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The Russia-Trump Conspiracy Finally Just Blew Up In Believers’ Faces

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  1. Wondering Woman says:

    Have seen allegation on line that traitor Senator John McCain paid British spy Steele $15,000 for that dossier on Trump – which is probably true because he was praising
    Hillary before the election. Question is whose money he was using – his, Hillary’s or treasury funds?

    1. ONTIME says:

      If there is proof of that then it needs to be seen by the public…McCain is a sneaky bastard, he and his RINO kind has been the ruin of many good and decent legal acts and decent candidates for R office….

      1. Elena Bowman says:

        I don’t know who paid who for what but I do know McCain had that dossier and handed it over to the FBI. But I doubt Steele didn’t give him that dossier for nothing.

    2. Michael Dennewitz says:

      Most likely, geo soros’ money!?

      1. Camille Gilliam says:

        I read where he took money from Soros for his college, but I’m sure he got plenty for himself.

    3. Nelson Nolley says:

      What you call “treasury funds” is our tax dollars ! Too bad there’s not a lot of trust and truth left here in America !

    4. Liberallez says:

      How about Russia’s??

      1. Kurt Hanssen says:

        Russia is out, admitted by the CIA, Comey, FBI, even the the Liber-Turds has admitted to this ghost chase, and the MSM. has also admitted that they were pushing Russia for the sake of ratings, The money came from Soros, Now they are investigating KIllary for her Russia and Ucrain cornection and the 25.Million fake votes, all in her favor.

    5. Dealerdeb1 says:

      Probably all three so the smaller amounts wouldn’t be detected

    6. ADRoberts says:

      I want an investigation of McCain. And I want him to be indicted and removed from the Senate before he dies Let the disgrace and shame of McCain CONTINUE.

  2. Mathew Molk says:

    Everything those assholes do against the President blows up in their faces. It’s all coming home to roost , though. Their will be a black day for the NWO Marxists next November

    1. ONTIME says:

      I am hoping to drive a stake in their heart….

  3. ONTIME says:

    There is no indication the Trump admin has any collusive ties to the russkies but there is a hell of a lot of proof the Left DNComminist, the former WH under Barry Sotero and the Clinton Crime Foundation all have major ties to the russkies, the Ukraine, and dozens of other subversive acts that all involve selling this country out and undermining the US Constitution…There are piles of paper, witnesses and video trails to make the proof for prosecution…….their goal, Make America Crap….their new goal, MACA……Make America Crap Again…..

    1. ADRoberts says:

      So why won’t Trump go after them? My guess is he is under threat if he does.

      1. William Hofmeister says:

        I don’t believe Trump is afraid of anybody. More likely he has the Justice Department working on indictments. Unlike under the criminal Obama administration, these people aren’t talking until they get indictments.

        1. ADRoberts says:

          I hope.

        2. Elena Bowman says:

          That’s why he put the fire under Sessions. You can bet that if Sessions doesn’t do his job, he won’t be Attorney General much longer no matter what the treacherous DemoRats think.

        3. vetteguy08 says:

          William, I hope you’re right. It really raised my blood pressure thinking of how these criminals get away with lies and wealth while the average American suffers.

        4. Michael Dennewitz says:

          PRESIDENT TRUMP likes to “hide” things in his pockets, without letting everyone know his every move. Smart man, he is. Can’t wait to see his next move. He didn’t get filthy rich by being stupid!! ???

  4. laulau says:

    THe emails were passed on to Wikileaks by Seth Rich, Leave Russia out of it. Wikileaks would testify to that.

    1. Liberallez says:

      There’s a lot more to this than the emails.

    2. William Hofmeister says:

      and the Democrats had Seth Rich murdered over it. Now if they can only find the evidence that ties Hillary to the murder.

  5. moron says:

    “And Mueller’s team will”. Uh, Mueller’s team is the Deep State.

  6. GeneZ says:

    The liberals won’t stop this lie at any cost, because its the only thing they can use in the next election to gather the brain dead to their side. It will be a chant… not reality. Just what a liberal survives on.

    1. Holy Joe says:

      Sadly I am becoming convinced that the Liberals and RINO’s in the Senate and Congress are doing all that they can possibly do to turn the U.S. of America into the State of Communist Dis-Union that Venezuela has become. Sadly they are succeeding – Senators such as McCain are beyond contempuous & untrustworthy. He should have been impeached long before the 2016 Election.
      President Trump has more than enough to do fighting the Republican Government as well as the Democrats Shadow Rulers led by Obama – why otherwise is he still living in Washington Luxury, most likely financed by George Soros.

  7. haz says:

    Now can we move on to the next lie?

