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NBA Legend Makes Odd Claims About Trump

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  1. SD of AZ says:

    His name says it all. He represents the black racist just like BO. And they are the worst in the racist category!

  2. chief1937 says:

    Jabbar should stick to basketball and keep his mouth shut about politics. He has made millions off Americans thanks to his ball career. Biting the hand that feeds you is not very smart he could find himself in the same position as some other jocks that shot their mouth off minus the big bucks and unemployable.

    1. The lucky one says:

      “He has made millions off Americans thanks to his ball career. Biting the hand that feeds you is not very smart” Many Americans agree with him and ANY true American supports his right to express his opinion whether they agree or not.

      1. KDC says:

        Having an opinion is one thing, but Muslims immigrants terrorize and murder. I don’t see any of them taking a stand against the Muslim terrorists.

        1. The lucky one says:

          That’s because you’re not looking in the right places. hint: You won’t find it on racist propaganda sites like off the wire.

          See link below for a 712 page long list of Muslims Condemning Islamic terrorism with sources.

          1. livefreeordiehard says:

            Oh, yes, google is SO unbiased. I’ve got some swamp land I’d like to sell you.

          2. The lucky one says:

            It’s not google that is the issue. If you can debunk any of the claims the young lady listed please do so. You can’t just reject every news item that doesn’t met your expectations and beliefs by calling it biased or “fake news”.

          3. David Estes says:

            Apparently, you are of the same mind and from your tweet you are Muslim. You have your opinion and others have theirs. You didn’t have to call anyone or your words about media, “You won’t find it on racist propaganda sites like off the wire.” What you tweeted in that sentence was racists. Get over yourself and breath a deep breath and then tweet.

          4. The lucky one says:

            Seems I am not the only who needs to get over oneself. No I’m not Muslim, not Christian either and in fact don’t follow any organized religion.

            Where did I suggest that others aren’t entitled to their opinions? No, that would be the posters here who seem to think that because Jabbar made his money as a pro athlete he should keep his views to himself.

            Honestly I don’t know if this site is racist although looking at the comments many of the posters here are and the article came from Breitbart which is quite clearly a racist site.

          5. Robert Baird says:

            David Estes has you figured out, too, lucky!! bwahahahahahaha

          6. Herculesx Blade says:

            Yes, Your right there are Good and Bad,But How do you Distinguish the good from the bad,It’s called vetting and obama let a million or more muslims in this country who we don’t know what they really back? They were not given lie detector tests or back ground checks,I mean look at the abc news program that went ½ mile into Mexico were the start of the San Diego Road check point Starts,They went thru the trash cans and there were ID’s ,drivers license and all kind of ID from Muslim Countries thrown in the Trash,Than they get to the Check Point and say No ID ask for Asylum in USA from IRAN! Come on we have no idea who the last 8 years of this muslim president who he Let in,And if i could up load the Film before his first Election on a Talk show he was asked about his faith and without a blink he said Cristian,and it was not pushed any farther like what Church Nothing and he Lied he was a Muslim since he supposedly went to Harvard or CIA Training is more like it! We without a doubt have terror cells right now in this Country because of obama and no one else. He should be tried at a Military Court Martial and Hung! He was 100% failure as a us president!Along with billy the molester clinton who sold almost every decent American job to China! Think about it where are your Grandchildren going to work? It’s all a Plan!

          7. Robert Baird says:

            Does any of those quotes refer to the Quran where it says it’s okay to lie to the Infidel as long as it furthers their religion

          8. The lucky one says:

            Are you implying that only Muslims lie when it suits their purpose? Must be you’re not a catholic since their lying regarding priestly pedophilia is well known. In fact members of all religions as well as non-members of any religion lie. That’s nothing new.

          9. Robert Baird says:

            I’m not ‘implying’ anything lucky! You could read what I said a little more carefully and you would know that, but I’m pretty sure you’re like most democraps in that ‘facts’ are just pesky little nuisances that interfere with your agenda! The koran (sp) does tell all muslims that it is okay to lie to the infidel in order to advance the muslim religion. Sorry, I can’t quote you chapter and verse, but I expect you’re a big boy and capable of doing a little research….if you really do care about the truth. In the Christian religion, lying is a sin……no exceptions! Read the big Ten!

