Top Trump Official Just Smacked Down John McCain

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  1. Robert Dimmock says:

    I believe McCain has finally lost it; seems to me it’s time for the nursing home or the rubber room. He seems to be on the wrong side at the wrong time once again. He received good advice; now is he smart enough to take it?

  2. Judy Kidd says:

    I think McCain is really working with the democrats.

    1. Lillian DeVore says:

      He is.

    2. Ron Alford says:

      Whether he means to, or not. And, he probably does, which makes him as much a destroyer of America as liberal Democrats.

    3. NancyNurse says:

      I have read that Sen. McCain and his best friend Sen. Graham are being paid by the DNC along with many others within the TV media. Not surprising, is it?

      1. Roger Domnie says:

        you got it nancy………. they are all in bed bed with each, i’m sure voters are smart enough to see this… let’s see them work a normal job????????????

      2. Jeronimo Dan says:

        Sen. Graham is not McCain’s best friend, Graham is McCain’s second wife and happens to be a senator also.

        1. matt ridgeway says:

          im not sure if its boys or men graham likes lol

          1. Stephen Korup says:

            I would bet a it’s a bit of Both . LOL

          2. David in MA says:

            I think if it has external plumbing, Graham likes it.

          3. matt ridgeway says:

            hes a hose man

      3. PatriotGal says:

        Nancy, Soros donated to their last re-election campaigns in 2016.

      4. JJ says:

        I believe it too! It is just too noticeable!

    4. bendecido says:

      And to think I voted for him when he ran for president. Had he won, I am sure now he would have made a bad president. No backbone, intelligence, lack of own decision making as he follows what the dems say, etc…..

      1. Roger Domnie says:

        glad i didn’t and soooooooo many others…….. he’s a goof lefty………. phoney……..

      2. Houmid says:

        I’ll admit I voted from Obama over McCain; and I’m a military vet and retiree myself. But Johnny McCain is scary, and doesn’t consistently, or hardly ever, support any conservative position. A RINO, and a Democrat in Republican Clothing.

        1. Kiam Larsen says:

          No McCain is not a ‘RINO” He is a Real Man in Congress that works for the People of American.

          1. David in MA says:

            What flavor today?

          2. Houmid says:

            Horse Manure.

          3. Larry Pierce says:

            McCain is an alledge hero who rode on the coat tails of his prisoner status for his entire career. He is a Traitor to his constituents an the party.

          4. Kiam Larsen says:

            Larry Pierce, I am also a Vet _USAF flying Vet. You people have NO Idea what went on in Vietnam. When will you WAKE-Up to the Real Truth.

          5. allen g. english says:

            Here’s you’r man that works for the American people . https://sheriffali.com/tag/nixon-pardons-john-mccain/

      3. Kitty says:

        He certainly would of been batter than B. Hussein Obama. At least he is a patriot not a muslim. And we know where he was born. A RINO of course he is and should of been voted out of his senate seat.

        1. JJ says:

          Agree with everything you just said!

        2. Janis Garvey Hewes says:

          treason more than once..better check this Traitor out.Patriot are you kidding me he helped Hillary start ISIS and he has committed treason more than once.

    5. Steve Savage says:

      No shit, Dick Tracy.

    6. Ken/FL says:

      Always has!

    7. Roger Domnie says:

      of course judy………. he’s in deals with all of them………….. what’s he done in last 15 yrs??? hid under the desk for the eight while bamy was in office. did you hear his voice??? he was shaking under the desk petrified…

    8. Esta Schwartz says:

      I have always thought so. The dems are foaming at the mouth hoping to have president trump impeached.
      Why arent they concentrating on helping America ?
      Seems like many of them are walking back some of the rhetoric because they must be getting cold feet realizing what part they played during the election. I hope more is found or done to bring clintons,rice obama,podesta lynch to justice and comey.
      Schumer and pelosi have to go.
      Nothing will get done to help the people with thm in office.

    9. ed in Alabama says:

      You’ve just now figured that out? He likes to paint himself as a hero…..an icon of Modern American history…….but he is all about McCain……he needs intense psychiatric help. Along with several other politicians justify term limits in Congress.

    10. John T Koszalka says:

      No McCain has to resign—he’s done. He is a true fence sitter. He had his chance to be a hero again, but he would not stand up against OBAMA, and the country has suffered for 8 years because he refused to call it the way it was. Romney did the same thing. Political Correctness does not win elections against. Being Honest, and willing to SERVE THE PEOPLE NOT YOURSELF WINS ELECTIONS.

