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Sports Analyst Destroys Kaepernick’s ‘Slave Catching’ Analogy

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  1. anoesis says:

    I wouldn’t be scared to bet that analyst who was taking up for the bushy headed racist is white. I also guarantee he knows absolutely nothing about living in a high crime neighborhood or anywhere he would either have to WAIT forever for the cops to show up OR have to do it himself.

    1. ter334 says:

      What would you say if you found out Jason was a black guy? Which he is.

      1. CATSPATRICIA says:

        wrong. he was talking about Eric. who was defending Kaepernick.

  2. Michael Valgos says:

    If he is so concerned about slavery, then he needs to go to Africa because that slave trade is still happening everyday. He doesn’t care about what he thinks about slavery. He got mixed up with some girl, that is a big supporter of blm. So kaepernick falls for her, and does a 180 with his life. What a waste he is.

  3. Ron Everett says:

    I wonder who told Kappanikker to say that. Because I do not believe that he can form any coherent thought. He is a tool and that is all he is.

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