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The New Face Of Al Qaeda Will Shock You

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  1. drbhelthi says:

    Did the same society of fairy-tale conjecturers write this article, as are generating the fraudulent rumors against pres. Trump and his administration? There is no genuine evidence that Osama bin Laden was associated with 9-11. Nor was he involved with alias Obama´s disaster-fraud in Pakistan. This link provides some clarification_ http //www veteranstoday com/2014/11/09/bin-laden-bull-save-us-from-blowhards/

    1. Azreal says:

      But it serves the narrative so well!

    2. Centurian says:

      There is also no evidence other than undocumented statements by several people selling their books that the US killed OBL. He was likely dead of his kidney failure secondary to Marfan’s long before the alleged hit. Pablum for the masses. It is like the press and Washington are writing the libretto for a very bad opera that will end up continuing the endless wars to the benefit of politicians and corporatists across the country. Remember Eisenhower’s parting words regarding the MIC. To unite support, they need to identify a common enemy and then turn your attention on the enemy. Funny that the expression that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” came from the Arabs in the first place. In fact that was the basis for cooperation in Afghanistan in the first place. We are corrupt and need to stop this foolishness. But we keep re-electing fools with personal power and money agendas.

  2. Debra Baxter says:

    most likely, drbhelthi…..

  3. Houmid says:

    Considering the U.S. built Osama bin Laden up with the Mujahadeen, and then abandoned him, it’s understandable that OBL had a lethal grudge against the American Government specifically, and Americans in general. So it also makes perfect sense that his son considers it an act of honor and justifiable revenge to continue his father’s jihad. It gives his life an immense sense of purpose. While I don’t go for holding a son or descendent to the 7th generation responsible for the sins or debts of his father, I do understand the need to eliminate entire families where unending revenge is the basis of their culture. The U.S government royally screwed up in this.

    1. drbhelthi says:

      My experience verifies the accuracy of articles, generally. The info about Osama bin Laden dying from Marfans, 13 Dec 2001, was verified variously. One element comes into question. I have found 16, 15 and 13 Dec 2001 as dates for his demise. The “16th” came from an agent associated with dialysis, a few years ago. The 15th was from info provided by CIA physicians shortly after the event. The info in 2016, allegedly from Edward Snowden, that O. bin Laden was alive and well in the Emirates, does not fit the picture. For sure, the hit on the CIA-owned compound in Pakistan was another snow-job by the fraud, BHObama. That he occupied the POTUS slot two terms, without a verifiable certificate of birth or evidence of US citizenship, can be attributed only to the chicanery of the NAZI agent, George H. W. Bush and his Saudi accomplices, via Carlyle Group associates.

  4. Raceing1 says:


  5. Vince says:

    The boy must die, there should be hit squads looking for him 24/7

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