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Nobody Spoke A Word About Trump At The ESPYs… But Then This Happened

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  1. DOC says:

    SHAME ON US, USA means united, states, America. We got so much hate in us that we don’t have the U. Conseratives hate liberals, Dem. hate Rep.mix in all race stuff thats a lot of hate. And we rather tear this country up then fix it. SHAME

    1. We are trying to get it fixed, but will have to get rid of racist black and white, but especially crooked ,lying, thieving politicians .

      1. DOC says:

        We can’t vote the crooks out fast enough. As far as racist people we keep teaching hate. I read the statements above there is a lot of hate. That the Shame. There is a different between white and blacks. Slaves did come here racist. When you beat the crape out of someone for three hundred years what makes you think they will love you???

        1. SDofAZ says:

          Where have you been for the last 59 years? And have you not had some history lessons in your life time? Enough is enough. Stand on your own and do not expect the entire country to keep supporting you. Do what everyone else does, get a job and grow up. The work ethic should be the backbone of public assistance, not the free ride for loafers. Sorry Doc but you need to face the rest of the FACTS! And all immigrants of all races have been on the shit list before. Blacks need to get over it! I am sick of paying for their offended feelings, we all are!

          1. DOC says:

            I have never been unemployed from the age of 18 to 62. 21 yr. in the AF. So you have never paid a dime for me. As far as getting over it hell you sob’s do every dirty trick. How are you paying for offenance??

        2. Phil Coleman says:

          So, let’s stop trying to appease Blacks and let them fester in their own self-imposed IGNORANCE! And it’s time for US to stop being easy targets for their hatred….arm yourselves, America. The crazy racist white-haters are assaultting us every minute of everyday! Just because the MEDIA (Leftists) have stopped reporting on the Black-on-White crimes in OUR country doesn’t mean it’s not happening! Wake up! Wise up! Stand up!

          1. DOC says:

            I don’t need appeasement just be fair. As far as blacks on white crime look this up Slavery by another name.

  2. ghetonda mosley shertzer says:


  3. She is a racist, do nothing , tax money sucking nobody, what a TV turn off. She’s gone. When will the media realize she is irrelevant unless its about the Obams corruption .

    1. william surratt says:

      I was going to watch the ESPY’S but when I found out She was going to be on it I got out some old movies and watched them instead!!!!

  4. SDofAZ says:

    One can NOT fix stupid! And apparently the infected left libturds will continue on with their rebellion and honoring the administration that tried to destroy the US. We must remember these people are the enemy within! And a bunch live in the hollyweed of la la land!

    1. DunRanull says:

      Amen, and remember, THEY consider the likes of US, and “Fly-Over Country” “THE Enemy”. It would be a grave mistake to underestimate not only the hatred the left bears toward conservative, non-leftists.. and the lengths they would go to dispose of us given the power. They simply do not think of non-leftists as humans. It’s easier to round up, jail, torture and kill a de-humanised enemy. A generation or more has been taught the politics of dehumanisation in public schools. Ever see the old newsreel clips released by Joseph Goebbels and other propagandists of the Hitler regime? Jews were depicted as rats and other vermin in need of extermination so that the “good” could live safely. Think about it! And con sider who the Left- Michell

  5. Martin says:

    She and her husband did great harm to AMERICA. Exile them.

    1. Elessar says:

      No, throw them in Prison, they are too dangerous to be free! The Donkey proves it everywhere he goes! He’s been following President Trump around the world and making a Menace of Himself!

      Minimalize the SS details, put him under House Arrest at the Least!!

  6. Elkhunter says:

    ESPN? Didn’t realize they were still on the air. Quit watching when they went full sjw a couple of years ago.

  7. Herb1949 says:

    They are liberal, of course they think we are stupid.

  8. Marge Gower says:


  9. Stash Holly says:

    ABC/DISNEY and ESPN is losing the TV watching public. Their COMMIECRAT slant and their pure propaganda is worn thin with the majority of Americans. As their Communist intentions move forward, the brain washing and indoctrination of our children we are becoming more ready for the civil war they have been pushing for. They want the 1918 Russian Revolution here and remember they MURDER CHILDREN of people who had opposing views and when the Soviet Union fell, the CARD Carrying COMMIES were billionaires. It is ALL about Taking away peoples freedom so NANCY PELOSI, AL GORE and the Murdering CLINTON’S can steal even more money from the slaves they want “AMERICANS”

  10. Nana07 says:

    There was nothing wrong with Mrs Obama presenting an award at the ESPY’s. Damn, didn’t your side win?? You should be happy as hell, yet you are some of the miserable people on the planet. I guess you think it would be more appropriate for the 1st ho in the White House Melania man-wife to present the award instead, hummmmmmm……..

  11. luvzforplay says:

    Who let that guy dress like a woman ? It is most defiantly a racist and has proved it numerous times with statements like “this is the first time I was proud of my country” I am assuming that thing and Obama meant in Africa, because she is always talking about Obamas homeland and birthplace I have no idea what that clown is permitted to speak anywhere as it has no status other then being part of the conspiracy to defraud the American People for 8 years plus !

