. GOPERS like to deflect like that.

          6. stu magoo says:

            now you are going over the line you pos. lying about joining our fine military. they would not accept a dimwitted anti American loonytune such as yourself. I am a Navy veteran that knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would not only never be accepted in the military but you don’t have the cajones to survive boot even. well, maybe in obamas military it coulda been possible, but now no more TRANNIES! So that leaves your nancybutt out doesn’t it lil feller. 🙂 sit down and shut up!

          7. Jmanjo says:

            At this point you should come to your senses. You are a moron. Go stuff it!

          8. americanswhoarehonest says:

            What. You can’t keep up?

          9. stu magoo says:

            wow, what a stupid individual thou art! just stunningly stupid. are you really that stupid or just tryin to stir the pot? my gawd i hope it’s just trying to stir. I would like to believe that there are not people on this earth as stupid as you seem to be. please restore my faith in humanity. 🙂

          10. americanswhoarehonest says:

            WE find that the stupidity comes from your side. Heck, you can’t even spell words and there is spellcheck on here. When it turns RED, you are supposed to change it. We see it from your leader everyday. Even the Republicans in Congress are backing away from him, because he is so horrific. Do you still have your blinders on? That is the only way you could miss what everyone else is seeing.

          11. stu magoo says:

            WE, says the trolll that has zero upvotes for everything it has posted. 🙂 Please point out to me what was misspelled in the post you responded to. You can’t. As pointed out previously, you are one stupid individual. Back to the basement with your dumbass junior!

          12. americanswhoarehonest says:

            I notice you have more DOWNS than up, so think we are evenly matched in that department.

        2. JBruman says:

          You are one dumb ignorant fool!

          1. americanswhoarehonest says:

            You know what they say — IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE.

          2. stu magoo says:

            now that was pure genius! 🙂

  4. Kirk Kahler says:

    I do not be leave that Mueller will so any wrong doing by the left let alone Clinton ! he is surrounded by Clinton people he is on a witch hunt about trump and the fact that he was to look in to trump no Clinton or the DNC ! I do not trust Mueller o do any thing other than to waist tax payer money !

  5. Nacoochee says:

    Mueller is just as crooked as hillary, bill, comey, lynch, holder and the f===ing rest of demos.

  6. SK says:

    Nothing is going to happen. It never does. Wasserman’s brother is the lead investigator in her IT corruption case. Does anyone ever call BS?

  7. Susan Lindauer says:

    No, no, no, no, no!!!! There’s zero chance of Mueller conducting any investigation of Hilary because he’s loaded up with Hillary & Democrat donors! The only way Americans will get justice is if Sessions appoints a SECOND Special Counsel per the request of the House Judiciary Committee, expressly to investigate Democrat corruption by Hillary, Podesta, Donna Shalala, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Comey brothers, Andrew & Jill McCabe. The list goes on and on and on.

    Sessions knows very well that voters gave Trump a mandate to DRAIN THE SWAMP. The Attorney General’s office must be command central for fighting corruption. Sessions wants the job. He’s got to DO the job. The GOP doesn’t get a pass after failing us on ObamaCare. Do it now!

  8. Susan Lindauer says:

    A word of warning to the GOP who defended Sessions: If Sessions wants the job, he’s got to do the job. As in now! Drain the Swamp. Or We the People will start demanding that Trump replace him with somebody who will. The GOP failed us on ObamaCare. We won’t forgive the GOP in Congress if they don’t get to work for us TODAY.

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      Just get a little salt and pour it on the slug and he will disappear. All he is good for is the talk show circuit. And check his record…A balls out looser.

  9. JC says:

    Do you really think that Mueller and his democratic attorneys will let the corruption from Hillary Clinton and the DNC get exposed to anybody?—-No way

  10. cp123 says:

    We all know there is major corruption in d.c. On both sides. Mueller will be a hero for the people if he has the guts to expose it.

