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Pope’s Camp Slams American Conservative Christians

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  1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Well, like I’ve said before, most theologians believe that the Catholic Church is the apostate church talked about in Revelations. I’m not sure that’s right, or not, but Steve Bannon IS right, an apocalypse IS coming. I don’t know when, but, people like the Pope & his minions are hastening the hour it happens. There WILL be a WW3, & it will take place in the Middle East for the most part. Nothing in Revelations actually points to America, so theologians aren’t sure why. Some believe that America is Babylon the Great Whore, & will be destroyed, which is possible. Others believe we’ve turned back to God, & are under His protection. Whatever happens in the end times, I won’t be here to see it, & neither will any of those covered by the blood of Jesus! People need to repent, & call on Him to save them, so they miss that dreadful time.

    1. Ray_Downen says:

      I wonder where the book of Revelations referred to by Sharon could be found. Protestant Bibles include a book written by the apostle John and named “Revelation.” I’m inclined to imagine Sharon is referring to that book.

    2. astrojohn says:

      “… most theologians…” Here we go again. Who are these “most” unnamed people? Are you a reporter for the NYT, WashPo, Huffy???

    3. Phil Alcoceli says:

      The Book of Revelation is the most ABUSED and intentionally misinterpreted Book in the whole Bible and used to manipulate and scare people like cattle into an ideological corral. It’s a total disrespect to Saint John The Apostle and this Sacred Book. There’s so much false, scary mythology around it fabricated by denominations with not much to offer that I wonder why Disney World does not have sections called: “The Scary World of the Book Of Revelation” and maybe also: “Harry Potter And The Get-Out-Easy Rapture of Doom”.

      1. Mathew Molk says:

        That is the most logical thing you have said so far.

        Bless ya Phil

        1. Phil Alcoceli says:

          Thank you. God bless you as well.

  2. C. LeSaint says:

    The Pope needs to be filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues! Catholics are going to Hell!

    1. astrojohn says:

      Plenty of room for you, too…

    2. Init4thecache says:

      Fortunately, many Roman Catholics are such, in name only, because they are comfortable with that form of worship; their core faith is in Christ’s gospel of the Bible.

  3. Elisha says:

    Today’s Roman Catholic church is just a rehash and a reworking/rewording of the ancient Babylonian religion.

    1. astrojohn says:

      Oh, c’mon now, you know better than that.

    2. charlie says:

      and more

  4. Dick says:

    If the Catholic Church in America is a sinking boat, it is only because the present “pope” has drilled too many holes in the boat’s floor. American Catholics will not support a Communist Pontiff.

    1. astrojohn says:

      When I hear this from our pastor, I will be the first one out the door. But I did hear a definitely anti-Francis priest at a Crystal Lake church…sure wish he was at ours…

      1. Big Iron says:

        Most ministers of today, especially of churches which are 501C3 corporations have sold their souls to Mammon. Have you noticed that most if not all Presidents take a “knee” to the Pope as one of their first duties in office? It is because in 1933 the “traitor” FDR “consecrated” the “United States” to the Vatican as one of his first acts (audio recording and pictures of this event are available). His demand for passage of the “Emergency Banking and Relief Act of 1933” with its inclusion of a modification of the “Trading With the Enemy Act of 1917” essentially made the people into “belligerent enemy rebels within an occupied Federal zone” and that is still true today as it has been every day since those acts were passed in 1933.

        The Congress has acted in treason to the people and the Constitution by renewing those powers whenever it was required to keep the Act in effect. That is why Presidents can rule by “executive order”; Congress cannot oversee a Presidential act, EO, for one-year so they sit there collecting their money (pay checks, graft, etc.) trying to make their constituents think they are doing something for them in order to keep their seats in Congress and NOT be treated as they actually should treated.
        The MATRIX was not just a movie it was a depiction of what actually exists today and has for a long, long time.

        1. Observator14 says:

          You are either Dumber than a dirty diaper, or are a diabolic dispenser of disbelief. Get thee Hence, Satan !!

      2. Up Huff says:

        So, go there!
        Transfer your “membership” to the one you prefer. If they give you trouble, no problem. Stop your tithe/pledge/offerings and they’ll throw you out.
        It’s easy!

    2. Barbara Paolucci says:

      I think Catholics in America are still Catholics. What we aren’t doing is supporting the Church as we once did. Having this communist Pope put the Church in further decline. Ever since Vatican II Catholics have chosen to follow their faith as it was prior to Vatican II and now with this Pope, they are ignoring the Church altogether. I’m one of them. I firmly believe in my religion, I do not trust my Church to follow my religion.

      1. Dave says:

        No fear, God will take care of the matter!

        1. Big Iron says:

          God gave us the ability to take care of it …HE’s done his part.

      2. Barbaracvm says:

        I believe it is time for the K of C to stop giving this pope the huge donation for him to use for his favorite charities. They should put the money into the local charities that support life, help those in need with food, clothes, etc.

        1. Barbara Paolucci says:

          That’s not a bad idea. Wish the Knights Templar were with us today. I doubt the K of C will stop giving the Pope money, but it would likely make this jerk wake up.

      3. debrabaxter says:


        1. Observator14 says:

          What has the pope said? You bark like a dog.

