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Acting FBI Director Says Something Democrats Don’t Want to Hear

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  1. Grant1959 says:

    Good, call it what it is, “asinine” thank you. The DNC hack was Seth Richard. Another body left in the path of the Clinton’s.

  2. Wcgraybill says:

    Get rid of all democrates in DC and you will end most of all problems America has, they the democrates are nothing but liers and thieves, come election time just maybe there won’t be so many dems in DC and we can get our country back that the dems and Obama tried to give away or sold. I have no respect for the damn democrates, not till they behave them selves and prove it.

  3. Maria castro says:

    I hope the Clinton’s pay, at least for the death of Seth Richard. The Clintons have their own full cemetery…are they going to get away with everything????If they do, something is rotten in Denmark!

  4. myfordtruck says:

    the only thing they will find is the Obama and Clintons were behind it all and they all need to be in Gitmo

  5. Ken says:

    So the memo from Trump, if it exists, would prove McCabe a liar. Or did Comey hide that from everyone? I am talking about the supposed memo from Trump that asked Comey to end the investigation into Flynn’s Russia connections.

  6. Kirk Kahler says:

    well I am waiting for them to one tell the American people there was nothing there and we wasted millions looking ! two it was all drummed up by the left ! and three the Obama/Clinton/MSM are corrupt and we will be putting a bunch of them in jail !!

    1. mowmtn says:

      a big AMEN

  7. Mary McGaughy says:

    Just another waste of time but at least they got a Special Prosecutor assigned but for the wrong person. It should be assigned to Hillary and Obama to start with and then go on down the line. The Democrats just want to destroy Trump because he is making them look bad so they are doing everything in their power to disrupt any progress and keep this stupid idea of a Russian collusion going. All it does is make them look more desperate. The main stream media is not reporting anything but fake news. We can’t trust one station to give us the true facts of what is really happening in our country and that’s sad. I’m worried about our President’s safety and you should be to because the Democrats are out to destroy him. But 65,000,000 voted for him and we need to be heard and let him know that we will not let him down. We are still with him. He is working to get this country back on track while the Democrats are trying to destroy it but we can’t let them. We can’t let him down.

    1. mowmtn says:

      you are right the electorial college put TRUMP in as our Supreme Leader The President of the “United States”,hey that’s what McCain , they won more land mas and more popular votes but lost to the Anti-American Barak H. Obama. Now the shoes on the opposite foot and the Democrapers are shitting their pants

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