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North Korean Leader Does Something That Causes Massive Concern

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  1. GRAMPA says:

    I have just discovered the site of off the wire. while I must read more it seems to be very direct and without all the spin we see on the other sites. On casual glance we have a wide range of newstopics that seem to bedirect and offer the facts. this is refreshing to say the least. the article about the murders that are displayed in school yards and markets show the typical methods of a dictator that has little to offer to his people but force to control. Are these people in such fear that no resistance possible? Having nearly every male in the armed forces I assume that it would be possible for this type of control. what I cannot understand is how he can control the media so completely?. With such brutality someone would try to take over. posably president Trump should see what method he uses to find the people against him. we certainly have many who think themselves better to run the nation than he. I will follow this site to see and evaluate its worth to myself. it will be refreshing to find an outlet that produces some truthful stories.

  2. HAWK says:

    Some one should eliminate that discusting north Korean leader he`s like a snail they found under a rock.

  3. JOHN STEEL says:

    Let him understand, he could break our leg, but NK will sis to exist . Is he willing to die , with his country in order to hurt the USA?

  4. JOHN STEEL says:

    J, McCain is showing the AMERICAN people the traitor he really is.

  5. Phillip says:

    Yeah, NKorea is a mess… but why aren’t we talking about health care? Trump promised on the TV that “everyone will have the best health Care” but now he’s pushing a bill that will cost 20,000,000 people (including ME, probably!!) their insurance.

    WTF, that’s not why we elected him! HE LIED TO ME.

    1. dragonfire777 says:

      Talk to the Dummycrats and the traitorous RINO.s. He is trying but these colluding assholes are blocking every way they can.

  6. JS417 says:

    I say,,,,eliminate this Chung. Tie the bastard to that same rocket and, send him the hell out of this world to explode in outer space.

  7. ONTIME says:

    We are going to have to kill a lot of NORK’s to get to this mentally ill jerk…….collateral damage now….

    1. dragonfire777 says:

      The good news is NK missiles will only reach the West Coast. That could be an end to the perverted trash.

      1. Betty Anthony says:

        So if one lives on the West Coast we are all trash?

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