Warriors Could Be Plotting This Outrageous Insult To Donald Trump

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  1. The Silver Kat says:

    Let them stay home. The country can save the money on the deal and allow the president to concentrate on more important issues (than a bunch of overpaid, egotistical athletes).

    1. big KAhuna says:

      Amen- so true. Enviting anyone who doesn’t respect our POTUS is Stupid and I will not respect or watch this team In the future. Their actions are Racist and treasonous. Sure fits within the twisted leadership of
      Kalifornia. Kalifornia has sunk to an all time low and so has the wacky Warriors ( piss poor Americans and should never be put in a leadership role). https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/401fbad249efb5fefe5420430034cbe9f58048702d699771f3e45daff8388e77.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76ec66c853be353a39f9eee200fc97a5c3a7028c56c42eabf1cc9e7f92d838b4.png

  2. It seems that the Left is hammering its mark. And the question comes as to whether Trump would be well advised to extend the invitation at this time. In my opinion that Trump should graciously make it known that any winning AND any loosing team member is welcome to make an individual private visit to the White House during this Calendar year. They and their family will be welcomed at any time and with or without publicity as they may desire.

  3. Jimbo Velasquez says:

    Good! Stay out of OUR White House! I wouldn’t want you “PUKES” to honor PooPoolosi, or dishonor our PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  4. Guuy says:

    There’s no invite yet. I wouldn’t invite any sports team just because they win a championship. Who really cares in the long run. It doesn’t change anyone’s life. I don’t get a member’s cut!!! It’s not life or death. They don’t care anyway. There’s much more pressing needs for this country than to have highly paid “look at me” athletes go to the White House when it’s totally unnecessary!!

  5. KDC says:

    I have a problem with this. I think Pres.Trump is doing a great job, he’s warm hearted and sincere, and you can see he really wants to make America great. However, if I were on that team and BO was president, I wouldn’t want to go either. I wouldn’t make a big to do about it, but I wouldn’t be able to stomach seeing or hearing him. So I have to respect their views. On the other hand, again, I see most of the team is black. It’s too bad they can’t see what hypocracy is behind the progressive liberal party. They use these people time and again and they just don’t get it. A few have, but most just follow the crowd like lemmings. Pres.Trump has done more for America already than BO has done the whole eight years. How I wish they’d see the corruption in the democratic/progressive party. The Democratic Party is now communist. ( and I’m not saying that some republicans aren’t corrupt either, btw.)

  6. Eddie says:

    Who the hell cares about the high headed Warriors going to the WH anyway? After all they all represent an ultra leftist organization that is the NBA. And the same applies to the NFL, and the NCAA. President Trump has a hell lot more important things to do than to receive a team from the liberal most state in the country, the state of Mexifornia.

  7. Dick says:

    Who care? I’m not impressed by a bunch of liberals who run around is short pants playing a child’s game. President Trump has more important things to do rather than entertain a bunch of overpaid, undereducated children.

    1. COL Bullseye says:

      I don’t think Trump has ever even played or cares about Ghettoball. Let them find their “Bro”Bummer an’ shoot da hoops wit da Ghetto-Makin’ Massa!

  8. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Bunch of disrespectful jerks! I hope this next season leaves them at the bottom of their games, & no future visits to the championship finals.

  9. chief1937 says:

    Who knows the warriors just may not get invited so all this ranting would be stupid. They might like to remember many of their paying fans like our president and one should not cut their nose off to spite their face if you get what I mean.

  10. davegrille says:

    The Warriors should mind their own business.

  11. Steve Terrill says:

    F***k those overgrown assholes if they don’t go. Most of them would be parking cars or taking it in the ass in prison if it weren’t for the NBA. I seriously doubt if Trump wants to hang out with them either but he will because he is THE DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Presidents honor the country’s sports teams.

  12. Carl Looney says:

    I used to like the warriors, but I see they are just a bunch of ignorant politicos who want to play partisan games. Bye bye, Warriors. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I every watch a Warrior game or buy any product sponsored on your TV games. So, long, freaks.

  13. vinny says:

    Whitehouse don’t want a BUNCH OF LOUD MOUTH NIGGERS!!! It is bad enough we had to deal with a NIGGER for 8 years!!!

  14. me1952 says:

    Grow up already!

  15. flashy0ne says:

    So what’s the big deal? They’ve gone out of their way to indicate they DON’T WANT an invitation — so don’t give them one. They are no different than our beloved governor “moonbeam” Brown whose assigned purpose in life seems to be “protect” the criminals and strip the law abiding citizens of their guns and ammunition. That seems to play well with a democratic assembly apparently controlled by Mexican interests.

    1. Linda says:

      The liberals who have long been in power in CA LOVE their illegals. That costs the WORKING Californian’s $30 BILLION dollars a YEAR to support them. But they can’t fix their own dam and come with their hands out to the fed TAXPAYERS to pay for what they should have kept in good repair and COULD have done so IF not for the cost of THEIR illegals.

      Now that the dems have enabled THEIR illegals to automatically be registered TO vote… and Obama confirmed they would NOT be deported IF caught doing so, along with the CA DMV saying 800,000 WERE registered to vote since that law passed…. it’s no surprise that Hillary received so many more votes in your [my ex] state alone. And that number is only going to INCREASE…. THUS WHY the liberals are fighting to KEEP the elections from being honest. They ALL need to be voted out… they are STEALING our nation via THEIR illegals.

  16. Rich says:

    Professional sports plays far too large a role in many people’s lives. Let’s stop this tradition now.

  17. Arielle says:

    The members of this team, or any other team that refuses to go to the White House, are Classless idiots. It is extremely disrespectful to turn down an invitation to meet with the President of the U.S., especially when he is TRYING to do a good job. Between the ignorant fools that want to have him “Impeached”, the protestors, and various others fools that wanted Hillary as President, it’s a miracle that he has actually accomplished as much as he has !

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