          10. The lucky one says:

            I was raised as a Christian so I’m well aware of the 10 commandments and also aware that they are routinely ignored by Christians when it suits their purpose, as in the example I gave and many less serious issues.

            No I won’t bother to look it up because I don’t care. I have no use for any of the organized religions that promise salvation and depend on revelation for “divine” truth. They might be useful for helping the simple minded sleep well at night but other than that they are mostly just used and abused by demagogues to create mischief and mayhem.

            Funny that you should lecture this alleged “Democrat” on honesty. First off, I’m not a Democrat. I was long ago but when saw them abandon the working class and move steadily to the right I switched to Independent. It’s pretty obvious that Rethuglicans have no respect for the truth. if they did they never would have put Trump out as their standard bearer, much less elect him. The man makes ordinary politicians, who lie frequently, look like good by comparison. Trump is the most shameless serial liar I’ve ever seen and that’s quite an accomplishment.

          11. Robert Baird says:

            You may have put a convenient ‘I’ after your name, but you’re a democrap, lucky……I’m going to use what is considered one of the biggest lies you can utter, but………’trust me’! You’re a democrap!!! You couldn’t hide behind that ‘I’ if you tried……bwahahahaha!!! You’re not going to check out the koran (sp) to see if it instructs the followers of islam to lie to the infidels in order to promote the muslim ‘faith’ because you ‘don’t care’?? That was the very first thing you mentioned when you made your first reply to me…… sure you’re not a ‘closet muslim’?? Here’s my last little ‘lecture’ to you: Judge not that ye be not judged!!. Don’t bother to look that up…..I know you don’t care!!!

          12. The lucky one says:

            Well I haven’t voted Dem in the last two prez elections but if in your tiny little brain it makes you happy to label me a Dem,enjoy your self. All “faiths” lie by promoting some pie in the sky afterlife for the sheep who follow the directions of the priest class.

            Maybe you should spend some time thinking about your “lecture” because you obviously have not grasped its meaning.

  3. Drberlat says:

    He might want to keep his racist opinions to himself. As a muslim convert he, not Trump, has sold out America and fails to note a federal order was enacted in 1950 banning all muslims from entering America as even then they were deemed inherently hostile and a threat to our way of life, counter to the precepts laid out in our Constitution! Trump is absolutely right and orders of magnitude more successful the than this blowhard! So Jabber ( a more fitting name) move to Iran and cry to them……we don’t care what you think! Typical big mouthed know it all athlete who made his money here and disrespects the highest office in the land. He may want to address the massive black on black killings in places like Chicago, not Trumps fault, but I guess blacks murdering blacks in America in huge numbers is not his concern!

  4. Dick says:

    Donald Trump has done more for this country and it’s citizens than Jabbar ever dreamed of. Yes, Jabbar is a millionaire, yes he was a fine basketball player, but with all his money and his talent has done NOTHING for America. We had one Moslem president who almost destroyed this country. We certainly don’t need any more.

    1. Herculesx Blade says:

      jabar Who? He’s a has been nobody,who’s trying to make a dollar after he sold all the gold chains and rings, well maybe the General will hire him to sell insurance or MAYBE Not ? All he needs is his rug and he’ll meet his Rapist,Sexist,Murdering Whoever when he dies ,but most likely it will be Horns Breathing Fire! But First He should be deported to iran and see what he left behind.

  5. GodIsOneAndHisNameIsOne says:

    IF he were of the caliber of (Rhodes Scholar) Bill Bradley, I would take him seriously.
    Let him bask in the glory of his (long gone) playing days, and keep his irrational opinions to himself. He know nothing of the subject matter on which he’s trying to speak (and it shows).

  6. Dan says:

    Not real smart. Most of the audience at NBA games are wealthy “white guys”. If the audiences were muslim and blacks the games could have been held in a grade school gym.

