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Rosie O’Donnell Proposes Policy That Would Destroy The Democratic Party

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  1. Ron haymaker says:

    If this is true, it would be the first time Rosie did something worthwhile!

    1. deerflyguy says:

      I wonder how her supporters are taking this latest faux pas? They’re between a rock and a hard place, that’s for sure! Many evil people in the ranks of the “progressive, liberals” from the west coast, and the big cities, aren’t there? They are on a roller coaster ride to hell, and they can’t understand that!

  2. Gary Hull says:

    Personally, I believe Rosie sucks at anything worthwhile. Gary

  3. russellleetackett says:

    Rosie is an idiot

    1. Franie says:

      Rosie is a STUPID idiot!

  4. Bob Hunt says:

    Rosie is obviously from another planet!!

    1. Mark Plenn says:

      Rossie ate another planet. She’s one fowl mouthed slob.

  5. Whaledriver says:

    I recall that fat asss$ claiming she’d leave America if Trump was elected. Damn, girl: your flight’s been delayed over eight months? Or is it a problem that they can’t find an aircraft big enough to carry both you and your ego? Or that with you and your ego, it just can’t get off the ground? There are seats big enough to accommodate your girth?

    Or are you just another worthless liar, Rosie?

    1. deerflyguy says:

      Only the seats in 1st class might be big enough for that a$$! That worthless POS is probably so cheap she flies coach!

  6. ONTIME says:

    Rosie has the option of running her yap and taking the heat… this instance I hope there are now enough far left dingbats like her to actually create a all womans party and rip the DNCommunist Jackass Party asunder……You Go Gal…Keep runn’n them lips…..

    1. Barbaracvm says:

      Hey if it brings down the liberals..

  7. vinny says:

    Rosie you FAT PIG want don’t you worry about your daughter. Maybe she needed to run away. I know if you adopted me i would of ran away too.

  8. None of your Business says:

    I think it is a great idea!!

    1. Frances Carlson says:

      People would see right through it.

    2. deerflyguy says:

      VERY GOOD! Worthy of something Al Bundy might have come up with!

  9. LLJINTL says:

    Rosie is a Godless, lost soul, and has no clue that the 62 million children we’ve murdered in America, and SOLD THEIR BODY PARTS>>>DEMONIC DEMONIC DEMONIC is one of the reasons we are under harsh judgement by God. Rebellion is an unfortunate avenue created by freedom, when the free were never taught responsibility. Just keep on believing you are in charge Godless Americans, and see where that gets you. Or repent now and obey.

  10. tarnishedcopper says:

    I find nothing this lady does a surprise, not do I consider it relevant in any regard. She is nothing but a nasty mouthpiece in my opinion.

    1. David Macko says:

      I agree with you mostly but why are you changing the subject from Rosie O’Donnell to ladies?

  11. ALBERTJ says:

    Rosie would also destroy a woman’s right to think for themselves. Of course she does not care what happens to other woman, because she is full of hate.

  12. Kent Powers says:

    O.K. I don’t understand this idiot has been kicked off every program she has been on, hasn’t made a personal appearance in years, can’t, sing, dance or act, has been the subject of abuse in her own life to adopted children, is certainly not overly intelligent, yet somehow she is a media go to concerning politics by the liberal media? Could you please post her education, expertise, accomplishments, just give us something to justify wasting time caring what the hell this idiot wants or needs, otherwise quit wasting our time giving publicity to someone none of us give 2 bits about.

  13. SouthernPatriot says:

    Rosie is expressing the same opinion as the radicals in the Democrat Party, since she is one. They advocate not only their right to kill their own babies, but want us to pay for it. The Democrat Party is killing itself.

    1. deerflyguy says:

      One can only hope so!

  14. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    If it will rid this Nation of LIBERAL MORONS in office then let them do it. In FACT help them do it in any and all ways we can. Getting rid of the IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY in DC would be a great help in saving America from the IGNORANCE that is and will ever be the Obozo IGNORANCE that lasted 8 long destructive years. Destructive to Ameica and all good she had till he started RUINING her with his IGNORANCE and LIES.