        2. DSR says:

          Look at one of there sources — “the HuffPost”. nothing but liberal’s which no real conservatives believes in.

        3. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

          He isn’t the pope. He is an anti-pope. Furthermore, he isn’t even a validly ordained priest, and he sure as heck isn’t a bishop! He is a layman. He was ordained in the 1970s after Montini had modified the rite of “ordination” of a bishop so that it is patently invalid. An “invalid” bishop, cannot validly ordain a priest. And yes, he IS a communist. He was one of the foremost supporters of Liberation Theology, which is an attempt to synthesize Marxism and Catholicism. Oh. By the way, there have been 44 anti-popes in the history of the Church…including the last 6.

      4. Observator14 says:

        Barb, you are ignorant calling the pope Communist. That is Insane. Do you know what Communism is? Good Grief.

        1. Barbara Paolucci says:

          He is a communist. He’s spent most of his life in Argentina – not a capitalist nation to be sure. And he spews communist rhetoric. If it walks like a duck………….

          1. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

            Yes. He IS a communist. As I said, he was one of the foremost proponents of Liberation Theology in Argentina. He is NOT the pope. He cannot be the pope. In order to be the pope, the leader of all Catholics, he must BE a Catholic. By his heresies, he has excommunicated HIMSELF. By that very fact, he is no longer a Catholic, and since he isn’t a Catholic, he can’t be the pope. It is simple when you break it down to its constituent parts.

          2. Ethel Weiss says:

            Take a chill pill – like him or not the Pope is the bishop of Rome and no one has challenged his election unlike Trump. There have been murderers and adulterers who have been in that seat before and the Church will survive – the Huff Post not llkely

          3. Observator14 says:

            corvinus — Sit down, crow, take a few breaths, drink some chamomile, and go to bed for a longer while. Then next morning, do some Reading so your presumptuous ignorance will not be so evident.

          4. Observator14 says:

            corvinua ___ It is ‘simple if you are simple-minded.

          5. Observator14 says:

            Barbara Paolucci –Shame on you for Ignorant, Babs. Argentina is not Communist. It IS capitalist. Geez, get INformed before you bark like a doggie. Are you a duck?

          6. Observator14 says:

            Barbara; —Argentina is Not nor has even been Communist ! That is sheer ignorance. You might be thinking of Socialist places like Chile under Allende (who had Communists in his government), Venezuela, and Bolivia, but Not Argentina!

    3. Observator14 says:

      “Communist”??? You are hysterical and illiterate. You do not know what Communism ( Marxism Leninism) nor what the Catholic Church teaches.

      1. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

        And do you know what “Liberation Theology” is? Obviously not. It is an attempt to synthesize Marxism and Catholicism. Yes. He IS a communist….or if you balk at the exact definition of communist, he is a Marxist….and a liar.

        1. Gary Rose says:

          he is a satanists…

          1. Observator14 says:

            Your responsible and trustworthy Source? I hope it isn’t Jack Daniels.(good as that is).

        2. Observator14 says:

          He is Not a liberation theologian, nor were all of them necessarily Marxist. Do some Reading, pause, and pray for humility and enlightenment as well as Faith.

      2. Big Iron says:

        If you understand that he actually is evil
        incarnate as are ALL Popes. Vatican Catholicism is based upon the pagan, luciferin religion of Rome and was created by Emperor Constantine of Rome who changed his name to Pope Constantine Pope bing the head of the Roman pagan religion. Socialists, communists, etc. are all his “flock” because they
        can be more easily induced to do what he actually wants them to do in
        order to get “stuff” (your stuff or your neighbors stuff, etc).

        1. Observator14 says:

          Big Iron: They must call you that for all the iron in place of brain. You are ranting like a man who has drunk much more than he should have, and of Satan’s liquors.
          So many Errors as you have are Monumentally Ignorant or…. Evil.

        2. Barbara Paolucci says:

          Well I guess that’s why Hitler rounded up priests, tortured them and killed them when they wouldn’t go along with becoming Nazis and bringing the Church with them.

  5. arthur M. alex says:




    FIRE HIS ASS!!!!

    1. pappy450 says:

      AGREED! Great POST. Time to ditch the COMMUNIST.

    2. Barbara Paolucci says:

      How do you fire a Pope?

      1. Doxie says:

        Well, John Paul I didn’t last long…12 days??? I think. Anyway, with his death, John Paul II was chosen pope.

        1. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

          33 days, to be exact. Hmmm…..know any other organization which reveres the number 33? I can think of at least one.

          1. Doxie says:


      2. JSStryker says:

        With a cannon? 🙂

  6. davesnrakleberger says:

    just supports my contention the pope is a fraud and hardly a Christian.

    1. ernldo says:

      Yup, a gay socialist shill…..Catholics should all walk away from the church until these rump swabs get the message….

      1. Barbara Paolucci says:

        If the prophecy comes true, this Pope will be the last. Who knows?

        1. Mathew Molk says:

          This asshole isn’t a Pope at all. If there was a last Pope this commie bastard aint it, but he is the first POP. Look at the way he pops off about how bad the defenders of the free world are.

          1. COMPU-TRON says:

            I suppose you’d prefer the Nazi pope?

          2. ernldo says:

            I prefer NEITHER.

          3. COMPU-TRON says:

            What would you prefer, then?

