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NFL Star Has Another Message For Colin Kaepernick

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  1. ItsMeNotU says:

    If Colin Kaepernick comes back. My NFL football viewing will not. Football is American and so you stand up for this countries colors. Colin Kaepernick is an ass-hat and he lost any respect that I would have given him.

    1. MS_Steve says:

      I believe it’s spelled…. asswipe.

      1. Last of the patriots says:

        All of the above and more. I see BOYCOTT bigtime of the nfl if they choose to bring this disrespectful anti-American scumbag back. Definitely a marketing plunge👎

        1. Terry Oxenreider says:


        2. dude says:

          what gets me is he’s not really that good so I think it’s just for media attention and it will destroy the n-f-l if they let him come back and I know the ravens will go under if they let that ubamerican as play boycott the ravens for just thinking about it

        3. mousekiller says:

          The best way to get it right is to notify the sponsors of the NFL and let them know you and your friends and family will not buy their products.
          It matters not if is a detergent , Chevy , BMW or tooth paste. They do have a big hammer. I don’t know of a single player worth several millions of dollars anyway.The NFL is nothing but big business anyway.

          1. Whaledriver says:

            Let’s show them what we’ve learned about rain: one drop is nothing, but tens of millions can move mountains.

        4. Mark Lahti says:

          I saw right thru that ass hat as soon as he appeared on tv the first time. I can usually get a good insight on somebody very quickly and this POS showed his colors on his first touchdown with that kissing his own biceps in the end zone. He has continued to prove my assessment correct every time he stepped out on the field. I am not surprised by anything he does. I am a big time Packer fan but did like the 9 er’s way back then when Montana was running the play on the field. I have no respect for Kap a lot a crap or the 9 er’s anymore. Boycotting the NFL’s sponsors is probably the best way to get their attention. But it has to be done by a lot of people and it has to be broadcast loudly to the NFL. They may not notice if nobody lets them know about the boycott.

          1. Whaledriver says:

            Boycott both the NFL and their sponsors if Kraperneck is hired by any team!

      2. Michael Adkins says:

        However you want to say it, the guy is a traitor to the colors of this country. Me being a full on patriot, I will NEVER support or RESPECT him. I want him gone from the NFL. You only get on chance to disrespect my flag, my country, our military and our national anthem.

  2. russellleetackett says:

    Boycott the nfl if he comes back and their sponsors

    1. Carol Perkins says:

      YES, boycott the sponsors, the NFL doesn’t care what we think.

  3. JC says:

    If he comes back or is hired —I am done with the NFL

    1. mousekiller says:

      Let the NFL know how you feel. You might just be one of 50,000 unhappy fans too.

  4. Viki Watson says:


    1. IluvmyUSA says:

      Yes love!!! ASAP.

  5. Joe Czarnecki says:

    Colin has to realize that when he walks thru the locker room door, it is time to work. It is not time to make political statements. He gets paid to lead the team to a super bowl. He, being the q.b. , is the face of the team and ANYTHING he does negatively reflects on the team negatively. There are players who want to do their jobs and win the big one and considers what he does a distraction and impedes their career goals. He may think he has the right to say what he want because of the 1st amendment but he has a responsibility to his employer and whatever he does reflects on the team and it’s owners. Also, the court of public opinion will judge him whether he likes it or not. What would happen if you went into work and started making political statements and distracting work? Most likely escorted to the door by security.

    1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

      IF the coach & the owners had halted him after the first knee, he might not be in this mess. Freedom of speech is everybody’s right, in this country. But, like the article says, when you come out of the locker room, you’re at WORK. In Kaepernik’s case though, I think it’s too late. He already set off a fire storm among NFL fans, & those are the MAIN ones you don’t want to anger.

      1. Susan P says:

        AMEN! The rest of the “workers” in this country have to leave their activism at the door when they go in to work. We all have the right of free speech, but NOT on company time! The coaches and owners should have nipped his game-time activism in the bud. They didn’t. Now, if Kaepernick is allowed back on the field, the whole NFL will suffer for it.

