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New ‘Shocking’ Truth About Criminals And Sanctuary Cities

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  1. CBUJAN says:

    This doesn’t say much about the democrats worrying about the safety of its citizens. Politicians of sanctuary cities should be prosecuted for not enforcing our laws.

    1. annie.o75 says:

      I agree..

      Let’s do iT!!

    2. rick meek says:

      Folks – force them into these sanctuary cities – confine the damage and crime to limited areas – Massive clean ups later…..

  2. Gustavo DiGiovanni says:

    Unfortunately libs are too stupid to know that our society is based on the rule of law. Sanctuary cities go against the rule of law and the worthless libs, with no morals or ethics, still advocate sanctuary cities. The only thing the lunatic libs care about is increasing their base, even if it means helping criminal aliens commit crimes against Americans.

  3. sandraleesmith46 says:

    Why wouldn’t they be? They get protection from being prosecuted for their crimes and to commit more crimes against Americans gratis too. And they get supported by Americans while they do it.

  4. Warren says:

    Well that saves a lot of Money when they all get to the Sanctuary Cities we build Walls around them. All arrested after we let them pick the City of their choice then deliver them there.

  5. Deplorable Lanie says:

    I read an article about Pheoenix and when they dropped their sanctuary city status and allowed their law enforcement officials to do their jobs, in 1 year the murder rate dropped by 27%! And the auto theft rate dropped by 36%! There is proof positive that sanctuary cities are more dangerous than those that obey the laws put in place to protect law abiding citizens!

  6. Pat Enery says:

    Illegal means not lawful. Not lawful is criminal. They’re criminals. I’m sure they did not forget to fill out their documents. Our country didn’t issue them any for a reason. Like too many of one nationality. How is that fair to others? They’ll have you believe that the illegals are of many diverse nationalities. There is only 1 country to the south of us that has a 2000 mile access point. They are absolutely cruel to anyone else trying to take advantage of this. Those nationalities are rotting in their jails. That nationality flourishes here on American taxpayer dollars. Any guesses as to who they are? They fly their flag to the right of ours upside down. The architects of this insanity control all of our government, media & banks. It is all by deliberate design.

  7. VictorLandry says:

    Why would the dim Dems fight for sanctuary city’s? One reason is obvious, the second is less so. The obvious reason is the potential for more Democrat voters. The not so obvious reason is gun control. If crime goes up, the city governments will use the increase for an excuse to crack down on guns.

  8. rick meek says:

    Look Folks —- It’s a good thing – The illegals will infest these cities especially with crime and disease but they will be CONCENTRATED INTO EASY TO REMEDY AREAS ……

  9. rick meek says:

    A new IRS investigation SCAM is currently being operated (202)4599868 or other numbers… You’ll receive a call from a heavily accented or not – individual claiming allegations against you….. This is done through internet calling – or even mobile numbers….. currently it’s from a call center established in pakistan (dem IT) or india ——- DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME – USE AN ALIAS – PLAY with them – THEY READ FROM A TERRIBLE SCRIPT – but when possible – ASK ABOUT YOUR 411 IN THE ALIAS NAME – CONFIRM the scam……The IRs used these people as contractors to process tax returns over the years – besides that 411 and in conjunction with the DC leaks and hacks – they have limited 411….Use an alias – find out what they want – ask if they have your file before them – CONFIRM that this is BOGUS – Have a little fun with them – PLAY AWAY – FEDS CANNOT AND WILL NOT HELP YOU….

  10. AdjunctGeorge says:

    Democrats want illegal immigrants in the cities so the political machines can use them to vote and they can get more congressmen since the census bureau counts all the people, legal and illegal. Congress is apportioned on the total population. The old joke about if you are not a christian, you get eternal life by registering as a democrat in Chicago. Then you will be voting forever. My father was a Republican poll watcher in the election that have Firoello LaGuardia elected in the 1940’s as NYC major. According to him, the democrats kept jamming the voting machines so you could not vote Republican. Things have not changed in the past 70 years.

  11. Ironmike4610 says:

    ZERO federal funds to sanctuary cities.

  12. Dannie Poe says:

    If I were a criminal felon, I would flock to a Sanctuary City if it kept me out of jail and allowed me to be a criminal. After all isn’t this what criminals do? Go where law is not enforced. I would target No Gun Zones as well.

  13. Millard Huff says:

    Send in the ARMY and take the state government out and put them all in jail.

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