    1. Shel says:

      A dead hero

    2. Michael Dennewitz says:

      The benghazi bitch will “arrange” a “convenient” suicide in the weeks to come… ?☹?

      1. americanswhoarehonest says:

        You STILL can’t handle the truth, can you? Were you not informed that BUSH had 16 Embassy’s attacked with 60 people dead. Three of those sixteen were attacked TWICE. Not ONE court held to find out WHY he had so many. Hillary has ONE OUTPOST hit, because Boehner refused to supply any funds to hire more protection, with 4 killed, and you guys go ape. We all know things like this happen during war within other countries, even though those 60 lives were ever bit as important to America, as those 4 were to YOU. The unfairness that you people exhibit, through non education or otherwise, is exactly WHY this country is so divided, and will remain so until the unfairness of blame is stopped.

        1. Michael Dennewitz says:

          And yet another dumbfuck liberal B L O C K E D.. ?????

          1. americanswhoarehonest says:

            No wonder the country and world are getting off the right wing trump train. All because of people like you.

        2. Rex Whitmer says:

          We like your middle name, but you didn’t spell it exactly right. The last name however and possibly the first just don’t fit at all. Your fiction is really lousey as well. Bush was never under any sort of that type of cloud, But Bill and Hillary! Over a hundred dissapearances and only four bodys foud? They’re good at that sort of thing. Bill’s mom was too.

          1. americanswhoarehonest says:

            Believe your Republican poison all you want, but if you did a little digging you would know that I am right and YOU are wrong. So sad when you trumpites are so uneducated, that you would even consider voting for someone like him.

        3. Mathew Molk says:

          You are the biggest nut case I ever saw on these sites. – Why are you alone with your lies? If 10% of your bullshit was true there would be 100s of trolls backing your ever word.

          Oh, You are bloced

          1. americanswhoarehonest says:

            Do you know that does not bother me one bit. YOU are why the country is so divided.

        4. Jmanjo says:

          Wrong again, snowflake! The point is that she ignored and then lied about it. And it wasn’t the Reps not providing funds it was Hillary! You are not honest nor do you know what you are talking about! Flush flush!

        5. stu magoo says:

          my gawd you’re an idiot! so wrong on every level! please remove american from your handle. it demeans the rest of us who are sane and sensible.

    3. Rex Whitmer says:

      He has no guts! He ate ’em years ago!

  11. Jmanjo says:

    Mueller should have already taken the servers. The whole investigation stinks to high heaven since Mueller has hired all bias staff and kissed up to the Hillary/Obama crowd. The DNC is as crooked as a country road and we have seen numerous of their people caught in scandal after scandal. The latest Wasserman-Schultz the MSM won’t even cover the story, they are as caught up in this hoax as anybody! Obama, Hillary, Podesta all involved in the Russian uranium deal and the FBI knows all about it. How crooked can they all get?

    1. americanswhoarehonest says:

      Gowdy investigated Hillary 10 times, over and over. From the first to the last, they came up with the same conclusion ‘NO WRONGDOING BY THE WH OR SOS’. The Pentagon even got fed up with them, and told them they were not going to keep furnishing them paperwork, over and over again.
      To get on with Government business.
      The FBI was gung ho UNTIL they found out that Rice and Powell had done the same thing (Powell even showing Hillary how HE did it, so she could do the same), and even had security violations still on their phones. There was no way they were going to bring the wrongdoing of Republicans into an investigation of Democrats, but no way to get around it, so dropped. They DID however, find something interesting on Rice’s phone —LOVE LETTERS from Bush, Jr. Investigate that further and you will find they had an affair. WHERE IN THE HECK IS THAT LIBERAL PRESS WHEN YOU NEED THEM. Bill and Monica were splashed on the front page of every media in the country. SOMEONE that had pull in the Republican Party, was not having the same done to Bush and Rice. BUT, suffice to say that we know about it (affair first told to us by Republican friends of ours from Alaska, who say they knew about it when it happened), and Bush has become more human since Don the Con became your candidate. The whole Bush family voted for Hillary. How do you like those apples? At least SOME Republicans knew who the better candidate for the job was, and there were many more, because she received almost 3 million more votes than he did. Doesn’t that tell you Russia did some maneuvering behind the scenes when 4 states, at the last moment, that were ahead for her all day, suddenly jumped ahead for Donnie by JUST 1% in ALL FOUR. That math just does not add up, and since then we have been finding out WHY..
      Each of those Gowdy led investigations cost the taxpayers 24 Million. One or two I can see, but those other 8 were purely to take that money and divide among themselves. No wonder they go in, being an upper middle class, and come out RICH. Gowdy even held Hillary for 11 hours one of those times. I would LOVE to see how DT would hold up, but more than likely we WILL get that chance, with all the wrongdoing he has done in only 6 months.