        Without the fans and their money, there is no NFL. Any team that hires Kaepernick will most definitely lose money and have an empty stadium.

    2. Silver Eagle says:

      He doesn’t have to realize anything. He’s privileged, not white.

    3. CharlyO says:

      You leave your politics at the door except if you work for the government.

  6. Ted says:

    I was hoping for, “be grateful for what this country has given you.” This was more like, “keep your mouth shut it public and we will eventually overcome whitey and take this country for ourselves.”

    1. kingwarren says:

      The black people of South African now control that country or do they? We know it isn’t the whites who formerly were in control. My question are the “Black” people of South Africa better off before or now. The same goes for all the other countries of Black Africa and Muslim Africa. The problems have very little to do with race but all to do with power and who controls it and how they do it? All people need to think about that Thought as the devil is among working his evil. Evil is not restricted to just one Race.

    2. Edouard d'Orange says:

      Yeah, further down in Ray Lewis’ advice was the “I applaud what you stood up for, because I’m in the streets every day.” That just means that Lewis believes in what Kaepernick did, that kneeling and dis-respecting the team and country is a worthy action, not that he condemns it at all. And Lewis is in the streets every day? Is he with BLM? All of Lewis’ support is just hollow.

      1. Whaledriver says:

        There are a lot of questions I have about Ray Lewis. The blood of one of the stabbing victims was in his limosine, and the bloodstained white suit he was wearing at the time of the murders has never been found by police (did Lewis take some hints from another felon, ex-football star OJ?).

        Is Ray Lewis just another NFL felon? He sounds like one.

  7. Full Auto says:

    I didn’t watch 1 game last season because of his Bull$hit. The NFL will never get another dime out of my family. They claimed that they were letting Kaeperdick protest because it was protected by the first amendment. When another player wanted to where shoes that honored the Dallas cops that were assassinated, the NFL said that was against the rules and would fine him if he did. The National Felony League can kiss my hairy @ss.

    1. esquire2 says:

      Disrespect of the American Flag and our National Anthem is NOT “protected” free speech, just because some corrupt judge says so … Corrupt judges harm more Americans, families and children than the 9/11 bombers harmed at the WTC Twin Towers. <>
      These judges are “Domestic Terrorists” and are as “criminal” as the Clintons. They should be removed from office … I believe the correct term is IMPEACHMENT!

      1. John_Eidsmoe says:

        In Texas v Johnson the Supreme Court said flag-burning was protected First Amendment speech, but the fact that it was a 5-4 decision shows it is a debatable proposition.
        But even if we accept for the sake of argument that Kaepernick’s actions are protected speech, that doesn’t resolve the issue. He may have a right to express his views by protesting the flag, but his team may have a right to express its views by not renewing his contract.

        1. Whaledriver says:

          I have the freedom not to watch his politics ruin a favorite sport — and to boycott whatever products sponsor the games with their advertisements.

          Kraperneck has his rights. As a consumer and former football fan, I have mine.

        2. esquire2 says:

          Conundrum ! How can doing something that is WRONG be a RIGHT?

        3. esquire2 says:

          additional thought … the 1st Amendment encourages speech against the government. It does NOT encourage conduct “disrespectful” of the symbols of that government.
          IMO, being disrespectful of government officers … is protected Free Speech. Disrespect of the Flag and the National Anthem are NOT Protected.
          We have too many CRIMINALS running the country without dissent. Start with the courts, then Congress and state governments.
          Behind them all is the “puppeteer”, the ABA … and financiers for the NWO … which intends to Create a socialist world …. where exercising your Free Speech right is a ticket to Prison.
          Discretion is a necessary process before any action … wise … or foolish.

    2. Michael Adkins says:

      I didnt either. I am a die hard Ravens fan but I refused to watch one game and if he comes back, Im done with football all together.

