This Fox Sports’ Analyst Just Said ‘Most White People Deep Down Know’ Kaepernick Is Right

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  1. Bob Hunt says:

    Who is Skip Bayless?

  2. Vinnie S. says:

    Who Cares ? For every Action there is a Reaction ! Before you step out , be sure of a foothold !

  3. ItsMeNotU says:

    Wrong douche bag! MOST PEOPLE DID NOT SUPPORT COLIN KAEPERNICK. If they did then rating for the NFL would have been higher despite the negative comments. Dumb-ass.

  4. kingwarren says:

    If Kaepernick still has his muslim girlfriend I understand where he learned about how horrible the country has been to all the black people who live here. Colin isn’t smart enough to understand how fortunate he is to have been born in this country. He was lucky enough to have a birth mother who understood the situation and two adoptive parents who nurtured him and gave him advantages that he doesn’t understand. At this time that is a total waste of energy for all concerned. Who is the Fox sports anal-yst who claims to speak for “Most People.”

    1. jtintx2 says:

      His ‘girlfriend’ is a person on Girl Code broadcast on MTV. These folks are ignorant progressive/socialist rich elitists!!!!

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