      1. Stephen Korup says:

        Sorry to Say my Friend but McCain was never a Hero , you ask some of the Veteran’s that were in the same Camp as McCain . They Said they He Sang like a Canary and gave out Codes to our Defenses , I don’t think that Qualifies the So Called Senator to be called a Hero. BTW a large part of Your post is right on . 🙂

        1. Ramah Lee says:

          you can hear a lot of misdeeds of the traitor on utube

      2. Kiam Larsen says:

        Hey, what you say about Being Honest and willing to serve the people not yourself doesn’t win elections, Its big Money. As you see in most Conservatives. My question is “When will conservatives start Serving the PEOPLE and NOT THEMSELVES????????

        1. John T Koszalka says:

          As you can see I pointed out McCain, and Romney, and this goes for all those that a cruising in the SWAMP. As a Independent Conservative. I believe they will get it done. I think the entire world would have to be blind, not to see we have a no nonsense President.

    11. Richard Wittauer says:

      I feel the same as you.

    12. william surratt says:

      You are right!! He is as two faced as some of those Northern California Senators and house representatives. Keep up the good work

    13. Al says:

      I used to support McCain.. No more. He’s a Dim Damn Democrat.

    14. Jeronimo Dan says:

      What year did McCain take office? Anyway, that’s the year McCain began helping and being a RINO for the Democrats.

    15. David in MA says:

      McCain is a RINO!

    16. Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

      Didn’t he sy so not long ago? We know Soros has contributed to his campaign. Soros contribute to Nancy-Boy Lindsey’s as well? We know McCain was in cahoots with Hitlery in overthrowing Qaddafi and creating and armng ISIS to overthrow Assad, which didn’t work out for them, exept they made plenty trafficking in arms, drugs, children/women and involuntary organ donors, in cahoots with McCabe/DYNCORP/USAID.

  3. Marion Jones says:

    Just one word to describe this RINOI> Bakatali.

  4. jondarmes says:

    McCain just has to put his 2 cents worth in at every whiff of an opportunity, that’s always been about 25 cents more than it’s worth. He is a spiteful backstabbing individual and is only in it for the good of Songbird McCain. MAGA!!!

    1. bendecido says:

      I wonder when Arilzonans are going to wake up and vote him out of office?

      1. Louise Adams says:

        Exactly what I was thinking why are they voting for him?!

        1. littlesmoke says:

          We were voting against the opposition!

          1. David Hack says:

            Y’all SERIOUSLY need to get rid of this MAGGOT!

          2. Miguel M A says:

            The wrong approach!! Means we are NO GOOD!!!

      2. Behind every blade of grass! says:

        He bought his way in, again – with the help of the illegal’s this time around!!

        1. PatriotGal says:

          Soros donated to his campaign…

          1. Behind every blade of grass! says:

            MSM keeps promoting that old lying SOB!!

      3. Ken/FL says:

        Hopefully soon.

      4. Roger Domnie says:

        hope soon, might as well vote for a lefty. that’s what he and graham are…………

        1. birdman says:

          traitors all,term limits would get rid of their asses

      5. Raymond Miller says:

        I Hope they use hollow points next time.

  5. Lillian DeVore says:

    Exactly right – McCain has been trying to run the White House from his Senate seat. The propaganda stations have been giving him lots of coverage to help take down the President.

  6. KDC says:

    Yeah, he’s a”polarizing figure” alright. He collects all the other RINO establishment types to go along with his globalist agenda. He’s not for America, he’s an elitist hack. He’s the establishment. He’s a RINO. All of which are the enemy of the people and country. For all those career politicians who associate themselves with him, I’d be very careful. The people are on to him and we watch your moves too.

    1. Lillian DeVore says:

      Just the mention of his name makes me angry. This must be what they call a ‘micro-aggression’, requiring a ‘safe space’ to stop listening to this guy.

      1. KDC says:

        Me too. I could slap him…lol.

        1. Behind every blade of grass! says:

          I’d like to SLAP HIM SILLY! Oh, I forgot, he already is ..

  7. Margie Nicely says:

    John McCain is getting too old to remember what he said in the last few months, days, hours!
    He should keep his mouth shut and his brain in park, oh wait it is in park and has been for many years.
    He feels that if he opens his mouth, someone will listen to him, and it makes him feel important!

