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OJ Simpson Could Be Back In Movies

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  1. Lynn Darbyshire says:

    the man should never breathe “freedom air” again…..

    1. Over Worked says:

      I’m bigots like you were not on the jury otherwise he would not have received a fair trial. Just because a trial didn’t turn out the way you thought it should doesn’t mean that you are right it just means that your ignorance shows through and you believe everything that’s either on the Internet or shown to you on television without the needs of any facts to back it up, it’s sad to think that you breathe the same air as the rest of civil people.

      1. Lynn Darbyshire says:

        omg….so delusional….having been a huge o.j. fan, i was sickened by the whole mess….
        however, the evidence was w/o question proof of guilt….(shoes, blood, glove, flight, etc)…..and the jury feared the outcry had he been found guilty…
        almost as bad is the fact that our justice system has incarcerated o.j. for a longer period of time than his second crime most likely warranted…
        your name calling only serves to reduce any credibility you “might” have had

        1. Herb1949 says:

          Bulshit, they never explained how they found a few drops of his blood in the massive amounts of blood at the scene, or how he might have been cut during the murders.
          They didn’t explain how eh managed to come out of that mess without the victims blood all over him.
          There were many other points that the prosecution failed to explain to the jurors. They did the right thing in finding him not guilty.

          1. tony sweed says:

            He`s guilty as hell threatening to kill himself while his buddy drove him around. Held a gun to his own head if you think that`s not guilty then you are full of shit.

          2. Herb1949 says:

            He may be, BUT, the damn cops and DA screwed the pooch, and failed to prove it. They thought that it was an open and shut case so they FAILED in presenting the case.
            I am not the one full of shit, it is the DA that prosecuted the case that was/is full of shit and that is the kind of case that he presented.

            Go back and review the EVIDENCE presented to the jury, with an open mind (if you can) and you will see how the defense could shoot it so full of holes. That DA would have trouble pouring piss out of a boot with the instructions written on the heel.

          3. Lynn Darbyshire says:


      2. tony sweed says:

        You must be over worked if you are taking up for that murderous S.O.B.

  2. vinny says:

    NIGGERS always get a second chance. If it was a WHITE PERSON you could forget about it we won’t get SHIT!!!

    1. May Coltey says:

      See simple minded people need to have the head checked I love your choice of words that you have but lo and behold a white man will get out of jail before a black man would a white man a snitch in a minute. and by the way it’s the Millennium racism went out a long time ago

  3. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    It was NEVER obvious that he committed the murders. Get your facts straight. He was found NOT guilty.

  4. Over Worked says:

    Like so many other websites that spew out hatred and bigotry I will be blocking this one from all of my office computers because I feel like sites of this nature are harmful to society

    1. Lynn Darbyshire says:

      hmmmm…..shoot and run, huh ?
      totally agree with you concerning “sites of this nature are harmful to society”
      my comments had nothing to do with hate and bigotry

    2. tony sweed says:


  5. Herb1949 says:

    I watched and read everything I could about the trial. If I had been on that jury I would not have voted to convict him.
    IF, HUGE IF, He is guilty, the state of CA screwed up so bad in their presentation of the case, he deserved to go free. After everything I saw, heard and read, there was nowhere near enough proof that he is guilty of the murders to convince any reasonable person beyond a reasonable doubt.

  6. tony sweed says:

    The only place O.J. Simpson needs to be is one of two places in jail or hell.

    1. Lynn Darbyshire says:

      will have been in both eventually…

  7. Stella Vadakin says:

    Everyone knows that he is as guilty as sin keep him behind bars

  8. Ben says:

    OJ would be the perfect spokesperson for alarm companies like ADT and Brinks. I can see him walking on camera “Hey guys. How would you like a big black dude to rape and kill your wife? Want to prevent that ? Talk to me.”

  9. Miguel M A says:

    Is this a joke?

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