      1. Jmanjo says:

        In case you missed it snowflake she is not in jail because of the crooked liberals in the Obama DOJ and the FBI covering her rear and getting away with it due to Obama plants! You can go back to sleep mode!

  12. Lorraine E says:

    mueller will most certainly LIE and support crooked hillary’s excuse for losing the presidential election and blame Russian hackers. She is his comrade.
    It would be a win win situation for crooked hillary. 1. It would support her LIE that she lost because of the Russian hacking, and 2. It would continue to be a diversion and assure that the Wiki Leaks podesta emails to crooked hillary would not be thoroughly examined. How very clever.
    hillary’s liars in the corporate press most certainly love the “it’s the Russians fault” DIVERSION

  13. dude says:

    you know they won’t that would hang their self

  14. TexRancher says:

    “Could expose democrats”? How about Hillary’s collusion with the Russians and selling them 20% our uranium? How many democrats were in on that deal?

  15. Wayne Mullis says:

    If he found something in the Clinton Campaign we would never know it.

  16. SD of AZ says:

    It is pretty apparent the special investigator is too connected to the crowd he is suppose to be investigating. Too bad he has not just stepped down. Anything he finds and says will be suspect. Is it that hard to find someone outside the establishment and buddy boy crowd? As noted with this good old boy the things done in the dark will likely remain in the dark!

  17. dahniuru says:

    Anything they find must be made public. If not, then Mueller and his investigators should be charged with everything possible. Certainly any attempt to suppress any, any, any information about Russia’s intervention should be investigated thoroughly. Do I trust Mueller? No, I no longer trust any politician in the United States, except for President Trump. He’s the only one I see trying to do what he promised during the election.

    1. reggie says:

      He’s not a politician, so absolutely more trustworthy.

    2. americanswhoarehonest says:

      AND, if they find NOTHING, are you finally going to see the light, or are you going to keep with your falsehoods until your dying day. That is all I have ever seen from Republicans. Every time some false seed is planted in their brains, it just grows, no matter proven to be false.

      1. stu magoo says:

        it’s as if you are describing you libtards to a tee, yet you project it on Republicans. very interesting psychological dynamics going on in your tiny lil brain. do you take meds?

  18. SouthernPatriot says:

    Mueller and his handpicked cadre of leftist attorneys picked from the DNC, Hilliary, and the Clinton Fraud Foundation will never investigate Hillary or the DNC. They will keep digging on President Trump to find something, find anything going back 10 years, 20 years, 30 years…when he was born, just to try to do exactly what the demented Democrats want–evidence to impeach or indict him.

  19. Michael Dennewitz says:

    There are FAR TOO MANY crooks within our government that COVER FOR CROOKS! This shit will be in the news in 2035..?

  20. Chuck Hill says:

    I realize I am only 62 but I have NEVER EVER seen a more stacked investigation of anyone. this looks like a BS set up against Trump. I bet if they find anything on Hillary they will tip her off and bury or destroy the evidence. Remember the FBI was in collusion with the dnc and hillary while comey was in office. Now his friend who he leaked it to is in charge. The lawyers he hired are all Hillary supporters, Don’t tell me about his integrity, that went out the window when he accepted the position. I smell bravo Sierra

    1. Wambli525 says:

      Hello Chuck; Please do not sell your self short. You have a life experience that allows you to see past the political rhetoric and speculative nature of the print and broadcast for profit industry. Best regards.

