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This Musician’s Anti-Trump Show Was Met With Thunderous ‘Boos’ In New Orleans

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  1. ernldo says:

    Ruck Foger….and who are these halfwit Brits to complain about OUR president!…..Pull the idiot’s visa!

    1. and charge tax money on what they make here, off U.S. citizens .

      1. Nina says:

        I’m sure we can get our President to take care of that!! ? ?

    2. carolat538 says:

      you have got that Right Halfwits GO TRUMP GO

    3. old codger says:

      “IF” the Brits are so F—ing smart why are they having such a CLUSTER F— with the MUDSLIMES????? Hey Roger GFY! Go home and straighten out England first A–HOLE!!

      1. Donaldo says:

        These celebrities amaze me. Just because they can act or sing they seem to have the notion that they have superior intelligence. In most cases it’s probably inferior. I’d love to be able to quiz some of them on policies and history of our country.

  2. herdzcatz says:

    Honestly. What Waters ascribes to what he calls “Trumpism” is actually the inherent danger of the current atmosphere of anti-Trump sentiments. If anyone is in danger, it certainly is NOT an anti-Trumpite.

  3. Lillian DeVore says:

    The media coverage in the UK is as bad as the coverage is here. Just think if we sent our musicians to another country and put down their leaders.

    1. yeah, most countries our people wouldn’t make it back alive.

  4. Mickie says:

    So sick of “entertainers” sharing their political views! If I wanted politics I’d find a political rally or something. Who cares what entertainers think! I’m there for the music or whatever! Why do they have to ruin it!

  5. These people can’t take care of their own homelands and straighten things out, we certainly don’t want to hear their mouths or music. I guess you’re not liked well enough in your own countries to make any money, go back home.

  6. ydroustan says:

    Who is this Roger?

  7. 2117fbs says:

    Why do entertainers think we want to hear or will be swayed by their political views? They are paid for ENTERTAINING not for their political persuasion. Do they actually think their views matter more than other folks’ do? They make their money off ALL who attend their shows. They need to keep their beliefs to themselves and just do their best to entertain. I will boycot all entertainers who use their venues to spout vile words or images against our president or any other political figure.

    1. Bird says:

      You would think they might learn a lesson from Hillary Clinton hobnobbing with celebrities and STILL losing the election…. obviously, people don’t CARE who these ‘entertainers’ support politically! They only hurt themselves…. right in the pocketbook!

    2. Nina says:

      You are spot on!!! When will these feeble minded creatures learn their opinions mean nothing to us!! Last time I looked we had a President name Donald J. Trump and not Lard ass Clinton!!! Keep on yapping so we know who not to vote for!! ??

      1. Sylvia Avila says:

        Yes, so right, Don’t listen to the opinions of Hollywood Trash!

    3. Sylvia Avila says:

      I have already boycotted!! them all, since President to Office, I have not watch any movies or gone to the shows. Period!!! On TV I only watch, Home Shopping, Local News, History, Weather and good enough for me. God bless

    4. Insidious Pall says:

      I have yet to hear any of them make a cogent political argument. These are relics of the past and still living the Weather Underground dream. I was a radical back in the 1960’s also. But I grew up. There has to be adults in the room.

    5. Donaldo says:

      I Will also. Just trashed my pink Floyd cassettes. Yes I’m old !

  8. Nina says:

    Pink Floyd one of my heroes. All I can say is just like many others in recent days, another one bites the dust!!! Sick of their crap, make great music, keep your yap shut!! Especially when you are not even an American!! Not impressed!!

    1. Seth Segall says:

      I met the band Pink Floyd ,,,Minus Roger Waters…and i asked David Gilmour why he was no longer in the band and he said because Roger Waters had become a depressing bore…!! and his negitivity was dragging down the progress of the bands stardom..

    2. Seth Segall says:

      so apparently hes still the same Negative anti progress asshole he was back then

    3. Jacky says:

      Well said

  9. carl dondorfer says:

    Another alien talking about our President,Take your pink panties and go back where you came from they need you there your are not welcome here,”pinky”.

