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You’ll Cry Laughing When You Hear The Plot To Amy Schumer’s Newly Announced Film

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  1. J. Ernst says:

    Amy Schumer’s “humor” is far from it! It’s filth and chutzpah! “she” is part of the globalist take-over of the likes of disney and Universal…in that she and her financier’s are the reason thousands of AMERICAN WORKERS are being fired and laid off so that International Guest Workers can replace the American Workers.
    Her “brand” of humor is the epitome of filth.

  2. Rick3 says:

    That fat, ugly wench is a veritable comedic wasteland. If it doesn’t have to do with her stinking vagina then she won’t tell the joke. I cannot imagine any man worth his salt that would dip his wick in that shit-filled swamp of a crotch.

    1. SD of AZ says:

      Made me laugh. Quite graphic and also quite disgusting but it does suit this disgusting woman! Ugh, ugh, ugh!

    2. Thomas Bacon says:

      I wish she would move to Spain. We may not be able to smell it from there. My apologies to Spain.

    3. Beverly Murphy says:

      Whoa, harsh but so correct. Good d for you. Seems like every

  3. vincent deredita says:

    You are a PIECE OF SHIT just like your UNCLE CHUCKY!!!

  4. guymacher says:

    The most beautiful and capable woman on the planet is Hillary! If you don’t believe it– just ask her,

  5. mary ann says:

    Amy is pathetic. Must run in the family, look at relative Sen. Chunky Schumer. I’d hate to see the rest of the family.

    1. Baron S says:

      I hope that there are no more like them—two are bad enough! One tries to fill the airwaves with filth—the other is trying to destroy our government any way he can! Heaven help us.

    2. SD of AZ says:

      Like the inbred bunch to solve the question of how that turns out! All you have to do for that answer is look and listen to them. Dem wit morons!

      1. Thomas Bacon says:

        You are sooooooooo right, SD! The inbreds are killing our country. The Schumers, Bushes, Kennedys, Clintons—all want to found a dynasty to the hurt of us common folk.

  6. jerry1944 says:

    Cant say i have ever heard are saw her . But it sounds like a good thing not to

    1. Chi Sam says:

      Of course you can’t say that…”heard are saw” makes no sense whatsoever.

      1. KDC says:

        Are you the spell check king ?

        1. Chi Sam says:

          You think it’s OK to use the word are in place of the or? If you do…you’re an as****e.

  7. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Shake Amy and Kathy in a bag, spill them out and you couldn’t tell one from the other, it’s called no talent spectrum.

  8. Carole Cobb says:

    I don’t support it! SCUM BUCKET!

  9. Robert Zraick says:

    There ar so many films I want to see. I am so happy that with the announcement of this one, the numbers of films I want to see, has remained unchanged.

  10. Houmid says:

    All the confidence in the world won’t change the fact that someone is fat.
    Alas, all these Don Rickles wannabes aren’t a tenth as good as he was. RIP Don.

  11. dude says:

    well I would like to know who thinks this b@#$% has talent or funny she never has had or never be anything but what she is a slut

    1. Chi Sam says:

      You write like a fairly recent immigrant. Are you a fairly recent immigrant?

  12. Andy says:

    Nope, not one I’ll bother to pay money to go see. What a mess.

  13. MILES E DRAKE says:

    Yet another crude, unattractive and unfunny woman (?) who thinks that Obammunist talking points punctuated by snarky shots at Donald Trump and the more than occasional obscenity is humorous, and more ominously plans with her comrades to use the police power of the state to make us pay for and laugh at it whether we like it or not. This one, Griffin, Degenerate and all the harpies on “The View” are merely auditioning for spots on the telescreen after the revolution. We need to get vegetables ready for them now, and lock and load for their comrades later.

    1. Beverly Murphy says:

      I also have a heavy duty crossbow and super accurate high powered sling shot! ?

      1. Chi Sam says:

        Does your mind not question why crossbow is one word, yet slingshot is not? Curiosity may just be the only real difference between a smart person and a dumb person.

        1. Beverly Murphy says:


  14. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


      1. Beverly Murphy says:

        A burka to cover the face seems appropriate.