          4. Immortalmortal says:

            I’d prefer a Pope who actually knows what the Faith teaches.

          5. COMPU-TRON says:

            Do you really think you know more about the Catholic faith than the Pope?

          6. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

            In this case, yes. And you? How about you:? Do YOU know anything at all about the Catholic Faith? I doubt it.

          7. COMPU-TRON says:

            It was Pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels. – St. Augustine

            How dare you.

          8. Barbara Paolucci says:

            The last Pope is the Pope that gets taken down. We’ll see. Won’t we.

          9. Barbara Paolucci says:

            And who was the Nazi Pope?

          10. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

            There isn’t one. There never has been one. He is talking about Pope Pius XII. And that idiot story has been proven to be totally false.

          11. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

            Ha ha! Well said, Mathew, although you could have been a bit more “nice” about it. 🙂

    2. Jim says:

      Amen ! One man’s opinion, but I believe he’s the coming “false prophet” the Bible speaks of.

      1. Dave says:

        Could be.

      2. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

        I agree. He is the “false prophet”.

      3. Big Iron says:

        He’s been coming for a long, long, …lonng time. Since Pope Constantine created Catholicism by melding early Christianity with the pagan/Luciferin State religion of Rome the head of which was named Pope.

        Everyone wants God to fix it for them. God gave us brains; HE/SHE may just think he’s done enough and the rest is up to US.

        1. Observator14 says:

          You are just as crazy as Corvinus or worse. Are you really insane, ignorant, or Evil? So many lies and errors from you cause me to fear for your salvation, since you seem to be a tool of the father of lies. I shall pray for your salvationl

      4. Observator14 says:

        Jim — There will be several False Prophets, as there have been already. They come within the followers of Jesus, from the Jews, and from others. Look Out. Don’t be a Simpleton.

    3. Barbara Paolucci says:

      You have to wonder how this man was voted Pope. No one ever heard of him prior to Benedict stepping down. He’s never left Argentina to go to the Vatican for anything. Then he gets all of the votes of the Cardinals and is made Pope. ANYONE BESIDES ME SMELLING ROTTEN FISH?

      1. Doxie says:

        Benedict’s resignation has always been fishy…I thought that from the get-go. This man’s ”election” was planned and was not inspired by the Holy Spirit.

        1. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

          The Holy Ghost had nothing to do with it.

          1. Doxie says:

            That’s what I was saying. It was all pre-plannned.

      2. Mathew Molk says:

        I do, First a resignation out oif the clear blue and then this SOB comes up out of nowhere. – Maybe more work by Sore-Ass?

        1. Barbara Paolucci says:

          Who knows! Soros has billions to spread all over the world and is determined to turn the world into the New World Order where every human being allowed to live works for the state.

      3. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

        I sure do.

    4. Doxie says:

      It has always seemed rather strange that Pope Benedict resigned then this ultra socialist, pro NWO guy is ”elected” to the papacy. I think a lot of folks might be tired of hearing politics preached from the Catholic pulpit…could be one reason attendance is in the decline.

      1. Big Iron says:

        The Vatican IS the “seat” New World Order the head of the One World Government (in their point of view). They receive tribute from everyone (most do not really know where their wealth is actually going).

        JFK told the Pope ‘he would NOT be his puppet’; that was also a reason for his termination.

        I believe that JFK’s intent was to restore America and the Republic intended by our Founders. He planed to do that before the end of his term; medically, he might not last a 2nd term. His enemies and the enemies of America knew that. I believe that Joe, Jr, John and Bobby all had that intent and that was the reason behind their deaths. Bobby would have been the next President and that was the reason he had to go.

        1. Observator14 says:

          Big Ironhead —- The New World Order is the message of Jesus Christ who sent his apostles to All Nations to establish God’s law not the world’s or Satan’s.
          JFK said he would act in conscience and not be expecting orders from the pope to assure some Protestants who feared he would be an agent of the Vatican, which no politician is anyway.
          As for the deaths in the 60s, look at the Deep State in the US, if you want the Truth.

    5. bendecido says:

      I agree with you there. I do not believe he reads the Bible that much. Where do you think he is getting all those ideas from? It is sad that many catholics do not read or know the Bible. Only them that belong to the Charismatic Movement in the church know the Bible, the rest not.

      1. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

        Not true. We have 6 bibles in our home, and read them regularly. 5 of which are Catholic bibles. Our best one is the ORIGINAL Douay-Rheims, from which the King James copied much of what is in that piece of crap.

        1. bendecido says:

          There is no such thing as a catholic Bible or a protestant one. Nowhere in the Bible does it says that His word belongs to any denomination. It is simply the Word of God. I do agree there are different versions of the Bible, but they all agree on the message, perhaps said a little different to adjust to today’s language and understanding of it.

      2. Big Iron says:

        Why would he read the Bible? He’s not a Christian. The Vatican is Luciferin.

  7. ernldo says:

    Ah, PUCK you, Fope!

    1. Phil Alcoceli says:

      “For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” (Matthew 12: 37) Having fun like a drunk-in-hate cheap liberal? Yo shall receive their same reward.

      1. ernldo says:

        I see, so you cast the first stone?….

        1. Phil Alcoceli says:

          No, I’m digging out of the verbal avalanche shower of stones you threw FIRST and letting you know about it.