  8. samw says:

    This Kaepernick debate ignores one thing; he should be permitted peaceful protests as long as they are not mandated for everyone. That said you should have the right to protest his protests, peacefully.

    1. Enchanted says:

      Here is the deal. When he is on the field, he is at work. He works for an employer that pays his salary. He is there to do his job. If he wants to protest, he needs to do it on his own time and on his own dime.

  9. Enchanted says:

    Since he hooked up with his current girlfriend who is a radical and a muslim, his actions are being dictated by her. The other day she tweeted that the ravens owners were racists. Hmmm her bf is trying to get a job with them and she tweets to the world they are racists. He needs to wake up and grow a pair and realize a few things.

  10. tom2 says:

    Kaepernick is the reason I watch only my home team now. I’ve lost interest in other teams, mostly due to player opinions. I thought only conventional entertainers were stupid enough to alienate half their fan base with political opinion. I didn’t define professional athletes as mere entertainers until Kaepernick came along. Come to think of it, I’m not much of a home team fan any more either. This idiot sucked the fun out of professional sports and put the spotlight on many other in all the sports from basketball to soccer.

  11. gimpy says:

    Just talk from one thug to another. I quit watching football 2 years ago except for the Super Bowl.. I don’t care what they do as I will never watch regular games again, have more fun watching the monkeys at the zoo, better entertainment. Can truthfully say I have never spent a dime on any games or any sports gear or clothing, they don’t deserve my money by their actions which has ruined football for many a patron.

  12. Stephen Hopkins Sr. says:

    I will not watch a game if that waste of Oxygen plays.

  13. Jordan48 says:

    Why are we still seeing this debate? Kaepernaky just wants attention with his unpatriotic bull shiiiiit. There are a great many talented young men who love the game so get rid of this racist child and get on with building up ur teams. His forefathers despised racist pigs who enslaved them. Now we see that the children willingly embrace racist views and become infected by the same ungodly hatred that killed their forefathers. The Marxist DemonicRats have always fanned the flames of racism to divide us, it continues.

    1. Whaledriver says:

      What claim to being black does Kraperneck have? His black father abandoned him, as did his white mother. He was raised in an environment of gentility and privilege by two white parents who adopted him — and now, this aging, lazy, prima donna — who found himself in trouble because he wasn’t in shape for the season 2 years ago because of his excesses and carried on in a manner more befitting a drugged-up rock star — cries foul? He’s a master of deception, having taken a page right from Hillary Clinton’s playbook: when you’re in trouble, find someone else to blame.

  14. Jimmy D says:

    Pro football is just expensive entertainment and does nothing to improve the lives of of its fans. None of us become better men by having watched (or talked about) it. I realized this many years ago after moving away from Baltimore and selling my PSLs. I was happier to have the time and focus back to use for other things.

    1. Joe Sherrill says:

      While I became a Redskins, ooops, Washington Red Skin tater fan in 1943 I have seen the game become nothing more than a TV show as have all sports and as you have stated it is of minimal benefit to the fans and certainly not need for a good, fruitful and happy life.

    2. Whaledriver says:

      There’s little professionalism in pro football any longer.

  15. CompletelyOutsane says:

    Yeah, Ray Lewis can show you how to get away with murder.

  16. Ray is a people pleaser. He’s trying to play both sides — he said a whole lot of nothing, but in there he said he’s “praying” for Colin, that Colin is right in the lies that he is spreading, but that he should keep quiet because people are going to talk about him whatever he does. SMH not going to help anyone.

    1. It’s not the fact it’s “political” that it bugs me, it’s the fact it’s a LIE that Colin is pushing. A destructive lie that, “Ohh, black people aren’t equal in America. Cops are getting away with murdering them.” TOTAL LIE.

