Tim Tebow Off To A Fast Start

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  1. Stoney says:

    I’m not sure why all these people a pulling so hard against him. All he does is come out, work hard and do his best. I guess they don’t like that he stays out of trouble.

    1. Doxie says:

      It’s because Tim is a Christian and is not afraid to say so…that is why the media wants to destroy him. He is an exemplary young man and the media is after him like a rat after food.

  2. byronmullet says:

    Bring Tim Tebow up and I’ll start watching baseball take him to football and I’ll start watching football

  3. joeinz says:

    Tim Tebow is a soft-spoken, personable, talented (obviously), high-achieving and reverent young man that has become the (proverbial) whipping boy to all who hate what he stands for. . . His undying and unswervable devotion to his God. The hatred level for Tebow is head and shoulders above those guilty of steroid use and those guilty of domestic abuse. Get your guilt meters checked, people ! Keep it up, Tim !

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