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Poll Results: Did ABC Cancel Tim Allen’s Highly-Rated Last Man Standing Because It Was Too Conservative?

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  1. Palmer says:

    ABC really Fucked up. I hope Fox Entertainment picks up the series. Very funny, Funnier then Big Bang, I’m tired of the Libiturds at the networks telling me what to watch.

    1. Gary Fenton says:

      The “right” does the same thing. Besides Tim Allen and his show is my favorite Republicant. We all need a little sense of humor.

      1. bill says:

        Gary , you cant even compare the right to the left for no the right does not do the same thing and what the hell you smoking for if hillary won the election you would not see the right crying like the left is and daily insults about are president and most of those lefties were trumps friends before he became president

    2. Garrett Auman says:

      AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. El Dano says:

      That was the only network show I watched now there are none.

      1. glock 19 fan says:

        If you can get it, there is One America News (oann.com) which has, beside the unvarnished news, “The Daily Ledger” with Graham Ledger and “Tipping Point” with Liz Wheeler. That is the only news channel I watch.

  2. Camille Gilliam says:

    I was glad to read that another channel may pick up your show. ABC has really messed up and they are going to feel the burn, just like Target and a few others.

    1. mustangsallyann says:

      Ditto. You’d think the outcome of Target might have taught them something but some people are truly hard learner’s. We’ve been boycotting the network since they cancelled this show and we hope just as many that are still boycotting Target, take a hard stand here also (we still haven’t set a foot in that place). It’s time they all learn we’re tired of being told what to do, think and watch, etc. Politics aside, they televise shows filled with deviants, the sickest and most demented behavior’s, let cancel one of the few shows still left that sets the example of morals, values and most importantly, God. What’s wrong with the majority of people in this country now?? We need God and Jesus more than ever.

      1. Camille Gilliam says:

        I totally agree with you!

      2. Myrtice Pitts Hunter says:

        U R SOOOO RIGHT !!!!! Those shows have been my FAVORITES for many years!

      3. jackieray says:

        funny Target shows sales up over last year so i guess most people did not boycott after it was out of the headlines

        1. mustangsallyann says:

          If you’re so certain why not do yourself and Target a huge favor right now. Empty your savings and buy as many shares as you can. Make yourself wealthy, or not. LOL

  3. Jeffrey hamilton says:

    Hang in there Tim, there are a lot of us conservatives out here who are getting tired of all the liberal BULLSHIT! Stand strong and be the Last Man Standing!

  4. mogul264 says:

    How sad for all the writers for Tim Allen’s show! ALL of them are liberals! He said they gave him all the great ANTI-liberal lines! Apparently, THESE liberals have a sense of humor! The FINAL laugh will be when ANOTHER network picks up his show!

  5. VINNY BARONE says:

    GOOD SHOW, what did you expect from ABC owned by Walt Disney Company-Vanguard Group-Blackrock Inc-State Street Corp, all leftwing meatheads!

  6. Betty Anthony says:

    Have the idiots even watched the show? Tim is the only conservative on the show unless you count his youngest and his black neighbors. His family are all liberals.

  7. Jack Hudson says:

    please someone pick up last man standing. one of the best shows on tv

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