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Will CNN Even Be On The Air Next Week?

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  1. James Holder says:

    CNN Jeff Zucker is a victim of himself. The CNN hate the USA promotion has not worked out well for Jeff.

  2. Tonya Parnell says:

    FEC needs to jerk their license to operate. It would be a good example to the rest of the msn

  3. Robert Jumonville says:

    CNN needs to get out of the news bus. because they don’t know what it means. it doesn’t mean just make it up as you go. supposed to check out the facts 1st, and just report the facts, not what some 1/2 ass (Democrats use Jack Ass as their symbol) reporter thinks would be sensational.

    1. Robert Jumonville says:

      Think the Fcc should check out CNN Sports too.

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