  15. I will never go to any of your pictures ever again

  16. bub says:

    Funny how all the leftist women are so ugly. Guess that’s where the “comedy” part comes in.

  17. Dave T. says:

    They should do a “people” version remake of the muppets…..
    Amy Shumer is a dead (from the neck up) ringer for miss PIGGY!!!!

  18. Duane A. Fisher says:

    Amy Who? Never heard of her. Most likely just another Hollywood POS!

    1. KDC says:

      I’m with you, never heard of her.

    2. Beverly Murphy says:

      You got this?

  19. KDC says:

    WOMAN ON THE PLANET”… Are they sure it’s not real life? Well, maybe in her own mind. This will be a flop, you’ll see.

  20. plumberskid says:

    I wonder if she can even pull off the role of being herself. Her “acting” is that bad…

    1. Beverly Murphy says:

      Maybe she cannot because there is really nothing there.

  21. Teleman119 says:

    Hollywood is pressured for ‘favors’ and as well by the Democrat Party in return for remaining silent about the heavy propaganda laiden content of everything they do, that they make and what they are. It is a symbiotic relationship and there is no coincidence that Amy’s success is tied to her funny Uncle’s position in the US Senate.

  22. Dan says:

    The little piggy slut that’s never funny

  23. Jim Wagenmann says:

    If this farce opens they will realize that a no talent, fat pig, could not carry her uglyness let alone a movie production. They will notice very quickly that no tickets are being sold and the boycott campaign has gone into overdrive.

  24. CCTexas says:

    She is just a blob of a C rated actress. She is not funny, just spits out stupidity and those uneducated babes in our Universities chuckle.


    Who is funnier: A) Amy Schumer, B) Kathy Griffin, C) Sarah Silverman
    Answer: D) None of the above.

  26. pupster40 says:

    Absolutely he perfect image for cattle call.You have to be careful and specific, Chuck may show up in lieu.

    1. Chi Sam says:

      You weren’t very “careful and specific” when you wrote ‘he’ instead of ‘the’. Kudos, for ‘lieu’, however. Most of your ilk could not have pulled that off

  27. Ed Gray says:

    Well go for it Amy, this should be fun to watch, you are going to crash so hard. Hollywood stars should just do what they do best and stay the hell out of politics, they differ from most of the country. Oh and by the way, technology is going to end your career. See ya

  28. tryscavage says:

    She IS Sen. Schumer.

  29. Donald Lindsey says:

    She like the rest of the liberal socialistic democrats are just big talk and crybabies LIARS. Not one of them that stated they move out of the US as ever done it ALL LAIRS

  30. vincent deredita says:

    Amy you have a big mouth. Maybe you should STICK SOMETHING BIG IN IT!!! You and Uncle Chucky are 2 ASSHOLES!!!

  31. Jeffrey hamilton says:

    My God, she looks like she could be Miss Piggies sister. Although Miss Piggy is soooo much prettier!

  32. Carl Looney says:


    While I’m here, word has come out that Chuck Schumer has been tied to Weiner in viewing nude boys and possibly more serious. You should go to Spain, change your name, and never come back to this great country. Never, never, never!!

  33. Jack says:

    it’s pitiful, that she’s so ignorant, to think this film portrays HER, as the stupid piece of goat feces she is.
    But then again, them greedy liberals, will do ANYTHING for a buck.

  34. L C Black says:

    At least 2 dozen “celebrities” said they were moving to Canada, Spain, England, etc., & they’re still here. Miley Cyrus even said, If Trump wins I’m leaving the country & ended her statement by saying, I don’t say things I don’t mean.
    I know a person who didn’t want to vote for Trump but after all the “stars” said they’d leave if he won – they said that gave them a reason to go ahead & vote for him. He’s now miffed they’re still here with no apparent plans to keep their word.

  35. Joseph Doskus says:

    What is the name snatch of the movie? How come she did not move to Spain when TRUMP won like she said she would I guess they did not want her either what a loser.

  36. baitmando says:

    What a talentless skank.

  37. Janelle says:

    Kind of fitting that an ass is the party symbol………

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