    1. bendecido says:

      I wonder if he would say the same regarding the muslim mayor of London???

  10. Vicki Kuner Mattingly says:

    when is this crap going to stop??? can you imagine this being done to obama??? these people are vile and disgusting

    1. Lorraine Ciuba says:

      Your right Vicki….it is very obvious of the “distorted” reporting on the lives of our President AND his family.

    2. Debra(bogene) says:

      They learned it ”from obama”. he started this hatred crap.

  11. Michael Smith says:

    Why isn’t he being deported for this act? It can and should be done. Freedom of speech and expression should only apply to a citizen of America, not a visa carrying libby.

    1. Guntotingranny says:

      The constitution reads that those rights are for Citizens ONLY. But hey our gov’t doesn’t know how to read!

  12. paulhaddock says:

    Just saw James Taylor and Bonnie Raitt. I pay to hear their music not their politics. The size of the crowd “no one would debate, race, abortion, woman’s rights. Even a picture of Obama was put up.

    1. Nina says:

      I live in Rural NC Taylor was doing a free concert last summer, wouldn’t go bc he’s become too annoying, once a fan. Another down.

  13. bklynbel says:

    How insulting to the millions of American voters who voted for Trump. We have enough haters here. We don’t need you to come here and debase our President. Go home. Your time has past.

    1. John Flynn says:

      “we don’t need no thought control”, roger, now SCRAM!! TRUMP 2020

  14. joe says:

    get this swine out of the U.S.

  15. Jeffrey hamilton says:

    Hey Waters, can you say BOYCOTT? I bet you can! you’re another limey dumbfuck!

  16. davegrille says:

    This is good news.Hooray for Trump.

  17. joeinz says:

    I go wa-a-a-a-y back with Pink Floyd as I adored their live work from 1971-81 (yeah . . . I’m that old !) . . . those performances are etched in my mind as treasured works of mastery.
    It is NO excuse, today, for the desecration of our Office of the Presidency by an international doddering fool. No matter what one (AMERICAN) thinks of this president . . . he was the choice to make meaningful change in this country. We were heading towards the feckless representation of democracy that is ingrained in the Britain of today. . . as they cow-tow to middle-eastern immigrants that have NO INTENTION of becoming British citizens and, arrogantly, ignore British law. Pick up the mirror that lays before you, Mr. Waters . . . Britannia calls to you ! Ignorance IS bliss . . . isn’t it ????

  18. John Trenter says:

    That is exactly right, in the twilight of his career. He has always been off the wall, so who really cares. It is rather funny that even his fans are coming to see how kooky he is, one’s trash is another wealth so they say, well Waters never compared to many of the other rock legends in my view. Clapton? The Who? Led Zep?? Anderson from Yes? Really???

  19. Tim Wilde says:

    Quit going to these known leftist has beens shows and movies! They’ll get the message playing to a near empty venue. Or better yet cancelled shows do to lack of interest!

    1. Bilgeez says:

      That’s what happend to Barbra Steisand here in Detroit, only sold 4K tickets at the Palace instead of the 24K they hoped, cancelled the show. Guess all her conservative ex-fans passed on her libtard ass coming here to sing!

      1. Tim Wilde says:

        Now that’s a real success story!

      2. Donaldo says:

        When she was in Albany NY years ago she treated everyone like crap. She is one mean miserable bitch.

  20. kitekrazy says:

    I never really cared for their music. I think it’s because every heavy drug user I’ve known like them very much. It’s not music to have at a party unless it involved illegal drugs.

  21. Steven F. Duncan says:

    I never liked Pink Floyd and now I dislike him even more. 1st one needs to be respectful to the office. The elections are over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let the man do his job

  22. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    I used to like Pink Floyd, at least some of their songs. But, I finally grew up, so don’t like the same music that I did. Anybody that comes to our country, & debases OUR president, needs to be shut down, & sent back to their OWN country, IF they’ll have him back! Mr Trump is a LOT more popular than the lame stream media, & DImocrats want to admit. Mt Trump AND Mrs Trump are a lot more popular overseas than they are here.