  17. Bilgeez says:

    another uppity half-breed, we dont need any more of those! I find it amusing that he ignores his white heritage and only focuses on his perceived “oppressed” black side. Black folks in this country have made their own beds, they can lie in them now, if they whine because they perceive some kind of injustice toward them, then they can quit acting as the stereotypes they dont want to be judged by and behave in a courteous, humane and truly cooperative manner, they will probably be amazed at the result.

    1. C. LeSaint says:

      The coloreds seem to forget that they are here in America because their ancestor was brought to America from Africa!

      1. LLJINTL says:

        and sold by their own people to slave traders. Why blame us. Why not be be the best American you can be now.

        1. Richard S. says:

          And we all know that 99% of the slave owners were democrats.

  18. Joe Moschella says:

    My message to the NFL, Stay away from all those that disrespect the flag, the constitution and The Office of The President. Allowing

  19. David Stewart says:

    No support for NFL, merely a sanctuary for Pinkos and Black Muslims! No Americans neef apply!

  20. Bob Hunt says:

    Kaepernick is obviously an idiot and I will not ever pay to watch the team that hires him play!

  21. Whaledriver says:

    Baltimore, your teams have long traditions of excellence, no matter whether it was the Colts, Orioles, Ravens, or Bullets. Don’t sign Kraperneck. He’ll bring more dishonor and strife to the city, and ruin a fine team. Quarterbacks are leaders, not someone who divides teams. Football has always had a fine tradition of being uplifting entertainment, an excellent example to young men about leadership and sportsmanship. Kraperneck has none of these qualities, and is responsible for the game to lose fans and admirers.

    Please: don’t sign a loser.

  22. vinny says:

    Lewis you shouldn’t be given no advice. Your NIGGER ASS should be in jail for that murder. YOU NIGGERS get away with all kinds of shit. Just like that NIGGER POOOLICEMAN got away with killing that INNOCENT WHITE WOMAN in Minnesota.

    1. LtJAM23 says:

      Vinny That’s ignin’t. Why y’all gotta go there? Ev’body knows Somalis ain’t niggers. They poorer than niggers.

  23. LtJAM23 says:

    Why y’all be hating on my brother Colin? When y’all stand and take y’all hats off and place y’alls hands over y’alls hearts, it’s a showing of patriotism and respect. When Colin kneels it a showing of deference and subservience. If the man wants to kneel before his masters, let him.

    1. Whaledriver says:

      You’re wrong, my brother. Kraperneck sitting on the bench or kneeling is a sign of defiance.

      We make progress working together, not being divided.

      1. LtJAM23 says:

        Wouldn’t it be MORE disrespectful to SIT with your hat on than kneel?

        1. Whaledriver says:

          My brother, this nation gives us something that most countries in the world don’t, the opportunity to do whatever we want.

          You can be a superstar, or a stooge. Why be someone’s fool?

  24. Last of the patriots says:

    Well, i guess if they sign him, that will be the end of the Ravens. Nobody will watch there games. So it will cost them a whole lot more than revenue, it’ll cost them a team. I hope there coach isn’t that stupid. We shall see

    1. Whaledriver says:

      Let’s begin a serious boycott of this next season if Kraperneck is signed for this season with any NFL team — boycotting not only all NFL games this season, but any company that sponsors ads during NFL games on television and radio.

  25. Dan Reali says:

    The very flag he disses is the flag I spent six years of my life defending and shed blood for along with thousands of others. Ravens, if you wish to have the same kind of disrespect by fans and casual viewers who rapidly become non-viewers of the NFL go ahead and bring him on your roster. TV sponsors should also prepare for a backlash. My understanding is that the NFL lost a lot of viewers last year because of the controversy over his actions so if you want the trend to continue bring him back on the field and it wouldn’t matter which franchise he played for (I know my team, the Green Bay Packers) wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. He made his own bed so now let him lay in it.

    1. Whaledriver says:

      Thank you for your service, brother.