    1. KDC says:


    2. Roger Domnie says:

      got that from killary, waters, elijah, pelosi, warren. it’s called a bottle of vodka per day to keep the doctor away. all these old goats need a cigar, a swing, and just say good bye……….

  8. Gary D Flatt says:

    McCain brain was removed in prison while singing.

  9. Angeline Pebler says:


    1. Ramah Lee says:

      and what has McCain done for the verterans, he has the power to help, instead badmouthing our president

  10. 8314TLC says:

    I think McCain is getting up in age & may have dementia.

    1. DonOldGuy says:

      But is just learning to emulate Pelooosey and Maxi Waterbrain

  11. OopsyDaisy3 says:

    I remember watching prisoner’s deplaning after being released.
    John McCain among them. I thought then, we were lucky to get
    them back. I applauded each one though i was in a room watching
    TV by myself. Senator McCain has served us all for many years
    and now i think it is time he steps aside and allows new ideas to
    make the headlines of his successor as we thank McCain for his
    service during the war and his duties in D.C. Linda in Texas

  12. US Patriot says:

    John McCain is old and feeble and a Traitor to this Republic! It is time Arizone reires him permanently! John McCain is unfit and mentally not up to the job and responsibilites of a true US Senator who believes in the US Constitutuion, Freedom and Liberty! I am sure Obama and the Democrats have had John McCain under surveillance for many years and Blackmail him every chance they get!

  13. Beth says:

    His age is showing by his confusion. He needs to retire.

  14. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Arizonaians need to issue a recall of McCain. He’s losing his mind, & is a hinderance & not any help. The liberals don’t have to worry about attacking Pres Trump, since the GOP is doing all they can to bring him down.

  15. Christopher C. Moll says:

    Tillerson does trumps bidding. Trump does Putins bidding. Macain is the most competent republican you have on foreign policy. Either you a live in a cave, or have the IQ of your shoe size.

  16. Jan Lee says:

    You rock Secretary of State Tillerson. McCain needs a muzzle as all he is doing to bad mouthing President Trump and his administration. McCain needs to retire yesterday and then sit silently in the sun.

  17. Ed says:

    When he was a pow he was known as the songbird. Please Google McCain the songbird to find out what this guy is really like

  18. Tonya Parnell says:


  19. MICHAEL HUTTER says:

    Senator McCain, Vietnam was 42 years ago. GET THE FUCK OFF you’re high HORSE & GO THE FUCK HOME to Scottsdale ::::::: TERM LIMITS need to be put into law.

  20. chuckie2u says:

    Johnny has made millions bitching . It is time he retired.

  21. Gail Meesters says:

    TERM LIMITS are badly needed!!! How about a psychological test of ‘fitness to carry out duties’ at a certain age? Too much dementia in out country.

    1. Behind every blade of grass! says:

      …….. AND, we desperately need all of them RANDOMLY DRUG TESTED!!

      1. DonOldGuy says:

        Amen. Drug tests for Politicians, EBT card holders, and any “newsy” allowed on a government airplane

        1. Behind every blade of grass! says:

          Yes! If it were enforced tomorrow and they were given no other choice than to get tested or resign, I’d bet the swamp would ‘self-clean itself’, fast! You’d hear a big SWOOSH .. right down the drain!! lol

    2. mowmtn says:

      if everyone would read, Ter limits were set in place in the Constitution Of The United States years ago. its is supposed to be a service to our great nation but they have turned it into a job of opportunity, so they can draw a retirement. Read the Constitution its already a term limited Constitution for all of congress as well as the President. It is an eye opener for sure. it would surely make just about all in congress be looking for a new job for later. Also congress cannot pass any bill or law for the common peoples of this Nation unless they (congress) live it their selves . strange, after reading the Constitution how that one can understand why the forefathers wrote that in the Constitution.

    3. mowmtn says:

      ahahahah if the were to Happen then old TED Kennedy would have been pushed out to pasture a long time ago.