  23. Byron W Johnson says:

    Keep their stupid rhetoric in their own fallen, decrepit country, the leaders in this nation hate it that their citizens voted for Brexit, they can’t stand that the majority of the people are libtardarians like they are

  24. Rose Ribitzki says:

    Disgusted to the bones with so-called entertainers …. they can all go to ( u know where ) as far as I’m concerned … never cared for them & never will … bye-bye !

  25. jreb57 says:

    Waters does not seem to understand that while Hitler was a socialist and Trump is a capitalist, there was a common reason for both coming to power.
    That common reason is opposition to communism.

  26. John Kovach says:

    I will always enjoy the old Pink Floyd music but quite frankly I don’t give a damn what Waters thinks about our President but if I were him I would be very careful because the fake news are making people like him think this country is against our President. There are many more supporter of our President than the fake news will admit. All the fake news is doing is hurting our people by filling them up with lie after lie after lie. It will never work. Fake news will lose. Just wait and see. Just like Fake Hillery, Fake Bill, Fake Obama,Fake Pelosi,Fake Lopez,Fake Schumer and the rest of the Fake Democrats. They are all losers.

    1. Nina says:

      John you are so so right! The Fake News along with all the other fakers will not win!! All their days are numbered bc good always prevails!! I believe from the bottom of my heart that the Lord above put President Trump in office and he will do the job no matter how hard the disrupters try to stop him!!

    2. Bilgeez says:

      Right about that John, they are all FAKE Democrats because they are real COMMUNISTS!

  27. Jimmy Bennett says:

    Old, senile, in the way has been who needs to return to his retirement home while he’s still able.

  28. Jerry says:

    The other band players kicked him out because of his arrogant narcissism.

  29. rick meek says:

    Man – I loved Pink Floyd —— Time to remember the old days and screw the new……

  30. rick meek says:

    Hmmmm – If I remember history right —– at one time Britannia ruled the waves —– NOW THEY’RE BEING BEHEADED IN THE STREETS OF LONDON…..Way to go……

    1. Nina says:

      Yup keep up that liberal thinking!!

      1. rick meek says:

        300 mg of thorazine and 48 hours in a rubber room would do wonders – you are clueless – Huh….

        1. Nina says:

          I think you may have misunderstood me. I was speaking of the Britts!! Duh!!

          1. rick meek says:

            Could be wrong – I’ve been wrong before but —- Trolls are on the loose – out there and doing their thing……

        2. ernldo says:

          Sounds like YOU missed your dosage….I think she was agreeing with you?

          1. wendorms says:

            It sounds like Rick was simply pointing out a historical fact about the miasma that is London today. That is not “liberal thinking” at all! Liberals would cheer on the murderous Muslims and make excuses for their heinous and sub-human acts of barbarism.

    2. Guntotingranny says:

      Be kind she was agreeing with us. most likely made sn error on the reply indentation.

      Lets not stoop to the donkeys level.

  31. Billy Joe Diesem says:


  32. practicedcynic says:

    He is from England, LIBERAL THINK, has almost destroyed it.?

    1. Bilgeez says:

      Liberalthink, an oxymoron if there ever was one…

  33. Estell Newton says:

    Politics have no place in concerts especially if the singer isn’t from this country.

  34. jdelcjr says:

    Thank You, New Orleans.

    1. Guntotingranny says:

      And Texas!

  35. Raymond Pauley says:

    My wife and I hace seen and enjoyed many Pink Floyd concerts. I’ve seen the wall 3 times. Our way of showing our outrage at this jerk Roger Waters is to never ever spend another penny for anything at all that has to do with this ass. Hopefully many other proud Americans will do the same.

    1. Guntotingranny says:

      We should start a petition to boycott all Entertainers that take shots at our President and have a public list of them. Have collection of burnings of there cds, dvds, posters, and memorabilia post them on Facebook and label their name and the political statement they made that put them on the Anti – American entertainer list! Just a thought as i sit here reading how Clooney is moving his family back to USA because England has become too dangerous!!!!! Karma is a bitch!

