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Johnny Depp Makes Awful Threat To Trump

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  1. John Trenter says:

    There should be FBI officers to greet and arrest this jackass when he returns to his former home. Or maybe ICE should deport him to some Muslim nation! See how ridiculous his hate-filled intolerance is then! He is just another Benedict Arnold! My wife and I just pass by his movies as he is not a very good actor either!

    1. Hotnike says:

      RIGHT ON, John Trenter. I never went to any of his movies, either!!

    2. Jerry Schwartz says:

      I think Johnny Baby has been playing a pirate too long.

      1. Mathew Molk says:

        Never saw more then a promo but he sure was no Errol Flynn from the little I saw. – BTW Why is it millennials like movies that are disgusting with tons of fake blood clots, snot, and spit?

        1. Rani says:

          Because they’re garbage.

      2. Jan says:

        He’s an alcoholic; & his brain is fried with cocaine.

    3. Tonya Parnell says:

      I AGREE. That Depp shit thinks his rants are gaining followers, BUT, what he does’t know is the law is gathering names.

      1. Jan says:

        Send him to Cuba.

    4. Rani says:

      Dope is part of the cous de ta the Liberals have going against our President. Now they want to get a bill going to have President Trump examined for insanity. Another stupid thing to bring down this President. I think the people would be better served to have all congress members tested to see if they are sane or insane. Start with Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Sanders and Warren. Then when they’re thrown out for being mentally unfit, examine the bunch that are trying to get this law through. When we’re through, we will have drained the swamp and President Trump could put another feather in his cap for keeping his promises. One thing is for sure, we now have a President who loves the United States of America and its people. Perhaps an investigation should be turned on Obama who has done many harmful things to this country especially just before leaving office. The rest of the California morons should suffer jail time and heavy fines so we can build the wall quicker.

  2. mattwm says:

    I’m sure he knows that the last time an actor killed a president it was a crazy Democrat killing a great Republican.

    1. John Trenter says:

      I doubt whether Dope knows that. His historical sense is not that bright. I really doubt he knows that JW Booth was an actor and jerk like himself with an axe to grind against a strong Republican!

      1. LLJINTL says:

        Johnny Dope…how fitting!

  3. robert sanders says:


  4. myfordtruck says:

    Why is he still walking around free if somebody had something like that about Obama or Clinton the would of been jailed right away You Do Not Threaten The President depp will never see another dime of my money

    1. Rani says:

      Put this traitor Depp on a plane and throw him out over Syria, Iran, or better still North Korea. That’s where he belongs. He’s not funny nor does he have any talent. He’s a creep and they should fine him a Million Dollars for making such a terrible remark against the POTUS.

      1. LLJINTL says:

        and give every penny to the vets who fought for our freedom while he was getting high and screwing around. what a waste of space on earth. will repenting save him?

        1. Rani says:

          Amen to that. Hollywierdos have no right to throw remarks at our President. What have they done except get rich. This moron Johnny Depp never even served his country in any way, shape or form. All they know how to do is walk that stupid red carpet half nude and think they’re so important. They’re all nothing but garbage.

    2. Jan says:

      The law needs to change. 90-days in jail & $100,000 fine!

  5. William L. Ramsburg says:


  6. vts46 says:

    All these actors who are threatening the President should be visited by the secret service and then placed on the no fly list for 2 years.This would hurt their earnings but who cares !

    1. Rani says:

      They need to have heavy fines for making such remarks. With all those morons in Hollyweird who make these comments against the President and the Government of this country, we could pay for the wall.

      1. LLJINTL says:


      2. Jan says:

        Oh, I that one!

    2. Rose Ribitzki says:

      let them go bankrupt !! … who cares ?? !

    3. Doxie says:

      VTS…The secret service should be taking these ‘veiled’ threats seriously; just look at the idiots who act on those ‘veiled threats’ (which is exactly what these Hollywood types want)…like the deranged demodud that tried to murder Scalise along with many others at the ball park. Democrats are suckled on lies and their true hatred was unveiled/revealed when KILL-LIAR-Y was defeated. Tolerant indeed, they are just like Nazis…”think and say as we do or be executed”.

  7. bob says:

    Arrest this treasonous seditious communist Muslim loving anti-American hunk of michael moore crap

    1. LLJINTL says:

      Well said!

  8. Dillon650 says:

    Read 18 U.S. Code § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government

  9. autrypma says:

    Regardless of who Johnny Depp thinks he is, I think he should be arrested, fined,put in jail or both.. This is absurd. Or he could just lose his passport…whichever works to show that this is not going to be tolerated. The safety of the President of the United States is a serious matter, threats are serious matter and he should not get off with a half hearted apology or a slap on the hand. This is too serious…

    1. worried american says:

      Who Depp thinks he is? Don’t know what he thinks, but make no doubt about it, he is another slimeball that makes their living off of playing make believe.