    2. DenverKitty says:

      Dan…It was over 20 for me. I hope Colon is blackballed from ever playing anywhere in America for life.

      1. Michael Adkins says:

        Thank you for your service Sir. Love and respect.

      2. mousekiller says:

        He might be able to go to some other country to play but the first time he complained about any thing govt I imagine he would either be on a slow boat to some to another place or disappear from the public view..Which isn’t all that bad of an idea. Personally I think that any one that steps on the flag , burns our Flag in protest or in any way intentionally defaces it should get a minimum of 2 years in jail. Mandatory. Plus a $20,000 dollar fine. If found to do it again the punishment doubles. . Or lets get nasty. All good Americans get to go to the stadiums FREE, the protester is turned loose in the middle of the field and the Americans given their choice of the punishment to the Anti American protester. Would not last long . A lottery for that game would garner lots of money for a worthy cause….. I would pay to see that.

        1. DenverKitty says:

          mouse…me, too…even if I had to charge it!! LOL!!

    3. Susan P says:

      Thank you for your service and GO PACK!

      I, too have been a life long fan of the Green Bay Packers. Any team that puts Kaepernick on the field will cease to exist in my mind. The NFL should have shut him down after the 1st time he “took a knee” and disrespected my country and my flag. So, now the NFL is on probation. Hire Kaepernick and you are done!

    4. Richard S. says:

      My exact sentiments. The NFL better wake up and smell what’s brewing. I feel as I know you and others do, very, very strongly about our flag and what it represents. It bothers me a lot that the players that do stand when the national Anthem is played and the colors presented don’t have the courtesy to stand still and place their hand over their heart during this brief ceremony, instead a number of them itch their crotch or pick their nose or whatever. I remember in first grade that was how our day started, standing and facing the fag and reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the USA. I started 1st grade at the start of WW2 and had many cousins, uncles and my father who served and died for their country as did many others. So NFL, I say to you that you will be in deep kimshee if you let kapernick back.

  26. Grab_a_root says:

    NFL and ESPN wonder why no one is watching? You can’t make this faching merde up. A serious article about a murderer and Federal-felon, animal abuser advising a faching half-white moron. I always thought the white gene expressed more. After Halle Berry, Obama and this retard, that’s debatable.

    1. Edouard d'Orange says:

      Oooh, I know what “merde” is. Using bad french words. Riant.

  27. bobs33hotrod says:

    Your Colin is hanging out. You Stink. Go back into your Dark Hole in the Ground, your Country Less Home. Also tell this to the Solders that gave up Their Yesterday , so we can have our Today.
    Bobby ~!~

    1. Whaledriver says:

      No offense meant, Bobby, but dead soldiers gave up their tomorrows for our today.

      1. bobs33hotrod says:

        I think we are talking about the same thing Just said in a different way I like what I said better.
        BOBBY ~!~

        1. Whaledriver says:

          No worries.

  28. Chuck Hill says:

    If kapernack is hired by any team the in my opinion the NFL should not be allowed to fly another American Flag, no more bs about supporting the troops, no more Americas game no more Honor guards because the signing of this means they are as bad as this a hole. I watch football for entertainment not anybody’s political opinion. I stopped watching espn because of this and I will stop watching football over this. He wants to protest do it on his own time I can respect that. But not on the job.

  29. Sal1950 says:

    As long as the NFL continues to support actions such as Kaepernick I’ll continue my personal boycott of all games and anything to do with them. As a Vietnam Veteran I say this to the NFL.
    Since you believe it is OK for a very privileged man to disrespect this country like that, but you will fine them for dancing in the endzone to celibate a touchdown, I’m thru with the NFL, My country means much more to me than any game. I can guarantee you this, if a driver in NASCAR or any other motorsport in the country acted that way, that would have been the last day he had a car to drive. NFL, you should be ashamed of yourselfs for your handleing of this situation. You consider your endzone more a sanctuary than the USA, BLAH. Haven’t turned on a game since your announcement that you supported his right.