  22. EyesWideOpen says:

    T-REX is 100 times the MAN that human bobblehead, FAKE WAR HERO/FAKE NEWS, deep state wannabe globalist clown mccain will ever be

    and btw: for anyone who objects to my characterization of his “war record”, mccain LONG GO forfeited any claim to war hero status with his relentless foul attacks and traitorous slander of The President, The Constitution and the American people

    1. Louise Adams says:


      1. mowmtn says:

        I can just about guarantee McCain treatment was far better than any other prisoner of War as His dad was a ADMIRABLE and the chucks was going to let McCain go but he wanted to stay with his fellow prisoners. Now that was a feat a fellow comrade would make. to leave could have lost all hopes of election for anything higher than dog catcher..

  23. Carolyn says:

    Good for him! I used to live in AZ and I’ve always hated John McCain because he is the biggest 2-faced human being I know. He has always rode the fence and sided with whom ever is ahead on any given day. That man has never had an opinion or belief of his own since he has been in DC. Even the Republicans powers in AZ have been trying to push that lame-brain to retire, but he’s like an old sore that keeps coming back and won’t go away. I have never figured out why anybody ever voted for John McCain. He used to be a liberal Democrat, but they had sense enough not to vote for him, so then he decided to pretend to be a Republican. I just wish the man would retire and go away, and let the real conservatives take over his job.

    1. Louise Adams says:

      Yes please!

    2. Behind every blade of grass! says:

      I heard … it was ole’ Soros that paid the illegal’s to vote to keep him in ..

    3. Louise Adams says:

      Agree 100%

  24. James Higginbotham says:

    McCain is just a COMMUNIST DEMORAT and CRIMINAL.

  25. Kirk Kahler says:

    McCain supports the left any way he can cuz of his hate for trump and team he will try to damage it all he can ! this is sad for he has the chance to be part of history and make history but he would rather be part of the loosing team ! he needs to put his feeling a side and do the job of helping trump make America great again ! this is his last chance to be a hero for the people and he is just pissing it a way all for hate sad

  26. Ironic says:

    This was another teaser article that didn’t say anything new. We KNOW that McCain is part of the Establishment that is pulling for the Prez fail. H e resents that Trump is succeeding where he failed as a Dem Lite. Tillerson was more than reserved in responding to liberal McCain. He didn’t smack McCain down.
    McCain is doing everything he can to prevent the US from joining forces with Russia in defeating ISIS. McCain is still fighting the Cold War.

  27. Nutmeg Man says:

    I used to really admire McCain and voted for him for the presidency, but no more. He has embarrassed himself by badmouthing the president instead of saying how bad and nauseating left-wing loons such as Schumer, Pelosi, Waters and Franken are obstructing everything the president is trying to do. And the New York Times and Washington Post, MSNBC and CNN have become a sorry excuse for journalism. Please take aim at different targets.

  28. Wayne Pemberton says:

    He might as well go ahead and switch to the Democratic Party and make it official already. He’s the fool that’s not fooling anybody.

  29. tryscavage says:

    It is important to not interfere with what the Democrats (and McCain types) are doing. You see they are getting worse and worse so everyone should back off. This form of thought become more and more insane. They will criticize other as they do now. However, if you do nothing the disease makes them criticize their same Party members. Still do nothing because as the disease comes to completion they will be on television and in newspaper articles criticizing THEMSELVES. So because of our patience we get to see John McCain on TV telling you how disgusting and insane he is and we should never vote for him. Pelosi? Because of morals I can not tell you her self criticism because the picture is embarrassing and makes you cover your eyes. So be patient. It will be w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.

  30. Jimbosidecar says:

    They didn’t call him “Canary John” in the Hanoi Hilton for nothing

  31. Behind every blade of grass! says:

    I think John McCain is a full time employee of Satan!! It won’t be long until he gets to do his evil deeds ‘hand in hand’ with him …

  32. Ken/FL says:

    Just go away John, go away!

  33. littlesmoke says:

    John McCain is a proven underachiever all his life. The son/grandson of US Navy Admirals was a “shoe-in” at Annapolis, graduated at the bottom of his class. Was a bully in High School, and is the same today when the opportunity presents itself. Trump “put the finger” on him and now he’s “out to get Trump”. The powers that be in the Republican Party in Arizona won’t support anyone from within to run against him so we are essentially stuck with him as a RINO (Misfit) until he croaks. As I have said before “If he had a brain he would take it out and play with it”.

  34. Gary Nobles says:

    McCain is just a old man trying to hang on. He does not like Trump becouse he cannot accept change and if change comes he will be left out in the cold, his old friends will be gone to. John is a member of the DEEP STATE and I would say he is one of the GOP leakers. John McCain is not and will not vote for the good of the American People in the Senate, He is for John McCain.