    2. Rose Ribitzki says:

      agree !!

  10. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I can guarantee that if this comment had been made about Obama, Depp would be up UNDER the jail!

  11. CHRIS MAYHER says:

    Shouldn’t Johnny be concentrating on his bankruptcy ? Well it looks like the only thing he will have to his name after the bankers take their share will be cheap shots at the President. Folks just boycott his movies. That is the only way these Hollywierd nut jobs will get the message !

    1. Rose Ribitzki says:

      jail them, and the message will be even louder !!!

  12. Elisha says:

    I haven’t been to a movie in years. And besides, Hollywood is just so much human garbage and filth.

    1. Rose Ribitzki says:

      AMEN to that !!! … what goes on with those “make-believers” & pretenders, I have no interest … they are all trash !!!! … and they are really showing themselves now… disgusting & EVIL IS WHAT THEY ARE !! …Karma will catch up with all of them, & it won’t be pretty, except it can’t be soon enough !

  13. US Patriot says:

    Arrest the washed up bum! He was never that good anyway.

  14. June G says:

    He has taken too many drugs. Has been actor trying to get attention. They all live in their make believe world and they think they are smart. Wake up Hollywood. I threw out all of his stupid pirate DVDs with the trash. He should be arrested. A threat is serious business when it’s directed at a President.

  15. Rose Ribitzki says:

    FBI needs to haul his stinking butt off to jail with max punishing for threatening the highest official of our land, namely, the President ! … They should do this to anyone who threatens the president and send them a message these disgusting remarks will not be tolerated. This needs to stop !!!

  16. Elisha says:

    It is said that “foolishness dies of its own weight”. Nevertheless, We The People might help facilitate the process. Perhaps the United States Secret Service might consider giving Mr. Depp a house call.

  17. Momof7bychoice says:

    Why isn’t this punishable in some way by the government?

  18. cp123 says:

    So sad. He’s done. No one cares what he think except the media.

  19. cpwill63 says:

    He is the worst actor I have every saw why would any body go his movie. Johnny cheat on his wife that why he can not keep them. If anyone needs to listen to his bull shit they must be crazy.

  20. fbair1 says:

    Why isn’t he in jail, if it was anyone else it would be jail. I’m beginning to totally understand why the poor say our justice system sucks.

  21. Daniel Gray says:

    At last count his passport has been revoked and if he so much as steps on US soil anywhere in the world he will be arrested and brought back to the US and the Secret Service will have a nice long talk with him.

    He is only trying to get attention as he is flat broke (how do you go through half a BILLION dollars from your Pirates movies alone?)

    The latest Pirates movie is bombing all over the world and was given 8 rotten tomatoes

    He was charged with spousal abuse in France where someone at his home beat the living heck out of his wife.

    And now Disney has FIRED him so there will not be another pirates movie, nor any other movie unless it is filmed in Europe.

    And the second he tries to enter the US he has been flagged and will be arrested on the spot.

    Sorry Johnny, but your mouth put you into this so enjoy it

  22. William Durham says:

    This piece of shit is no worth the effort to cut his throat. Maybe a quick slice across his sorry assed belly with a nice sharp razor so his guts would all spill out on the ground in front of him. What a laugh, a wise ass with his guts in his hand and no one to help him hold them.

  23. Ollie Octopus says:

    He is a piece of garbage.

  24. Bill Cash says:

    Due to my age and health I would not be capable in so doing. But it would be a good thing if somebody “busted a cap” in Depp’s donkey. It seems to be the only thing “they” understand today. And with the constant “promotion” of these things by the liberal side it seems to be where we are headed in this twisted society.

  25. Mary Clouse says:

    Depp is a freak anyway,but the liberal left,as well the Democratic Party,has had (8)yrs to be radicalized,as was intended by Muslim B.O.B,that’s Obama’s
    Legacy,The Koran reads as> if you don’t agree,or believe or show allegiance
    to their beliefs,you are to be killed,by beheading{etc} read the first
    few pages of the Koran,you’ll see why the Democratic Party worships
    the Muslims,We must dismantle the Democratic Party,they bring
    nothing to the table,but Mayhem and pandemonium,we don’t need
    this new Democratic party.

  26. Leo Manley says:


  27. Bruce says:

    don’t pay to see their movies, don;t patronize any of the award shows! Let them know your not going to put up with their crap. When you see them tell them, don’t ask for autographs or anything!

  28. Jan says:

    Remember when the “celebrities” boasted they would leave the country, if Trump were elected? Then why
    haven’t they?

  29. George Hilliard says:

    SS – You know what to do, now do it.

  30. Jerry Schwartz says:

    Maybe he will get killed by another pirate and that will end it.

  31. Varmint~ says:

    Hey you sh!t for brains, you threaten my President you threaten me! So cupcake, bring it so I can tune you up a bit since you sure need it! Better yet just stay to hell out of our country since it’s obvious your only here for the money!

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