          1. ernldo says:

            I’ll explain, mr perfect…I do NOT believe in this pope. You can, you have that right and you also have the right to be a “useful idiot” of the church. Catholics are leaving in droves. You can save your hot air as well, I knew what I said. Seeing I usually block morons and trolls, you over qualify. Have a nice life….blocked!

          2. Phil Alcoceli says:

            What are you? Really? Are you a hate-wart cowardly hiding behind a false facade of Christianity? So, according to you, I have to be perfect to believe in the Bible and believe in Jesus’ words in Matthew 12: 37 and everywhere else. That’s pathetic and un-Biblical.

            You obvioulsy worship your hate, you worship your F-word but you do NOT worship Jesus and His truth. You’re definitely a COWARD and like all bullies when confronted, you run and BLOCK the Truth (and call it hot air) when it doesn’t fit your lowliness.

            You need to thank God for the Catholic Church because without your Catholic-bashing hatred you would be a nobody, a complete nothing. Repent and believe in the True God and the True Church, whose sins and defects Jesus, God Himself, does NOT use as an excuse to bash it or destroy it. He purifies it and exalts it as His Heavenly Bride.

        2. Phil Alcoceli says:

          When Jesus was accused and insulted by the hypocrites and Pharisees of being possesed by the power of Satan and He answered them with the Truth, was he casting stones? Really? If that’s the case then Jesus was the greatest stone throwing catapult EVER. Are we casting stones when we speak the Biblical Truth to someone who is in error or behaving in a totally un-Christian way, evil or hypocritical way? I don’t think so and neither does my Master Jesus Christ. The “don’t cast the first stone on me” is a cheap cop-out of lowly people who want to get away with sin. Evil does not justify evil.

  8. Ben McDonald says:

    The most important thing to understand as An Evangelical Christian I am asked to pray for the truth to come forth and be revealed to the church and its people. I pray that God would reveal himself to all Who diligently seek him. For those who are wolves in sheep clothing. That would deny a personal relationship with Jesus the Lord rebuke you. May God have mercy upon your soul.

    1. charlie says:

      there is only one way to do that in scripture “come out of her My people”
      that means all of the “church system”. There is no building called a “church”in the church of Jesus Christ, His church is people, disciples of Christ, nothing more

      1. myfordtruck says:

        You are right there the buildings are just places where the people that is the real Church the Bible states where ever two or more people gather and talk about the lord they are having church

    2. Barbara Paolucci says:

      It’s coming. You will see the truth. We are living in the end times and Christ will be back. We just can’t know exactly when..

  9. Phil Alcoceli says:

    To the Protestant Hit Job Activists here and everywhere: no institution has ever been more consistently CONSERVATIVE for 2,000 years than the Catholic Church. NONE. Why do you think Liberals prefer to attack it, infiltrate it and sabotage it than to any of the 25,000 DIFFERENT Protestant denominations (confirmed by the reputable Barna Group).

    Why waste huge resources of time and energy on destroying the Catholic Church if it is, as alleged, false, un-Christian and obsolete? Satan is the Ultimate Minimalist of Ultimate Sloth and he doesn’t waste energy on what’s useless or not a MAJOR threat to his demonic kingdom. Of course, the infiltration and sabotage of the Most Conservative Institution on Earth continues and, finally, they have managed to install a Liberal Pope in the Vatican.

    All here agree he is a toxic Liberal, don’t you? So do I. And who does Pope Francis love, admire and follow more than anyone else and even had a life size statue of him installed recently in the Vatican? MARTIN LUTHER. No Pope ever did that until now. Who came first, the chicken or the egg? The Protestant or the believe-whatever-you-feel-like Liberal? You know the answer!!

    1. charlie says:

      they are a great humanistic cult but in no way followers of Christ

      1. Phil Alcoceli says:

        REALLY? Says who? You? IF that was the True the Catholic Church would have dissapeared long ago and not lasted for 2,000 years, much longer than any other institution on Earth. By the reputable Barna Group, Protestant Denomination Groups last an average of 100 years. There’s 25,000 of them and counting. Now, THOSE ARE humanistic cults as Protestantism is a huge supermarket of believe-whatever-you-feel-like groups. IF you were a REAL follower of Christ you could see this but you are only a Denomination Follower (even more hypocrytical when you call yourselves “non-denominational”).

        It has been the realization that you are HUMANISTIC CULTS that has attracted ex-Protestants like me and many friends, and also many solid Protestant Pastors like Scott Hahn, Jason Stewart, Norman McCrummen, Ulf Ekman (the most influential Pastor- like a Billy Graham- in Sweeden), and 50 other Pastors (check the Coming Home Network) and several Protestant seminaries that converted and expressed that it was their Biblical expertise that brought them to the Catholic Church. Evangelical conversions to Catholicism are growing. The Truth (Jesus) is collapsing the Protestant humanistic cults, slowly but surely..