  12. luvzforplay says:

    As far as Dim-o-crats getting on the voter fraud people , I am guessing they were not aware of all those people copying down names of the dead and birthdates so they could used those names to vote , thanks to Obumbels lackey Eric Holder not requiring identification to vote , or the many reports of busses trucking illegals to several voting sites to vote several times ! , How else would some as stupid as Obama get 125% of votes in not one but several percent’s , voter was wide spread in the last two elections, how else would and unknown with a Muslim name win in a year that we were at war with a Muslim nation? They should have impeached that animal for any of the deals he made with our countries enemy’s He should be arrested now and thrown for his role in giving information to the Taliban on Extortion 7’s Id numbers, Benghazi, the Russian Uranium deal and helping Iraq get Nuclear power ! Something should be done so that our enemies can never perpetrate a fraud of this nature again , Obama should be billed for his lavish vacations and the illegal of Air Force 1 when he was not on board letting his butt buddy bilk the American people out of more money !

  13. richard black says:

    the mother of keith olbermann….nuff said !!! ESPN is going down the tubes with CNN !!!

  14. dennis cheever says:

    Do not waste your time watching any shows that are not worth it for you. Pick something worthwhile at all times and maybe there will be better programming in the future. If you hit them in the pocket, they will get the message quick. Honey Boo Boo comes to mind. Totally idiotic.

  15. BambiB says:

    I didn’t vote for Trump. I thought he was the SECOND worst choice for president. But I have to say, overall, I think he’s done a decent job, despite the yapping of the lamestream media jackals. I don’t have a problem with Michelle Obozo presenting an award. It’s no big deal. If all the libtards comported themselves in this matter, maybe we could get on with Making America Great Again. Unfortunately, the average libtard is nowhere near as inoffensive as Michelle Obozo, so until we can set up a hunting permit system, we’ll all have to deal with them in our own ways.

  16. Linda says:

    The obvious reason they (liberals) adore minorities…THE STANDARDS AREN’T AS HIGH! Movies, music, TV…none of it has to appeal to a PERSON WITH A BRAIN, MORAL OR TRUE VALUES!!! They don’t have to demonstrate intellect or principles…just keep catering to the basest/ lowest instincts.

  17. SILENTHAMMER says:

    Did YOU watch the “ESPY’S? I didn’t. I think I was busy WORKING.

  18. Southerngirl says:

    She’s nothing but a RACIST. She and her husband BELONG in prison. He almost RUINED our country. And the DOJ and James Comey just let him off the hook. And then started a WITCH HUNT against Trump. But that’s ok. It’s going to all come back on every single Democrat involved. Even you Hillary Clinton.

  19. Florenca Mcdowell says:

    I see Mikey is back its time to take stock of everything she has NOT done for the Country SHE IS NOT PROUD OF. GET OFF STAGE

  20. Maria castro says:

    They don’t think so, they are convinced. Look how they are playing with the safety of America trying to hurt Trump. You cannot imagine, America, the danger you are in, you have never experienced what is really behind all this rejection.

  21. astrojohn says:

    Well, as we all know, Michelle is quite the athlete, verbal that is…

    Be that as it may, I never, EVER, watch ANY awards show. If the elite prim donas want to congratulate themselves, they can do it in private.

  22. davegrille says:

    Michelle is a former first lady .

  23. Sir James says:

    Ask those in the Heartland of America (or flyover states) who turned the Electoral College map almost solid Red & the ones who pay for all the Democrats SS (slacker society) what we think of the Obamas. Then ask us what we think of the entertainment industry’s opinions on just about anything. And that? We see an industry of those with few morals, values & principles is what we see & we see a media that tries to make Americans with moral fiber think we are the few & the brave. Well, we are not & those Obama & the Libtard media says are the majority have been lied to again by that empty suit pathological liar. ➡️ SEE RED ELECTORAL COLLEGE MAP AFTER LAST 11/8 FOR PROOF AS TO WHO AMWRICA’S BRAIN TRUST & MAJORITY REALLY ARE.
    The Dems with their race-baiting, Soros-financed, non-working pyromaniacs would burn America to the ground with the influence they received under Obama/Soros/Alinsky & Marx.
    PROBLEM IS……..we who clung to our guns & religion are not that wild about their Libtard direction for America & will use both of the aforementioned to prevent America from becoming the Obamas perverted version with their black liberation theology that comes straight from the pits of hell.

  24. Up Huff says:

    Sometimes it seems you just can’t keep the stench of the septic tank from overwhelming you.
    And that “performance” brought out the stench in spades. (And it seems that AOL’s search engine doesn’t like the term since it doesn’t allow an explanation or definition of meaning to be brought up. All it does is say: “Your search for “what does the term in spades mean?” returned no results.”
    Apparently they’re too stupid to know what the phrase means and put a racial spin on everything.
    But then……..

  25. DunRanull says:

    Good thing to remember that the Left considers conservatives and “fly over” people as being worse than cavemen because we think outside THEIR box and oppose them politically and socially. They seek to dehumanise conservatives in every way they can- entertainment awards are as good a place as any because they are a collective example of liberal group-think. They look at fly-over people as being “vermin” as Goebbels called Jews in various propaganda films… dangerous as being a drag on social change and a threat to their communist one-world view. It’s easier to round-up, jail, and kill people who are no longer human- and it’s easier to get people to assent to such actions if the “softening up” process is prepared for it by presenting certain groups as a “grave danger” or threat to society and all that is “good”. Just sayin- the Lefties want our conservative butts to disappear permanently… The Berkeley lefties that rioted after Trump was elected are the early shock-troops.. expect more of same as the left stretches it’s muscles… groups in opposition to that left agenda will have to work together to oppose these groups who want to be lords of the streets and the only people allowed to express dissent publicly.

  26. Carol says:

    The Obama’s certainly didn’t make the world “more welcoming, inclusive and fair” for innocent unborn children, now did they? Michelle would be the first one to support aborting those special olympics athletes who were on stage with her.

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