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You Won’t Believe Who Bill Clinton Is Teaming Up With Now

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  1. myfordtruck says:

    it must be going to be based on his and obamas terms in office

    1. Millard Huff says:

      obama and his man wife are getting 60 million for there time in the white house.

      1. Chi Sam says:

        You don’t know the word ‘their’ either? Your unwed mother must have been a neglectful drunk.

        1. msueh says:

          And you came from a failed test tube experiment. Leave mothers out of it.

          1. Blue Note says:

            He is just pissed that his mother never met his father but one time.

          2. Chi Sam says:

            One needn’t be angry about anything in order to taunt a mouth-running dummy.

            Odd that you would arrive at that conclusion. Most Conservatives are fairly smart.

          3. sluggo says:

            Nice exchange…but I believe msueh got ya’. lol

  2. Nutmeg Man says:

    The Clintons just never stop screwing the country with their endless stream of nauseating lies that do little more than line their pockets with more crooked money. These lying criminals both should have been tossed in jail years ago, but folks unfortunately continue to buy their publications and make them richer. Sad, really sad.

    1. Herculesx Blade says:

      Wait until they get to Hell,Satan doesn’t take Dollars !

      1. msueh says:

        Souls have more value than $$$.

    2. Millard Huff says:

      Lets pray the both get shoot.

      1. Chi Sam says:

        Shot, stupid. Simple verb tense is called that for a reason.

        (…and you cannot spell the simple word ‘they’ with just three letters.)

        1. msueh says:

          Hey, stupid: Have you offered your free proofreading services to the clinton cartel? Ya know, checking for lies? This is OUR playground; be nice or leave. I’m an English teacher, so leave me alone.

          1. Chi Sam says:

            I did leave you alone, snowflake. Do you often fail to make sense?

          2. Chi Sam says:

            I would them nothing short of deportation after serving a fair amount of time.

            You are wrong in your assessment, because although you are an intelligent man, you are a zealot and zealots are often dumb jerks.

          3. sluggo says:

            LOL…you forgot….”and have to walk back their angry words”.

        2. sluggo says:

          LOL…I can just see the veins in your forehead bulging!

          Are you reading these posts with a red marking pencil, Chi Sam…you’re hilarious!

    3. William Holk says:


  3. Jesustheonlyway says:

    Why, Why, Why, won’t the Clinton’s just go-a-way!! Have never nor will I ever buy or read a Clinton book.

    1. Millard Huff says:

      Hell you are not the only one I would not waste my money on there books but the communist democrats will.

      1. Chi Sam says:

        Add the word their to your vocabulary, stupid.

        1. Tony Rowell says:

          and you must be a professor

          1. Chi Sam says:

            If mastering ones own language at a third-grade suggests ‘professor’, not only are you stupid, you had to have been raised in a dumb, uneducated household.

          2. sluggo says:

            Hmmm…well, Chi Sam, is it not possible that there was a typographical error in Millard’s spelling, or are you absolutely sure that he is “stupid”?

            Looking at your own words one might see a slight attention deficit disorder in completing your own train of thought by leaving out the crucial wording that you seem to feel makes you, probably mistakenly, “not as dumb” as Millard.

            For instance…are you saying, you mastered English “in” the third grade, but were in such a hurry to insult Millard that you didn’t write what you actually meant…or are you saying that Millard has only, unlike you, “mastered” English at a third grade level because he committed a typical “typo” with the word “there” instead of “their”?

            Either way, I wonder why so many posters like you are so quick to insult and attack others because of a minor misspelled world.

            You voted for Crooked Hillary, didn’t you?…yeah, it shows.

          3. Chi Sam says:

            You are right, in that I made an inept error…which has been fixed to read “third-grade level”, but you are quite wrong about my political beliefs and voting habits.

            The reason you were right in the first instance, is because you looked at the facts and rightly deduced that I made a dumb mistake. When you let your emotions and zealotry guide your thinking, you do not reach the correct conclusion.

            I have some history with Millard, and he is a nasty, foul imbecile.

          4. sluggo says:

            Chi Sam…thank your for your very civil explanation.

            I can see that you are clearly an intelligent individual, and I must admit that I have never heard a “non lying liberal democrat” behave so aggressively toward others, simply, it seemed to me, over a posted comment…but it IS standard operating procedure for pretty much ALL lying liberal democrats these days…so I hope you can see my confusion upon reading your words.
            The democrat’s bitter, hate filled, mean spirited, aggressive behavior…on daily display these days… is the political legacy of the Saul Alinsky-ites that the Clinton crime family brought to Washington D.C. back in 1992, and changied American politics for the worse…forever.
            I, obviously, did not know your “history” with Millard, but do know the frustration one can get with some of those that might seem to deliberately seek us out to “fight with” when we post, as I have had on some occasions.