  35. Jo Scott says:

    McCain is straddling the fence, (pray he gets a huge splinter). This old senile fool is about as useless as a gnat in a wind storm and should get the attention given a gnat. He’s past due for expulsion from congress. He’s a blight on our nation who’s being paid by the DNC or soros to cause Trump problems. Dumb this old fool immediately.

  36. Ruth Richardson says:

    I think Sen. McCain realizes his job as a Senator of the United States and is doing exactly what he should. He isn’t willing to hang on to Trumps coat tails in hopes of getting some better position or gain favor with Trump. It is about time that he, Sen. Graham and many other Republicans realize they are there to do the best for the American people and not the Republican party. Sen. McCain will be standing long after Trump is gone.

  37. Houmid says:

    “Freedom is not free. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.”

    – Dr. Jerry Pournelle

    “We do not go abroad seeking dragons to slay. We are the friends of liberty everywhere, but we are the guardians of our own.”

    – John Quincy Adams

    Old Johnny McCain wants to spend our tax dollars or shed our children’s blood trying to impose democracy on the rest of the world. More likely he wants to continue to use tax dollars and launder them through other countries by purchasing from the military-industrial complex. Which means he and his supporters are skimming off our taxes. No wonder he supports all the tax increases and Democrat social projects.

  38. Roger Domnie says:

    mccain will be gone, he is useless, hasn’t done a thing in years. now with new president just can’t shut up with that negative mouth. he’s afraid of being exposed with the demos on their slinky deals along with graham. both lefties……….

  39. Benji's Buddy says:

    I would say that being a POW, may have had a BAD, Life Long resentment towards the USA?

  40. juan robledo says:

    John McCain was at one time respected but the years show he is dilusional, might be suffering from flip flopping might need to step down, he’s been there to long, time to go and retire and save face

  41. usn says:

    Put a sock in it already John.

  42. Lazer says:

    In Arizona, we have seen him as a Tuscon Rhino for years – of course, they live in liberalsville down there and will probably join California when it goes broke and remove themselves as a state. Some day the hardworking taxpayers will have had enough and move the other way. Many there state if they had a decent candidate, CA may turn – what will the Rhino do then?

  43. Lakshmi says:

    McCain is a relentless warmonger. WW3 is McCain’s goal.

  44. bobs33hotrod says:

    John McCain, You need to Retire ASAP. Too Bad, You have out lived your Usefulness. I think you have some Grave Mental Health Issues. Please go back to where you came from. Its Time.

    BOBBY ~!~.

  45. Kathy Stutts says:

    McCain is not dependable because he blows either way the wind is blowing in the direction he likes. But I really think his true gripe is Trump denied that he was a war hero. I think Trump knows more than McCain gives him credit for. I have a family member who graduated from VMI, went to school with Clarence Thomas’ son, and there are political facts that are given so Trump knows McCain a little bit better than most people. McCain should feel appreciative Trump is not giving secrets away to the world.

  46. MarcJ says:

    Let me remember what I
    know about Senator McCain – the losing RINO in the election of 2008 to the
    winner Marxist Muslim half-breed from Kenya B. Hussein Obama, previously a
    street agitator for the ACORN thugs:

    He was a son of the notable Navy Admiral in the WW2; as such he
    was accepted in the Naval Academy in spite of his low grades from high school;
    that in my book is called nepotism;

    In the academy he was at the bottom of the graduating class (well-
    #75 out of the class of 76) but passed due to his Admiral father; the school director
    directed his future bosses not to let McCain place a foot on any submarine –
    and so he passed his time in service scheduling time-offs for the marines in

    While in training he jumped and parachuted from 4 – FOUR –
    training planes for unknown reasons thus destroying those planes; apparently he
    got confused by the knobs and levers and panel lights;

    In Vietnam when his plane attracted North Vietnamese communist
    fire he abandoned the completely untouched war plane and parachuted into the
    enemy hands;

    The communists wanted to trade his name to Americans for
    substantial rewards – but McCain refused – that was his only true patriotic

    It’s not clear whether the taped confession McCain gave to his
    captors to avoid further torture has played a role in his postwar behavior in
    the Senate. That confession was played endlessly over the loudspeaker systems
    at all the communist prisons of captured US soldiers —to try to break down
    other prisoners—and was broadcast over Hanoi’s state radio. Reportedly, he
    confessed to being a war criminal who had bombed civilian targets and murdered
    innocent children. The Pentagon has a copy of that confession but will not release it. Also, no
    outsider I know of has ever seen a non-redacted copy of the debriefing of
    McCain when he returned from captivity, which is classified but could be made
    public by McCain.