    2. Rex Whitmer says:

      I’ve got a few years on you, twenty one to be exact, but The church members in the south (don’t remember the state) who set up a commune of sorts and the group up in Idaho were as bad, but the public let them get away with it. Kennedy’s assignation was one HUGE cover up, and going the other way the Nixon problem was. In all three of these ocurrences the Democrats handled, there was much ado but no actual blame, at least by the government. Most Americans were pretty sure of what occurred.

    3. Mathew Molk says:

      Got ya by 8 years and I haven’t seen anything like this whole filthy mess either. Time to send them ALL down the road., past time , in fact.

  21. Wambli525 says:

    “Mueller Investigation Could Expose Corruption” Operative word … “COULD”.
    Ya have to love the choice of words and speculative headlines.
    Speculative headlines and stories based on old news is less than informative. Note the final “breaking news” of this story informs us that … ” Mueller and his team have political ties to CrowdStrike”. Don’t we already know Mueller and his hand picked democrat contributors and are heavily invested in the democrat party. Are we really to believe Muller will go after democrat wrong doing ??? I’ll believe that when it happens and democrats are indicted by Muller.m In the meantime this story is an excellent example of misleading (fake) news. So do not get UR hopes up on a Mueller turnaround. Hell is apt to freeze over before that happens.

  22. Julia says:

    The key word is not “could”, but “will”? In other words will they ever expose what they find on the Clintons? Only the very naive might think they would!

  23. VictorLandry says:

    Putting on my tin foil hat, Muller may be more clever than people give him credit. He, obviously, knows the “collaboration” is a sham. By bringing a bunch of Democrat lawyers on board, he insulates himself from critism when he finds dirt on the Democrats. He knows, if he only goes after Trump, there will be a riot. CYA.

  24. ONTIME says:

    Oh yeah, Mueller could move in on the exposure of the Clinton’s and a host of other politicians on the left but most likely he will not because he is a DNC puppet and being paid to create a scandal for the Trump admin and the country knows he is a compromised collusion issue…….The RINO/Lib incestual ball of snakes is still working…..

  25. DonRS says:

    Well, of course, those Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Democrat/Obama/Hillary loyalists will, for the FIRST TIME since a Bush was in the White House, completely remove the skunk stripe down their backs and find ANY Hillary wrongdoing despite the extraordinary and continuing STENCH of corruption emanating from the piles of debris and dead bodies piling up around everything the Clinton’s touch!

  26. Maxine Simon says:


  27. Mathew Molk says:

    Remember the voter investigation that they started and then dropped like a hot rock? Ever stunt they have pulled against the President has blown up in their NWO Marxist faces.

  28. William Sasman says:

    David is right. There is no way we will know as he will not put it out. Now if there were others doing this checking you might hear. Mueller was hired by the Democrats and all his help are clinton folks. So don;t get any hopes up.

  29. SD of AZ says:

    Now with Mueller, McCabe, and Comet the pretend republican now joined with his dem wit fellows of the FBI does anyone really expect this bunch to let anything surface that is not good news for the DNC, dem wits, BO and all the other liberals? I think not. Foolish wishful thinking at best!

  30. Bruce Walters says:

    Mueller had better be careful, or he’ll become another entry in “THE CLINTON BODY COUNT”

  31. travis690 says:

    The headline makes sense…if Muller knows how to conduct an honest investigation.

    Instead, what we have is an unrestrained hack looking at EVERY detail he can uncover about President Trump’s life, dating back to before he was ever a candidate for political office!

    I have yet to see any evidence that this guy is competent as an investigator. After all, he was part of the Bush team as FBI director through 9/11, and couldn’t conduct an honest investigation then. Does anyone believe his skills have improved since?

    I don’t.

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