    MR Kaepernick, if you don’t like it here and the millionaire lifestyle you live, just leave. This country and its veterans gave you the opportunity to live in the in the way you do. Your whining makes me want to puke.

    1. Whaledriver says:

      I believe that the NFL Commissioner should resign because of this mess. He had the power to stop this, and with their audience and revenues down 38% and 22% respectively last year, the game will not survive a general boycott this season. Roger Goodell should resign because of allowing professional football to completely lose its professionalism.

  30. MS_Steve says:

    F the NFL… I told them to SHOVE IT years ago.
    I’m not into the Thug Life… take dat shizzel back to da ghetto, mofo.

  31. DenverKitty says:

    Please tell Ray Lewis to NOT waste his breath on mister “keep-yer-dick”. He’s not worth dirt.

  32. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Good article! Ray Lewis is an honorable man. But, me thinks his advice is too late. Kaepernik has ruined his own career.

    1. Coach Don says:

      Ray is a murderer. Far from ‘an honorable man’.

    2. Coach Don says:

      Ray is a murderer. Far from ‘an honorable man’.

  33. David says:

    NFL teams need to take the same position most other companies take. Employees can express any opinion they want, just not on company time or while representing the company. You want to kneel during the national anthem, fine, but you WILL stand for it while wearing our uniform.

    1. esquire2 says:

      Well spoken!

  34. Thanh Nguyen says:

    He is not good for the country carry him.

  35. Statesman Patriot says:

    Lewis advised and then ended his comments by giving supportive words that would only encourage more bad behavior.

    If Lewis was truly advising, he would tell Krapperdink to shut the hell up and stop being unpatriotic, that his actions are being cast in the wrong direction.

    I’m sick and tired of these millionaire athletes thinking they are relevant to any social grievance. I’m a minority and he sure as hell doesn’t speak for me!

    Not only will I boycott all NFL games, I will also protest Lewis’s nomination to the Hall of Fame for encouraging Krapperdink!!

  36. LLJINTL says:

    Colin, move to an Arab country and HATE, HATE, HATE! Under the false doctrine, demonic cult of Islam. Then you might find happiness. Go where there are no whites to hate. See where that gets you! But get out of America since you and your twisted Demonic mother Max are so miserable and wrong about everything. Taker with you. You are like an infection, so twisted, your fate is frightening. You are a breath away from being a terrorist,

  37. Silver Eagle says:

    Why drag that scumbag Colin back to an American game that lined his pockets with wealth? Since he refers to himself as an African-American,thats where should go. Wonderful job openings there and freedom abounds. ……In other words, deport him !

  38. JOHN STEEL says:

    bring him back, I leave.

  39. Bud William says:

    So the Ravens are willing to let Colin play, within the shadows of, where the National Anthem was Born?
    Would be double sad.

    1. Whaledriver says:

      I went to high school in Baltimore, just on the other side of the street from Fort McHenry, which Francis Scott Key watched American troops there being heavily bombarded by British ships during the Battle of Baltimore on the nights of September 13–14, 1814. I played football in the shadow of Fort McHenry, and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force there. Inspired by the bravery of the troops and the tattered flag that still stood over Fort McHenry on the morning of September 15, Key wrote “The Star-Spangled Banner” as a tribute to those Americans who fought and died for our freedom there.

      I served my country in uniform, lost three of my childhood friends in Vietnam and 29 others I knew. Their coffins all were draped with the same flag I served, the same one that Kraperneck so blatantly and deliberately disrespects: better men than him have also worn uniforms — something he’ll never understand because the only notion of service that enters his thick head is self-service.

  40. LauReen Perkins says:

    The boy is much too arrogant to listen to any true wisdom and that’s the main reason he is unemployed and NOBODY wants him on their team.