        1. charlie says:

          the church sytem has catholic and protestant sections and ALL ARE NOT OF GOD. The church of JESUS CHRIST HAS ONLY DISCIPLES of Christ no catholic no protestant no men in charge, Just the only pastor of God, the Lord of this age, Jesus Christ the Son of God

          1. Phil Alcoceli says:

            We Catholics hold Jesus Christ and no else as the Son of God and our Supreme Pastor, like Saint Francis of Assisi called Him: “My God and my All”, for 2,000 years and counting. We all have a God given gift of free choice and, therefore, error, sin and corruption can be chosen by any Catholics, Protestants, non-denominationals, emergent church members, Buddhists, New Agers, atheists, etc. We are all sinners and we lie when we say we have no sin and need no Savior. Free choice is a very powerful weapon. Handle very carefully.

        2. Mathew Molk says:

          Yo Phil, Kind a forgot about the our Jewish pals didn’t you?. They were around quite a few centuries before us, you know. And I’m pretty sure the Indians belief in the earth and great spirit is from way back too.

          I have to say being a part time professional musician all my life when they started shaking hands and playing Fender Telecasters in Church I never went back short of a Funeral. Playing Rock-N-Roll and shaking hands with fans is what you you do in the Bar on Saturday night, not in Church Sunday morning.

          The Catholic church I knew has been gone for decades. They drove away far more people then they ever attracted with that progressive crap but even this commie POP cannot shake my faith in God, though.

          1. Phil Alcoceli says:

            The Catholic Church has its ancestry DIRECTLY from Judaism. Their thousands of years belong to us as well. Jesus explicitly declared his Church to be the New Israel and even many Protestant denominations accept that fact. That’s why Catholics and many Protestants appreciate and help and defend modern Israel. Your: “…Indian beliefs in the earth and great spirit…” is ludicrous. Indians beliefs were never an institution and each tribe believed in whatever they felt like, just like Protestantism.

            As far as rock-and-roll in Catholic Churches, those abuses are mostly long gone while most Protestant dennominations are so loud all you can hear is the loud music. I know that because I visit friends there and Pastors I know tell me the same thing. By the way, we worship Jesus Christ not Popes, not even the very best of them. We are all sinners and Pope Francis is an unrepentant one.

    2. Mathew Molk says:

      I remember Father telling us about the Lutheran Church being founded by a bad priest and a runaway nun. Now this POP is glorifying that bad priest….(Just for the record I personally have nothing against you Lutherans, or any other religion for that matter,,,other then the filthy moslems(sic)

    3. bendecido says:

      Phil, most of those 25,000 different protestant denominations proclaim and practice the Word of God, unlike most Catholic churches that exist. Just because there are 25,000 different denomination does not make them ineffectual. When I used to attend the Catholic Church, I never heard an altar call for receiving Christ as their Lord and Savior. All is mostly rites, and rites saves no-one. I must admit, there are some protestant churches that leave much to be desired, but they do not make the rest obsolete. However, you and all protestants must pray for the clergy of your church that them preach Jesus Christ and not a lukewarm sermon.

      1. Phil Alcoceli says:

        That’s a very false generalization to say that: “…most of those 25,000….proclaim and practice the Word of God, unlike most Catholic churches…” Any reputable group of historians or The Barna Group can easily trace the ancestry of those denominations to Martin Luther and then it became a free-for-all where churches splintered from other churches at the slightest disagreement or because some Pastor wanted the false glory of being a denomination founder. Splinters from from splinters from splinters from splinters, etc. Heretics of heretics, what glory, ah?

        Why all of these ridiculous commercially-based supermarket and circus of denominations when Jesus said: “… that all be one” and “Over this Rock (Petrus- singular) I will build my Church”. He never said: “over this huge pile of 25,000 rocks will I build my Church”. You can claim Jesus turned those 25,000 rocks into super-healthy bacon cheeseburgers and that’s where the denominations came from. For the most part, the “Word Of God” is only a commercial facade to fleece the flock.

        I still have Protestants and Pastors as friends and they provide me with sources of the inside story. Pastor Ray Comfort is one of many that says all those theathrical altar calls frequently amount to nothing as many people leave soon after. As for rites, have you ever read the Book of Revelation, a NEW Testament book? Even the Letters to the Seven Churches have a ritualistic tone and the rest of the Book shows there’s Ritual Liturgy in Heaven (chapters 4 and 5 specifically and the whole Book in general). If you don’t like Liturgy where are you going to go? Hell? Yes, I do receive what you say in Love and see a huge need for prayer for all leaders. At the same time, like Jesus, the Truth has to be said openly or, like He liked it so much, bluntly. We humans tend to not listen otherwise.

      2. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

        All you protestants are your own personal pope. YOU decide what is “The Word of God”, and if your interpretation differs or even contradicts some other protestant’s interpreation, then YOU are right and everyone else is wrong. How stupid, and liberal, can you get? Protestantism, by its very NATURE is liberalism. You might at least try to be consistent. But as long as you have no real “authority” you will continue to divide and divide until there will be as many “protestant” religions as there are protestants in the world.

        1. bendecido says:

          You are confused. You are passing judgement that ONLY belongs to God. I recommend that you read all of the 6 Bibles you claim you own. We real Christians do not make our own interpretation of the Bible, but the Holy Spirit is the one who gives us the interpretation. I have visited different protestant denominations and they do not disagree on anything. You claim to be catholic, how do you come across with this bs that the Protestants disagree on the Word of God. Another thing, as I said at the beginning of this poset, you defend the catholic church and then you claim that the pope is a communist. Make up your mind, you are either a catholic or a protestant, because you are protesting the pope that you currently have. Isn’t that liberalism on your part? How stupid can you get?? I am consistent on what I say, are you? Our authority is Jesus Christ, not a man as you all do. We do not kiss the ring on any man’s hand like you all do. By the way, do not bother to answer my post, I have blocked ypu, as you make no sense at all.