            That is not to say that Millard is one of those types…I don’t know…only that I understand how it can happen to any of us, if we feel that way.
            You’re obviously a smart man…please don’t let your passion cloud your thinking and take you off your very good points.
            “Our side” needs more good people with good wits about them…but overlooking minor mistakes is easy enough to do if it helps those that actually agree with us, but might make them…and we ALL make them occasionally…feel more confident in freely expressing their thoughts and opinions.
            Just like the Orcs in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the numbers of “The Dark Side” democrats are growing…and is just one reason, as I’m sure you know, that border security is SO important…so we must try out best to stick together and “fight as one”, or surely we will be overrun by these America hating, Godless heathens.
            Thanks again, and take care.


          5. Chi Sam says:

            I’m sorry…what did you say? I got distracted by a fly I can hear, bit cannot locate. Please…tell it again. I promise my undivided attention this time.

          6. sluggo says:

            Hmmm…well, that might explain some things.

            I’m no doctor…although my initials ARE “D.R”….but I’ve read that Adderall, and Ritalin, have shown good results in these types of situations. lol

    2. Chi Sam says:

      You may consider reading a dictionary, for the word Clintons in this context is a simple plural.

      1. Jesustheonlyway says:

        You might want to get some manners and oh by the way – change parties – yours is in the toilet.

        1. Chi Sam says:

          My party controls the White House, the Senate, Congress, and most of the governorships.

          You seem to be the typical stupid, low-information jerk that gets your news from comedy shows.

          Jesus does not like as*****s that don’t know what they’re talking about.

          If Jesus were alive today, he would be solidly behind Trump, you stupid, mouth-running, possesses-liberal-traits jerkoff.

          1. Jesustheonlyway says:

            You certainly don’t sound like a Trump supporter with your insults and slurs against some of us. I voted for him to clean up America like you who want to destroy it. If you are a Trump supporter then sound like it and stop insulting people. And the name Jesus and you language don’t belong in the same sentence. You need to learn some manners – I don’t care WHO you voted for.

          2. Chi Sam says:

            Go **** yourself. I have no intention of conversing with a stupid as****e that says whatever comes to mind without thinking.

            I hate stupid, lying, zealous as*****s…truly despise them. That would include most black criminals, and mouth-running jerks like you. I did not approach you, as*****e.

          3. Jesustheonlyway says:

            Hatred is of the Devil – so you must be of the Devil. Don’t worry about conversing any more because as of this posting YOU are blocked!!

          4. Chi Sam says:

            Maybe…but why would I give a **** what you think? You’ve already demonstrated that you are stupid and incompetent, and when challenged you shirk your mistakes. One cannot easily recover from that, so find someone that has not yet deemed you stupid, and impress him or her. That ship has sailed for me, stupid.

            There are too many like you, you smug, arrogant snob, that there is anything remotely unique about an inept dope attempting to justify ignorance.

            Join the Democrats, as****e…they embrace frauds.

          5. Chi Sam says:

            I have to walk this back a bit…

            That post you recently made about the left and violence, and the sheer courage and guts of Paul Revere and his comrades was very well said.

            I truly mean that. I do not believe I have ever read a more profound, yet crystal clear statement in any of these online forums.

          6. sluggo says:

            Good post, Chi Sam. Hopefully shows you just how foolish you can look by shooting your mouth off without thinking.

            I hope you feel better for making the effort.

          7. sluggo says:

            LOL…this is getting good.

            GO JESUS!

          8. sluggo says:

            LOL…wow. I don’t believe you about “your” party…can’t remember seeing such rudeness from anyone but a lying, liberal democrat.

        2. sluggo says:

          I think those types lost all their manners when JFK died…not been once since then worth voting for…and he was questionable.

    3. Tony Rowell says:

      it would make some very expensive toilet paper

  4. msueh says:

    And it doesn’t matter with WHOM they become writing partners – it just guarantees that other author/s will lose his/her following, also. Guess their propensity for lies makes ’em a sorta shoo-in for fiction, though, eh?

    1. Chi Sam says:

      Thumbs up for shoo-in. Most of the dummies you zealously defend would write shoe in.

  5. Marvin Barry Cohen says:

    Well crap! Everything they say is fiction! Or, as most of us will say, “It was a lie!” The Clinton’s have lied their way through life and wealth! This will just another. Remember, “I never has sex with that woman”? Or, “No Americans died in the Benghazi attack. They are resting at home with their families”. But, he is revealing that this fiction. What is fiction. it is a story which never happened. A literary lie. acceptable when labeled as fiction. Not as a public statement to the people. Class dismissed.

    1. sluggo says:

      I can’t believe this post wasn’t answered.

      Did Chi Sam burst a vein? LOL

    2. Chi Sam says:

      Good job…you summed-up their entire crooked lives in just one paragraph.

  6. William Holk says:

    Wouldn’t it be a best seller if they told about all their lies, corruption and despicable acts clear back 30 some years and gotten away with it?

  7. These fools have no idea of how tired everyone is getting of them. I predict those two alone will cause the eventual death of the DemoCRAP party–and now that cow daughter of theirs is obviously throwing her name in the box.

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