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Republicans Think This Presidential Candidate Spied On Them In 2016

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  1. Sharon says:

    I believe 99% of Washington is CORRUPT!!!

    1. JSStryker says:

      More like 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% (repeating of course!)

  2. SG says:

    All fabrications of the left! Even if they produce the audio recording it could still prove inconclusive. Why? A complete forensic analysis has to be done to ensure it is in fact contiguous, and not spliced together. Maybe 1st Amendment protections should be stripped from those news networks that habitually promote propaganda, and only reinstated when they start producing real, unbiased news. Those networks that continually promote propaganda should be branded as “News Entertainment” to delineate those networks that actually report accurate news people can use, instead of a talking head TELLING the audience what they THINK the audience needs to know.

    1. Esta Schwartz says:

      Great idea.

  3. Michael Smith says:

    It’s getting closer to target time. The msm and socialists don’t have a clue of the wrath that will be heaped upon them soon if thier narrative and blatant attempts to impeach the president comes to fruition.

    1. Esta Schwartz says:

      I hope his supporters will come together and show our disdain for how Trump has been treated by these greedy, self serving dems.
      I am losing my patience with all these lies and the amount of investigations over nothing.
      When will the others be investigations and brought to justice. WHEN!!

  4. jim mccollum says:

    Frankly, we are tired of hearing these stories about corruption on the Democratic side! We want action! If you believe what you have discovered then do as the Democrats do and insist on an investigation. Keep pushing until you get one! Otherwise, STFU!

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