Spurs Coach Inexplicably Bashes Trump Before Game One

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  1. HangmanJury says:

    That’s a shame. He lives in Texas, a very conservative state, this might come back to bite him in the ass. I’m a huge Spurs fan, ang the players don’t necessarily agree with him. All I can say is that the Spurs, Texas, and hopefully the Trump will remain long after Popovich is embarrased by his intolerance. I tell you, give a guy some praise and he thinks he owns the prez.

  2. Herculesx Blade says:

    Tell it to Golden State or I should say ask them,maybe they won’t talk to you cause your Gay and have a Black Boyfriend or because you’re talking hilly+ohboomba shit in President Trumps town ,Theres 100 Pro Team Owners and 1000 more waiting in the wings, nobody cares if you disappear tonight forever! But one last thing theres only one President of the United States think about that next time you walk outside or Start a Car or take a Dump sunshine,Or sign your Tax Return before your start running your big fat mouth, because you might wind up in Atlanta and not as a Team owner but with a big black dick in it or the Chum for sharks 100 miles out in the Atlantic! You can buy a Sports team but you can’t buy the Presidency ask you molester pals the clintons!Even if you can spend 60 million for a 2 hour rap talk to try and win an election?

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