    1. deerflyguy says:

      Look up Saul Alinsky, his mentor, and you will see that Obummer was following a master plan laid down many years ago! He’s another very evil person! The democrat party is full of them!

  15. davesnrakleberger says:

    I have never, ever accused the porker have having any intellectual abilities.

  16. LordComeQuikly says:

    Who cares what that Holyweird elite says or thinks, their all in their own commy world.

  17. Frances Carlson says:

    Why does anyone continue to post what Rosie has to spew? I think we can all unanimously agree that Rosie is off her rocker, so why continue to perpetuate our disdain for her. We get it. She’s nuts. Why not go into an insane asylum and let us hear what all the mentally ill have to say? Same difference. The Democratic Party as well as the Republican Party have proven how inept they are. Both parties continue to ignore the people of this great land by filling us with their own political agenda while all the while they grow richer. Whatever party to which you subscribe, I truly believe the American people can settle all these disputes by draining the swamp. What’s happening in the political arena is juvenile and tiresome. I want to send a message to Congress. Grow up, and stop all this asinine petty BS and do what you’re overpaid to do. Take your petty squabbles out to the barn and duke it out in private. We’re sick of listening to you. So at the risk of repeating myself, “When you’re up to your ass in alligators, DRAIN THE SWAMP.”

  18. Dandy Man says:

    Rosie is still upset that he was a little to quick on the trigger to get his Vasectomy. His was one of the early ones, which are not reversible. Poor guy. That’s why he is so grumpy all the time….

  19. jimbooo says:

    Nasty and an idiot. We should not be subjected to this type of person.

  20. James Barrett says:

    I think Rosies idea of splitting the dimm party if half is a really great plan.

  21. Franie says:

    NEVER, EVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER DEMOCRAT!!! The democrat party has become a very evil and vile party. Look at Rosie O’Donnell, the women on the VIEW, MSNBC, NYT, CNN, NPR, ABC, CBS, CAIR, NBC, ETAL. They have an agenda to destroy our freedoms and our way of life. The democrat party is the party of DEATH, DESTRUCTION, PERVERSION, UNGODLINESS, DECEIT, OBSTRUCTION, DELAY, NO and HE!! NO!!!!

    NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER DEMOCRAT!!! Just look at what they have done to our largest cities. It’s nothing but murder and mayhem that rule those streets!

  22. David Macko says:

    I hope that Rosie will devote her entire demented mind to this project. Go for it, b*tch!

  23. Sheepdog Smokey says:

    DO IT! It will guarantee decades of GOP wins, and we’ll only need to focus on voting RINOs out

  24. charles johnston says:

    Rosie is just a foul-mouthed has been trying to act like she’s relevant. Doubt that more than 1% of the population knows or cares what she thinks or does. If it wasn’t for making incredibly stupid remarks to get some lines in print, nobody would know or care she exists.

  25. Grab_a_root says:

    Have you ever noticed that the most strident fans of baby killing couldn’t get laid even if they offered to pay? Rosie and her lesbo friends should get in a circle and ugly one another to death.

  26. Pat Cross says:

    Rosie is a foul-mouthed, fat, ugly AND stupid diot

  27. Bruce Andrews says:

    Rosie (the pervert, communist) O’Donnell is a lying piece of shit. She made a vow to leave America if Donald Trump was elected president. Well why is this un-American communist trash still in this FREE Nation? All legal American citizens should chip in to buy her and all the others that made the same clam, a “ONE WAY TICKET TO RUSSIA OR CHINA”! Once the ticket is purchased several volunteers will be needed to put her and the rest of their FAT ASS on the plane. Then set back and wave by by to unneeded unwelcome trash.

  28. H Lee says:

    Just look at who the democrats are electing: al green, pelosi, schumer, maxine waters, warren, lee, feinstein, john lewis, e cummings, and it is a surprise that tax evader al brawley sharpton is not a senator. These are elected by the 47% most of whom will not even know who Pence is, pay no taxes, and live primarily off government entitlements, and SS is not an entitlement/welfare.

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