      3. corvinus ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says:

        Here is something you protestants should read: “A Discovery of the Manifold Corruptions of the Holy Scriptures” by Fr. Gregory Martin published in 1582. Here is the link:

  10. michael a says:

    That pope is a child molester. Screw that idiot pope.

    1. Phil Alcoceli says:

      You certainly don’t talk like a Christian and you don’t have any evidence at all of what you are saying, so what are you? A child molester angry at imaginary competition?

  11. Joe Sam says:

    this pope has loose screws, his brain is flopping around. as a christian and raised catholic he is in conflick with the church teachings . he should get out .OLD VET .

    1. Phil Alcoceli says:

      I very much agree. Cardinal Burke or Cardinal Sarah would be much better Popes. Time to pray and pray hard!!

      1. Mathew Molk says:

        Rodney Dangerfield would be a better Pope this this clown.

        1. Phil Alcoceli says:

          No, he wouldn’t, not even by your attempt at drastic contrast. A Pope is not a Protestant Pastor with some quick Internet license or a few quick studies. That’s why Francis is no Pope, especially for hisgreat love of Martin Luther.

  12. Larry Pearson says:

    Study his background in South America and you will find your answers to his beliefs. Look up Vatican Watch.

    1. astrojohn says:

      …being a Jesuit is enough…

      1. Phil Alcoceli says:

        astrojohn, not really. This is the first Jesuit Pope in 2,000 years of Church history. Saint Francis of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits was a true saint but, like some recipients of the Medal of Honor that have turned against American Values, that’s no guarantee of eternal fidelity. The free choice God Gave us is a mighty weapon. Handle very carefully.

      2. Mathew Molk says:

        Being a Jesuit is TOO much. I know 2 and they can get me totally confused by saying “Good Afternoon” The only thing that they ever got thew my thick skull is that God;s reasons for they way things are will become crystal clear to me when I die,,,,I can wait. .

    2. Phil Alcoceli says:

      Also read the book: “The Political Pope” by George Neumayr. It’s the most well researched and unbiased review on this bad Liberal Pope and how he got there. We’ve had 8 bad Popes in the past of Church history and the Church still marches on because it’s founder Jesus Christ supports it but prayer is absolutely ESSENTIAL. Time to pray and pray hard!

  13. Willie Reeves says:

    LOL, the pope is correct in calling you fools out and having the world really see you so called Christians. Now the pope is communist what a joke. You so called shell of humans are all about yourselves and want it your way regardless the cost. You call yourselves Christians on Sunday’s or whichever day you worship and as long as you hold the good book in your hands you feel I am doing God’s work and than on Monday thru Saturday you are against the world because what you said on Sunday these other days has not met your selfish needs. As long as the pope feel the way you do he is perfect but once he does not he is a communist, that is how far your Christian beliefs will ever go, it your way or no way. You are not Christians just only by what you call yourself each Sunday.

    1. Phil Alcoceli says:

      Willie Reeves, you look adult in your picture but your view of the world, reality and Christianity is absolutely childish. That’s why I call Liberalism the Adult-Child Derangement Syndrome (among other things). Really? To you people and institutions have to be absolutely perfect or else?

      I know Liberals think themselves a perfect, royal superiority elite, all while destroying everything in their path and not taking ANY responsibility for what they destroy. We don’t worship any Pope but Jesus Christ, the True God. The Bible? Obviously you haven’t REALLY read it. It is totally full of VERY imperfect, faulty, sinful people whose lives were totally trasformed and elevated by God’s Almighty Grace. God can’t help those who by choice are “Perfect” Rotting Zombies. He respects free choice.

    2. Mathew Molk says:

      Ahhhhhhh, Willie.
      You sure your cat calling is not just a shade unchristian in itself?

  14. Carolyn Thibodaux says:

    I am not Catholic; I am a Baptist Christian. I don’t understand the animosity Pope Francis has for the American Conservative Christian. We follow the Holy Bible; apparently, the Pope does not or twists it to satisfy him. God did not make Catholic universal; the Pope did that. The rituals followed by the Catholic Church are from the Pope, not the Bible. Like Muslims, the Catholics they are the only ones with a true church. God loves us all; he made us all, no matter our race. We need to follow the Holy Bible, not the Pope.

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      Bless ya but you are all wet on a lot of things not the lest of which the word “catholic”: means “universal:. and it was Jesus himself that started the church at the last supper. p All other “churches” founded after that are all 100% man made.

      Sorry to break your bubble there.

  15. fabprater says:

    My Bible says in the Book of John Chapter 14 and Verse 6, Jesus said, “I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE, NO MAN COMETH TO THE FATHER BUT BY ME!”

