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Poll Results: Should Colin Kaepernick Be Banned From The NFL?

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  1. PBHayes says:

    Kaepernick doesn’t have the physical or mental talent to play in the NFL. Add his sick political and social beliefs to the equation and he is just another loser.

  2. Cecilia Robarge says:

    Yes, yes, yes… He should be banned from all and any public promotion. This overpaid pos should go back to his country of origin, africa, and try playing over there. He has no place in our sports as he is a loser… amen

  3. Junior Sampals says:

    Maybe we should not ban him but we certainly should not broadcast any of the games that his NFL team or teams compete in. What is the NFL without the public airways that every American controls not only with their tax Dollars but with their discretional spending. If the NFL embraces Kaepernick then let the NFL and every American who benefits financially from Professional Football eat cake.

  4. Shooter963 says:

    Why ban him? He’s done a VERY good job of making himself radioactive! football fans don’t need to do anything. No one wants to watch him play and no team will hire him.

  5. Monica says:

    He really does not have to be officially banned because he has banned himself with not having any talent nor the brains to know when to take a stand for your own beliefs. Another person who lives behind security gates and walls but wants us to leave our doors unlocked. He is going to find out what it is like to NOT get a million dollar paycheck. He has already been paid off. Bye Bye Colin.

  6. Dennis B says:

    I don’t believe he should be banned based on his decision to be anti-American. He hasn’t broken any NFL rules so there would be no reason for a ban. His talent should be the determining factor as to whether he plays or not. However; every team owner has a right to instill in their teams certain behavior that they believe reflect on their beliefs. I would hold the team accountable for the behavior of it’s players, not the player himself. If we want him banned just because he doesn’t believe in what we believe, than we are no better than the radical left.

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