  36. Herb1949 says:

    I never did like much of pink floyd’s music.

  37. Peter Joffe says:

    How the mighty have fallen? One of the finer points that are taught in sales seminars is that you should judge you ‘audience’ or customers with what is normal for where you are selling or performing. If you want to wear a bone in your nose or 20 earrings in your ears note that at least 75% of your fans will not be receptive to this sort of behavior. If you hate Trump then take note that nearly 1/2 of all Americans voted for him so don’t alienate 1/2 your listeners as that is not the way to have a good show!! Retire in shame as your time has come and gone.

  38. Mary Clouse says:

    Pink Floyd,weird,his music weird,Waters is weird,The whole dam gang was

  39. A_Nobody says:

    ROFLMAO…..why would the ass think anyone cares what he thinks. Just another elitist kumquat who got lucky and made money off the same people he now’s dumping on. GTH, Waters.

  40. gentilekevin says:

    The only people who liked their music were the stoners.

  41. silver fox says:

    don’t bring them back

  42. Carl says:

    The British ‘Royal Family’ have been FREELOADERS for centuries and this guy mocks our President…..he can go to hell…

  43. nightspore says:

    For me the most intriguing thing about this is how puerile his ‘commentary’ is. (Trump as KKK – wow, that’s brilliant, Roger!) Another liberal entertainer with the IQ of a turnip.

    1. Guntotingranny says:

      apparently he never learned anything about American history, and who the Kkk was created by the democrats!

      1. Debra(bogene) says:

        Correct indeed..

      2. wendorms says:

        And they created the KKK to frighten the newly freed black folks to vote demorat or face their wrath. When will the black youths of America realize that?

  44. robert sanders says:


  45. AnAmericanRight says:

    We don’t need some British bloody puke down grading our President. go home and make the Queen sick with your singing or what ever noise you do. we could have done without you for another 25 years. Leave America.

  46. cp123 says:

    I’m done with this crap. They suck!

  47. Donna Boutin says:

    Just a real old washout has been, who thinks he can make a come back..Go back to the UK you dupe ass,, Never cared for your music in the first place..Better watch your ass as you aren’t an American and the FBI just might show up to your concert..

  48. Bilgeez says:

    It’s hilarious that limey actors and musicians spout off about American politics, yet they get so pissed if a yank says anything about BritPol. keep yer gob shut and just play yer bloody music or act! I dont give a fiddler’s fart about your political ideology, Roger, Bono, and the rest of ye bloody Brit pud wankers. No more Pink Floyd music for me! Im deleting all my mp3 files of theirs! BYE BYE!!

  49. davegrille says:

    It is good that the performance was booed !

  50. Houmid says:

    Most Brits have never learned, were misinformed, or have totally forgotten all the facts concerning Hitler’s rise to power. Waters unfortunately seems to fall within the last batch. Which is one reason why I won’t buy any of his material. The other reason is I’m not impressed with his music. Never was that much of a Pink Floyd fan either.

  51. Gary says:

    Pink who? Roger who?

  52. Faith Clauser says:

    Just like the actors in Hollywood, we pay YOU to entertain us and make music we like….. We do not give a $hit what your political views are, keep you mouth shut and do your job or we no longer spend our money on your $hit, period………….

  53. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  54. Southerngirl says:


  55. GRAMPA says:

    people want entertainment not political agenda. putting their thoughts out on the media is one thing but to take up people time that they pay for away from the entertainment becomes irritating to say the least when we purchace a persons tallent so we can forget the problems we face for a few moments they will learn that we dont need them to interject their political views into it.

  56. Joe Sherrill says:

    Another has been entertainer who contribute nothing but noise to the world.

  57. Janis says:

    My question is, if this guy has made anti-Trump statements since way back when, why are these people attending, no less forking over their hard earned U.S. dollars (not pounds)?

  58. HonorBound50 says:

    Why on Gods green earth would a Brit think he is entitled to have any say in American policies or leadership? If I remember correctly, we revoked that right permanently 240 years ago… if he’d like to go a few more rounds, I imagine he could be obliged…

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