    This is the problem with following man made religions. The Bible is the Word of God, follow it and you won’t have any problems obeying him. Man is fallible. The Current Pope the Catholic Church is trying to follow is a Communist and does not believe in or follow God’s Word. Read your Bible and Trust in Jesus, if you profess to be a Christian. If you don’t, you aren’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. charlie says:

    who cares what that evil son of satan has to say. he is not a Christian and has no understanding of the real meanings of scripture. He follows men and their doctrines not the living God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ who is Lord of this age. No man stands between God and man other that Jesus Christ

  17. george briar says:

    nothing worse than a lonely old queen that just lays around dreaming of the days when he could have his pick of alter boys.

  18. george briar says:

    it’s been reported that bath house Barry wants to be the next pope, said he would even give up his prayer rug and the rest of the stupid Muslim nonsense. And Moochie said this is the first time in her life she’s proud of Barry. In other news their daughters were picked up for turning tricks. and to date nobody has seen Bo the family mutt that ran away a few years ago after Barry was reported doing weird stuff to the mutt.

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      Maybe this POP guy IS berry in disguise.

  19. the current pope is at the very lrast a geore soros and 1%elitest fool or totally mentally ill. he is not a man of god that is for sure but a globalist which makes him anti-christian.

  20. Mad Scientist says:

    Your Holiness, please stick with saving souls, and stay out of politics.

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      Not your Holiness, You now address him as “Comrade”

  21. Monica says:

    So the Pope lives in the most heavily guarded Vatican City and he has the audacity to say open borders for the US. Let them all in Vatican City if you so worried about it. It is so easy to just sit behind closed doors and think up ideology that belongs in a classroom and rarely works in real life. Another person who lives in a bubble. More man made laws that have nothing to do with the Word of God so there can be control of the masses. I was basically born a Catholic and went to Catholic School and was indoctrinated early. I left because too many man made interpretations that have nothing to do with the 10 Commandments.

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      That’s 2 of they lost there. They didn’t make either of us loose our faith though.

      God bless you Monie

  22. Michael Lloyd says:

    This pope is a Marxist dope. He is speaking for himself and not the Church. He has a pulpit for his commie nonsense and is taking every opportunity to push his social ideas. His words on these matters carrie no weight.

  23. Maria castro says:

    Don’t trust this pope, he has committed heresy.
    Dont forget the latest Vatican scandal, he is a very progressive Pope

  24. mcqueens2002 says:

    The way to get to this Pope is to hit him where it hurts the worst. If you give money give it to your church for the church you are supporting. Any thing going to the dioceses and to Rome cut it off and don’t contribute to them. I am Catholic and I support my church but when the plate comes out to help the dioceses or Rome, I do not give. I have seen where the second collation has gone way down. People are not contributing to the Pope any longer.

  25. Hotnike says:

    Pope Francis is the anti-Christ. He is a marxist and a hypocrite. He should be dealing with the clergy pedophiles all the way up to the Vatican and keep his nose our of our society.

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      Frankly, Hotnike, I don’t give a damn what the POP does as long as like you say, he keeps his NWO Marxist nose out of our country.

  26. mrhuehls says:

    Pope Francis spent his whole life unto being elected Bishop of Rome, rubbing shoulders with the pervasive poverty of Argentina. He was at one time a chemistry teacher in a Catholic high school there along with being a parrish priest, becoming a bishop, then cardinal. As for experience with economics, Argentina suffers the political corruption that all the rest of the continent does where the rule of law tends to be marginal. Pope Francis has basically no experience with the USA except for the Obama outlaw regime.

  27. JRobb says:

    Praying to dead people is prohibited by the Bible. Catholicism is Idolatry. None of the Popes have stood in the place of Jesus Christ. The Holy Father is in Heaven not in Rome. Jesuits, Pope’s Army, killed and tortured millions of People that would not bow to the Pope and Pray to Mary, until the Papal States Army, free people in northern Italy and southern Europe, defeated the Pope’s Army in 1870 and confined them to the 100 Acre Vatican Compound where they are, today. Since, the Civil War Popes have worked to fill America with Catholics with the intent of over throwing America and ruling the World as they ruled Europe until 1870.

    Check out ebook download “America Come Back”.

    1. Mathew Molk says:

      So you say praying to a Saint is prohibited? Boy did the nuns ever screw up when I went to catechism class.

  28. practicedcynic says:

    The Church,as many other institutions in the west are INFECTED by Loony Leftie THINK, and as with many other instances , it could be TERMINAL.

  29. Mathew Molk says:

    Fuck that POP.

    When Pope Pius was alive the church was totally in opposition to anything that even slightly smelled of communism. – Now the remains of the church has a NWO Marxist in command.

    Hey Benny, TEAR DOWN YOUR WALL, then come talk to us.That.s his name isn’t it? Benny the Dick?

    1. COMPU-TRON says:

      Absolutely, the pope is a Marxist, please go on.

    2. Phil Alcoceli says:

      “For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.” (Matthew 12: 37) Having fun like a drunk-in-hate cheap liberal? Yo shall receive their same reward.

  30. Richard Hennessy says:

    Perhaps if the Pope and his advisers spent less time on social doctrine they would have more time for religious doctrine.

  31. Dave says:

    The Pope needs to take care of is own house, because hell is already in it!

  32. myfordtruck says:

    The Catholic people need to disavow this pope he is leading them down a dark road

  33. jaaaaay says:

    This pope always seems confused. He appears to believe he is a politician (not a great thing to be anyway) instead of the leader of the Catholic Church. Not to mention; Conservative Catholics are considered Christians, are they not? However, truth be told the article seems to mostly center on bashing one individual more than others. Not very Christian of the pope himself.

