NBA Player Wanted In Connection With Terrorist Ties In Turkey

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  1. Steven Coy says:


    1. Apolloone says:

      Vietnam Vet: This guy is pro America, anti terrorist, they want him back in Turkey so they can torture and imprison him and eventually kill him, only because he told the world about the maniacal dictator Erdogan, who is no friend of America or Democracy. Think about it, why would they go after one so-called terrorist when they have not bothered with thousands they could do something about. I agree with you we have enough terrorists from left wing “Useful Idiots” helping to destroy this country from within. Vietnam Era Navy Vet.

  2. Watchdog says:

    What’s with sports-don’t stand for the flag, go somewhere to practice terrorism, what else?

    1. Apolloone says:

      This guy is pro-America, Turkey’s dictator Erdogan wants him back to imprison him, I hope President Trump and his administration protects this guy, The likes of Georg Soros and his ilk are the ones I would like to see deported for Treason, better yet a rope.

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