    In Congress McCain was known as a watcher of wind indicator and so
    voted Republican as often as Democrat;

    In the elections of 2008 he was just an incoherent moderate RINO
    trying to please everybody – and was swept by the Chicago vote fraud machine.

    Since then he has shown
    himself a low-IQ bloviating gasbag with no political program of his own except
    in voting 50-50 with his Republican colleagues. Just like that other low-IQ
    bloviating gasbag John Hanoi Kerry he just improvises his politics as the wind
    blows on any particular day. WAR HERO – hell no! McCain is the chairman of the
    Veterans Committee, and those criminal Veteran Administration scandals remain
    unaddressed. Just like Trump – I prefer our soldiers who did not surrender for
    no apparent reason. But at least he did not malign our soldiers like that
    traitor Hanoi Kerry did – after spending only 8 weeks patrolling the Mekong
    Delta while avoiding the enemy.

  47. Jeronimo Dan says:

    McCain is and has been a RINO his whole political career, with one wife in Arizona and another wife in the senate.

  48. kassa1 says:

    McCain and Graham, McConnell and the little bitch Ryan, or nothing but horrors of the one world order billionaires. With that being said in my opinion that’s treason against the American people and they should be dealt with quickly and severely, as I say our military should take them down as they are the enemy within.

  49. jong says:

    McCain is suffering from a classic case of dementia. He goes back and forth more than a tennis ball in a match. Sad really. Sad that we have to put up with it from a law maker.

  50. woodlandman3 says:

    I think McCain is a senile democrat. He’s not a true republican.

  51. rick meek says:

    Smack Down —— I’d give the guy nightmares he’d have in a rubber room…..

  52. eddyjames says:

    John McCain needs to be returned to North Vietnam, Time for more singing lessons.

  53. William Kern says:

    John McCain should retire to the dessert. He failed in his attempt to be our President and now he seems to have the innate ability that every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot into it. I don’t believe President Trump needs John to tell him how to be our President or how to run our government.

  54. PatriotGal says:

    They’re not the only two – include McConnell, Ryan, Hatch, Sasse, Flake, Murkowski, Collins, Rubio, etc. in Congress. Then there are the Bushes, Romney, Krauthammer, Rove, etc., all “elitist, establishment RINOS”.

  55. gobrien says:

    Term limits.

  56. Beatriz Alford says:

    That McCain is a RINO, that piece of human feces belongs to the DemocRat party they are the cancer of our nation.

  57. James R. Currier says:

    McCain won’t be a problem for much longer. Senator Songbirds’ political career is over. Maybe he can get a job as doorman at the Hanoi Hilton.

    1. DonOldGuy says:

      Sadly, he was reelected

  58. Stella Vadakin says:

    It seems to me that John McCain is the only Republican with any sense, Can’t you see that Trump is a loose cannon. He is alienating this country from all of our allies, worse yet he is going to provoke a war. And as far as Cuba is concerned it would do better to open tourism and let them make a few bucks than have them ally themselves with a hostile government like back in the 60s.

  59. Freedom says:

    To think he was fighting for the U.S.A. in Vietnam as a fighter pilot…..Scary…….

  60. Juanita says:

    McCain is an idiot which probably greatly contributed to the election of Obama. Tillerson is correct. Part of the reason for the US illegal immigration problem is that people from other countries think they have a right to come here. They think their needs trump our laws. How many times have we heard” “I came here for a better live” as if that justifies breaking the law. They all feel if they can just get here, they can stay and have a right to do so. The longer they are here, the more entrenched the belief is that they should be allowed to stay.

    What is worst, when the costs of illegal immigration to the US are pointed out, it is clear that their quest for a better life is costing us ours. Most have low skills which means that they do not make very much money. Some do not even try, they just go on welfare by spitting our a baby to get benefits. School budgets are off the charts because of all the “support” services provided.

    There are schools that now provide three meals a day for the illegals and some that even give a brown bag for the weekends. There is the gang violence and crime that Americans suffer.

    We cannot save every puppy in the pound and the expectation should not be there that we should.