  34. Nick Carter says:

    The Pope can go to hell……

  35. Jmanjo says:

    This pope should be censored by the the Catholic Church for using his position for political intervention for which he has no business sticking his pontifical snout! If he wants to be NWO then let God straighten him out!

  36. Observator14 says:

    The Pope hasn’t said anything here, and some Dumbos are calling him a Communist for this sloppy and slanted “reporting” ??? Pitiful the ignorance and lack of Faith.

  37. Allen Rogers says:

    Face it, the Pope is a socialist and a disgrace to the Catholic church.

  38. Scott Puckett says:

    Any person who professes Christ, especially a pope, should not be promoting a secular world view. Christians are to be in the world but not of the world. We are to show, through our daily living that we follow and adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ and not how some “religious” leader interprets the Bible. I think it is a troubling time for the Catholic denomination with this particular pope leading the Church.

  39. A_Nobody says:

    A negative comment from this Poopie’s camp is a promotion for the Christians here. the senile old fart has been bought and paid for by his commie/socialist buddies. He’s way too far gone but pray for him….he needs all the help he can get.

  40. SILENTHAMMER says:

    As this Pope once said, “Work is dignity”. That means that all of us NEED work to maintain our dignity. Pope Francis came from an Argentina which was the model of an Obama America: totally socialist. People were rewarded for NOT working, while those who owned and ran businesses were — are — taxed to strangulation unless they cooperated with the government oligarchs. He is probably skewed in his thinking, that America is a caste system. He could not be farther from the reality of America. Yes, we have an unhealthy socialist agenda which rewards non-work, giving up, and having children we can’t support. We WERE headed toward Europe to become overrun by foreign aliens who are lawless and violent, living on the dole. Thank God we have spoken as ONE PEOPLE and elected Donald J. Trump to lead us BACK TO DIGNITY! The Pope is surrounded by Vatican politicians. The REAL American Voter and patriot does not live in D.C. Likewise, REAL Catholics do not live in The Vatican! We’re still the most charitable people on Earth. We work for a living, alongside our other Christian brothers and sisters. The Holy Trinity is our God and Leader. We believe in real Democracy, not Socialist-democracy. And we hold ALL secular leadership accountable to their word. We are praying that this Pope will see the REAL Catholics and other Christians who live, work and worship in The United States.

  41. Shagnasty1 says:

    Old pope with his 3rd world values needs to tend to the faltering Catholic Church with their growing minority of perverted pedophile priests as well as other internal problems within the Catholic Church including members who want to change basic Catholic Doctrine to suit their own whims or perversions and quit attacking conservatives who mostly agree with much of Catholic Doctrine even though they may not be Catholic.

  42. Monica says:

    The pope will not even let historians into the “vault” where all the archives are kept for recording history purposes. Probably because the Catholic Church has many actions that should be in the “hall of shame.” The Spanish Inquisition for one or how about “The Holy Wars?”

  43. Vince says:

    Benedict is a corrupt child screwing scum globalist and what he has to say means nothing the church is also corrupt

  44. Gary Rose says:

    no surprise he is a satanists after all…

  45. davegrille says:

    Slam not ,lest thou be slammed .

  46. arthur M. alex says:









  47. Big Iron says:

    The Catholic Church was created by luciferin Emperor Constantine of Rome. When he realized that the old luciferin religion of Rome was losing members and thus power and influence he realized that HE needed to do something to remain in control of the “state” religion of Rome. He noted that Christianity was a fast rising new religion and realized that if he could take it over then his needs would be fulfilled. So he created the Catholic religion as a supposed “Christian” religion; named himself the head of it as its “Pope” Constantine (incidentally, Pope was the name of the head of the old luciferin religion of Rome). Pope Constantine then created the Saints (the old Gods of Rome), made Luciferin holidays into Christian holidays, changed the date of the birth of Jesus to coincide with the Pagan significant date and proceeded to pull off the biggest “con” / scam / swindle in the known history of the world and it is still going on today.

    This continued without much contest until the advent of the Gutenberg press which allowed to printing of multiple copies of books in whatever language was desired. Thus the Christian Bible could then be translated from “Latin” and the Catholic bible which only literate Catholic priests could actually read but which now could be translated into languages which anyone literate could read. Thus the fraud of the Priest class became revealed to the masses.

    When the people found out that they had been conned by the Catholics …they were not particularly happy that they had been lied to. This led to the Protestant reformation which has been going on since that time.
    The Catholic Popes of the Vatican are far from being holy spokesmen of God are truly no more than ‘con-men with a collars and funny hats’; they are actually about the accumulation of wealth, power and domination of the world and nothing less.

  48. Up Huff says:

    You have to understand. The Pope isn’t Christian, he’s Catholic. Roman Catholic. And a POPE.
    Which pretty much excludes him from the category.
    Another way of putting it: Consider the source. And then disregard it.

  49. Patricia Anderson says:

    This “Pope” is the archetypal example of the “prophet for the anti-Christ! If he doesn’t succumb to the anti-Christ I will be surprised. That is if I’m not gone from this earth first!

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