  8. splooshman says:

    BOOM!!!! The truth is revealed… Sorry Libs, better luck next time. Now let’s get on with the business of restoring American Ideals and Liberties!

  9. Liberallez says:

    Anything Mewler finds on the Democraps will be hidden while he makes up stuff about Trump.

  10. Dealerdeb1 says:

    It doesn’t matter what Mueller finds out about Hillary he won’t bring it to light and his accomplices will help him. They ONLY want ONE conclusion, if it isn’t there they will keep going but NEVER will they do one thing to Hillary NEVER

  11. jim jones says:

    It’s all bullshit!

  12. JJM123 says:

    Over a year of accusations and yet not 1 shred of evidence.
    Meetings? If you talk with a drug user or illegal alien should you be accused of being a pusher or human trafficker?
    So what real situations are they trying to distract us from??

  13. ADRoberts says:

    Does anyone believe that Mueller will reveal the conspiracy that the Democrats had with Russia? Given that the ONLY lawyers he hired to work with him were Democrat operatives, it is most assured that Mueller is favorable to the Democrats and will protect them.
    What can we expect from Mueller. A very very long and useless investigation with him making every effort to expand his inquiry into anything possible. It is a witch hunt. A drag net, trying to do what Democrats have so far been unable to do. Smear Trump with any scandal.
    This in spite of the HUNDREDS of scandals that the Democrats had and that were all covered over by the media.

    1. Elena Bowman says:

      Mueller may be under investigation for his own misgivings. He’d better stop this witch hunt before he is included in the investigation of the Clinton’s. After all, HE is the one who gave the Russians 20% of our Uranium under Clinton’s orders. He is just as guilty of treason as they are.

      1. ADRoberts says:

        Did not know that. At times I see so much evil out there that I simply wish I could just leave this earth.
        “Because iniquity shall abound……”

        1. Elena Bowman says:

          I know how you feel. But have courage and don’t give up the Faith. GOD is still in charge no matter what these misfits and malcontents believe!

  14. Monica says:

    President Trump is a long range player. He knows if you give people enough rope they will hang themselves without him having to do anything. This is what has happened with the Russian investigation. People are sick of taxpayer money paying for these games. I said all along that Russia would have wanted Hillary or better yet Bernie Sanders to be elected if they wanted to weaken the US. John McCain needs to “age out” of Congress along with many others. TERM LIMITS just like the president. You get 2 terms then you are out. This is the way the 4th branch of the government has been able to be formed.

    1. Michael Dennewitz says:

      Don’t worry, mccain’s tumor will take care of him! ????

  15. MikeyMike says:

    In light of the talk about “collusion” between 3 private citizens – political amateurs, mind you – I thought you might find the following article in Forbes Magazine, dated August 28, 2009, to be an interesting counterpoint (and none dare call it treason…):

    1. Bob Hunt says:

      That’s a very interesting article Mikey and not being a Ted Kennedy man I wouldn’t find it hard at all to believe!

  16. Kurt Hanssen says:

    It was Seth Rich that was the leaker, not Russia, Julian Asange has admitted to getting more than 75.000. E-Mail’s from Seth, Julian was the first that put out a 20.000.00 bounty on Seth’s killer, Strange, but very understandable that the Dumbo-crapping party just don’t give a S#!tt. Think they has narrowed it down to the 3. Packie brothers that was working for D.W.S, Podesta, and Killary.

    1. Frank Lee Annoid says:

      Rothschilds/Rockefeller=CFR/Trilateral Commission/Club of Rome/Bildenberg/Soros, etc. is who is behind all this crazy in order to get the NWO/OWG
      Can’t have a sovereign nation (any) get in the way of their lying,thieving ways
      Killery, and cohorts are working hand-in-hand w/ them, as is McMasters,McCain,Obama,DNC (list goes on…)
      They all are good actors.Time for a big gala, invite them all and pull an Odysseus
      They have infiltrated every sector-
      But some countries, including Russia, have given them the boot(Russia has a warrant out for Soros);several other countries have jailed them, indicted them, etc.
      Our Pres. is one guy against a huge cabal of snakes. They aren’t going to give up their power easily. See:
      that will give you an idea of how deep this goes…
      Prison is too light for them- they need to clean up nuclear waste, garbage in oceans, etc- when they get too weak from real work, let them recoop in gitmo, then back to work, chained w/GMO bread & H2O- so they get a glimpse of hard labor and ‘refined dining’…Confiscate all their wealth, pay off whatever legit debts we have, distribute the rest to the people they stole it from so people can start new businesses. Oh, and don’t forget to immunize them w/ their toxic vaccines…
      Every nation that desires sovereignty will back us in bringing justice to these manipulators.

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