  61. Wondering Woman says:

    Of course the anti Trumpers are the opposition party – because President Trump is anti establishment, which is aka deep state, aka the one world global
    government, aka the new world order and the elitist behind the new world order is the true enemy of every anti establishment outsider citizen on this planet.

  62. JJ says:

    Vote that scum out iin Arizona. I used to feel sorry for him in what he had been through but not anymore. He was more of an Owebama fan than he has ever been for Trump. Get him out Trump and take Lindsey Graham’s sissy tail with him!

  63. Vince says:

    Time for mac$hit to retire and go back to his friends that he betrayed his fellow men to.

  64. Rhonda Beebe says:

    John is part of the Eletist problem….he is a sicko

  65. Don Keith says:

    ”John McCain, should go home ,and live in one of his 7houses, and keep his Maverick mouth shoot, and retire for good. he never liked Trump any way.”

  66. Stephen Korup says:

    mccain is just a big whore , and I would bet he’s in the clintons pocket .

  67. Stephen Korup says:

    You know it was McCain who passed the Fake information to the FBI ( the Steele Papers ) , and Continues to Say that Trump is being controlled buy Putin .But it was Ok for McCain to Silicate Money from the Russian’s when he was running for President in 2008. Talk about being a Hypocrite , HHHHMMM

  68. aaniko says:

    It’s long been known that mccain ad graham are working for the democrats and the globalists!!!! They’re traitors!!!!

  69. hillbilly says:

    Senators McCain,Grahm, Mcconnell, & back stabbing Ryan need to be voted out of office, Four useless Rino left leaning swamp dwellers, they need to be traded in for real conservatives.

  70. mary ann says:

    I wonder if John McCain realizes he’s not President because he’s a jerk. He’s turning into nancy Pelosi. Why doesn’t he just change party’s instead of being a rino?

  71. Jeronimo Dan says:

    I would include McCain and Graham in the terminology, of what Trump is now calling terrorist…Loser’s.

  72. MarcJ says:

    Senator McCain has been consistent over the years – a complete idiot, a functional cretin, a low-IQ bloviating gasbag, briefly a traitor whose anti-American rants were broadcasted by the Hanoi communists over the war prisoner camps.

  73. DonRS says:

    John McCain is proving himself to be little more than a fart in a windstorm! But them, that is representative of his entire life as a fool – I mean “maverick” as he claims. The man has demonstrated his IRRESPONSIBILITY his ENTIRE life. Failure, after failure, after failure, saved by his Navy Admiral Father and Grandfather: the Naval Academy, where he finished 3rd from the bottom of his class, only after intervention by his Father and Grandfather. Naval air training, where, without his influential Navy Admiral Father and Grandfather, he would have washed out. Disaster aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forestall, where McCain, in line for take off, with loaded bombs, accidentally released one of the bomb on the flight deck, creating major damage and deaths to sailors on board. Where was John? Hiding out, safe below decks, as others worked feverishly to try to rescue others and put out the flames. Over Vietnam, John was shot down. An act of heroism, I think not.
    While he can be applauded for not accepting the offer of release from the North Vietnamese POW camp, he later acted treasonously – possibly many others would have, also, under the circumstances. However, they weren’t treated as “heroes” upon their return to the U.S. Nor should John “Maverick” (screw off) McCain.

    McCain has made himself IRRELEVANT!

  74. Kiam Larsen says:

    No Sen McCain is NOT working for the democrats, He is working for you and me – He is working as an American with a “True” Interest in his country. NOT a Party.

  75. Frank says:

    John McCain is a traitor and should be shot. He became a traitor when he stayed in the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam and claimed he was a POW. He has been anti-American every since. Stand him in front of a firing squad, that is where he belongs.

  76. David in MA says:

    McCain being called the “Maverick” is from his college and Navy days when he, as the son and grandson of Navy Admirals, did just about what he pleased. He was and is a spoiled brat who has gotten away with stuff that others would have been courts martialed for and sent to jail over. John McCain is a POS!

  77. George E. LeFebvre says:

    McCain is beyond reason as is Lindsay Graham. They are dumbocrats in wolves clothing hiding amongst Republicans wishing to fix what those two helped Obummer in his path of destroying this COUNTRY!

  78. Jo Scott says:

    McCain and Graham are both senile idiots and need to be removed from congress immediately.
    Talk about liars, McCain is right up there with Hillary and Obama.

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