  41. Holy Joe says:

    Kaepernick does not know the meaning of the word “gratitude” either towards the young presumably white couple who adopted him when he was abandoned by his birthparents, nor the NFL – who gave him the potential fast track to the very top of the game. He failed himself, his parentage, and the NFL by his untoward politicial self inflicted nonsensical attitude. He should fade away gracefully. He has become forgettable by ingratitude.

  42. Lili J says:

    BOYCOTT the NFL.
    Sorry the NFL showed its true colors last year when it allowed and protected its players to disrespect America and the American flag.

  43. Dennis says:

    My family has already stopped watching any NFL games. Their tacit approval of CKs (and others) SJW bull is not why I tune in to a game. I’m a Vietnam vet and find it personally offensive when our flag and country are disrespected . Especially from some overpaid jock whose trying to make Brownie points with his perpetually pissed off girl friend.

    1. Whaledriver says:

      Thank you for serving.

  44. dude says:

    well I hope that ass hole never get to wlak on a football field for the rest of his loosy un-American life or any other sport either and if that what the ravens has come to and would stoop that low to hire that ass we’ll never watch them again or the nfl for even letting him play …so Americans boycott the ravens and the n-f-l if they do

  45. CharlyO says:

    The real stupidity of people like Kaeperdick is that they keep proving it over and over!

  46. oldk says:

    Kaepernick is bad for the sport, the league, a team, and the nation and everyone knows it. Bring him on to the team and bring a contagion. Also he can’t play. he gets what he deserves. I don’t want to spend my $ on someone that does not appreciate the USA and that puts it down. I can spend my entertainment money and time somewhere it does not make me angry.

  47. 4USA2 says:


    1. esquire2 says:

      All immigrants should be “required” to assimilate into the American culture … That is the prime objective of Trump’s ban on Islamic immigrants.
      Trump is correct, repeating what Ronald Reagan did 30+ years ago … BEFORE criminally corrupt judges sat on the bench. <>

      MAGA! IMPEACH “activist” judges!

  48. mousekiller says:

    He has enjoyed the freedoms that he is not respecting. He is disrespecting the soldiers that gave all so he could be an asshole. Soldiers fight for freedom and do not discriminate. Even the freedom to be a jerkoff .

    If he never got back to the NFL would be a lesson he should learn from. Including the NFL. The NFL needs to rethink it.

  49. randolph.poole says:

    A better use for Kaepernick is to offer his services to the North Koreans (NK’s) for target acquisition purposes. Stick his ass in a dingy, set it afloat in the middle of the Pacific, and let’s really see how accurate their missiles are! This is killing two birds with one stone!

  50. EE says:

    Until it is replaced by flag football I won’t watch brain damage in progress.

  51. chuckie2u says:

    Let him be a lesson to other asshole spoiled footballers and blackball him from the sport.

  52. animatedgifman says:

    Colin Kaepernick is doing just fine … He is passively expressing his displeasure with The Cheeto-in-Charge’s bullshit (as is the right of every American). Deal with it, dewd …

  53. Tony Duncan says:

    Piece of trash with no respect for our country.

  54. Fred Farnan says:

    the black men and women who work to advance the existence of mankind are not hindered by one person whose judgment is disturbing to others.

  55. mousekiller says:

    This clown half breed reminds me of a time I had to shut up a loud mouth in Wyo Frontier days. During the National anthem the guy behind me kept running his mouth. I quietly told him to hold it down. He got smart ass. I reach reached back grabbed his gonads with my left hand and squeezed really hard, He shut up right then and there, I think he was just about ready to puke. After the Anthem was over I continued to hold him and explained as simply as I could why he still has them and why he should leave now. His partner was turning white as a ghost and scared, he must of thought he was next. . I told this nearly gonadless individual that if he wanted to continue this discussion under the bleachers I would oblige him. All of a sudden he was gentle and willing to go home. To me being a patriot is not how big the flag is you wave and display… It is what is in your heart that makes you a patriot…..It is called RESPECT.

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