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Obama Hatchet Woman Susan Rice May Have Committed A Crime

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  1. Bobby Arnold says:

    nigger whore if she was with O-shitstain she committed plenty of crimes against the USA

  2. bp 58 says:

    this monkey faced bitch looks like the other monkey faced bitch..hoetta lynch..

  3. CurlyJ555 says:

    Enough is enough. Every single one suspected of being involved in this issue need to be wired up to a polygraph machine, an iris scanner set up and activated, A voice stress analyzer turned on and the questions begin… All of the meters and the suspect’s image and statements broadcast world wide….. Recognized falsehoods punishable to the FULL extent of the law. (Immediate Firing Squad NO appeals). But, let’s not stop at Suzy, Hillary, Nancy, Chucky, Billy, etc., etc., etc., etc….. Let’s ask some questions of others in this patchwork quilt of intrigue…. I also have a few questions for old Wet start canary McCain, and three purple heart, Hanoi John Kerry, Lindsey, I wouldn’t want to leave you out, nor will all those lawyers who participated escape scrutiny…. Looks like Term Limits may be possible and a significant reduction in government benefits and compensation, seeing as how they have failed to live up to “OUR” expectations.
    Donald, WE have your Six. Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget.

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