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Anti-Trump Comedian’s Delusional Comments About Your Gun Rights

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  1. david the american says:

    this liberal is as crazy as the rest of them. what a fruitloop. i mean can hollywood get any more out of touch with the real america. i know i am a nra member and will be forever. so are my children and wife. i will be taking my grandkids out this year to shoot for the first time. it is not a hobby but self defense and the right to take wild game and provide for yourself. so these left wing libs can shove it and we,ll keep on shooting for many generations . god bless america and president trump

  2. cp123 says:

    Is she trying to replace the Kathy griffen? How stupid can you get.

  3. baitmando says:

    Typical liberal nitwit illiterate.

  4. capa760 says:

    The “Anti-guns antagonists”, will be the first ones screaming for ‘somebody to SHOOT and SAVE ME FROM THE REAL PATRIOTIC AMERICAN U.S.

  5. wes says:

    Chelsea Handler, who rode around on a horse topless because Putin did it. Yea, i guess i should listen when she speaks. NOT. Keep your damn left leaning talking points to the idiots who listen to your bullshit.

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