    1. The lucky one says:

      Your point?

  7. MILES E DRAKE says:

    We need to add another seat to one of the planes that will be headed out to Riyadh one of these days. There is no much mohammedan and marxist gibberish in Abdul Jabber’s maunderings that one hardly knows where to start, Suffice it to say that each and every single solitary “hate crime” that has been alleged since President Trump took office has been proven to be a hoax perpetrated by the alleged victim victims.

    1. livefreeordiehard says:

      Dimocratic tradition: When there are no facts to back you up, just make crap up and say it enough times hoping people will be stupid enough to believe you.

      1. The lucky one says:

        Yes that is the Trumpian strategy.

  8. Befuddled says:

    Now that you have made millions off of this country that is so Horrible and unfair why don’t you moved to another country where your beliefs are shared. We don’t need you here.

    1. The lucky one says:

      You have the right name, congrats. Jabbar made millions because he made mega millions for the owners of the BB team he played for and there are plenty here who share his beliefs so he doesn’t need to go anywhere.

  9. Fred Hamilton says:

    I agree with Mr. Jabbar. This country has a Racist history and is trying to return to it. There too have always been Good upstanding people in this country. The Good in this country will Prevail.The citizens of this great country have a right to descent and speak out about injustice. Most ethnic people of this country (People of Color) have supported Republican President’s that have all of our nations citizens interest at heart. 45 is and will not garner any support, because of the Racist/Bullying and Ugly campaign that he ran. Obama said ” Yes WE Can” and 45 said ” Make America White Again” See The difference. One is inclusive and the other is of division.

    1. The lucky one says:

      Wasting your time here Fred. Even a quick glance at the comments here shows how ignorant and mean-spirited the people posting here are.

    2. livefreeordiehard says:

      “Yes, we can” And DID he? No, he aided and abetted our enemies, added more to our national debt than all presidents combined, set new records in illegally spying against the American people, weakened our economy and made us a laughing stock in front of the whole world. Over $100M of the taxpayers money on lavish vacations when he should have been working. He is an AMERICAN DISGRACE. President Trump has done more for this country in five months than that disgrace obama did in eight years. He, hillary and their crooked administration will go straight to hell.

      1. The lucky one says:

        “Over $100M of the taxpayers money on lavish vacations when he should have been working.” No that would be Trump, just so far, just think how much he’ll rack up in 4 years, if he lasts that long. doubtful.

  10. Irene says:

    One thing that nobody mentions is the fact that the slaves who were brought to America were already slaves in Africa. They were those who were captured in tribal wars and then sold to traders on ships from many nations. And while we’re on the topic of slavery, from the 16th to the beginning of the 19th century the Barbary pirates preyed upon the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of Europe raiding and taking white people as prisoners- men for galley slaves and women sold into slavery as concubines. These North Africans raided as far north as Ireland and it has been calculated that nearly 1.5 million Europeans were enslaved by these Barbary pirates. My seven times removed great uncle was an American merchant seaman and was captured when his ship was attacked and captured by Barbary pirates while en route from Marseilles to America. He spent six years as a galley slave before the galley he was on was taken by an American warship and the slaves were rescued. And there are still slaves in Africa today. African enslaving other Africans. And as far as the cause of the Civil War is concerned, one might look to who financed it. Wealthy Northern manufacturers paid for the weapons and other equipment for economic reasons. Of course, no one would have fought a war to fill the pockets of these greedy men so ordinary people were suckered by the cause of freeing the slaves. Sounds like those power hungry Imams who sucker fools into becoming suicide bombers even though the Koran strictly forbids suicide. But they get around that because Ayatollah Khomeini decreed a fatwa that said it was all right to commit suicide if you took the enemies of Islam with you. Though how someone could interpret the words of Mohammed 1500 years later is beyond me. Simply another instance of someone manipulating losers for his own benefit.

    1. The lucky one says:

      “One thing that nobody mentions is the fact that the slaves who were brought to America were already slaves in Africa.” that is false. are you lying or just misinformed.

      Even if true, it’s not, so what? If my neighbor is raped does that make it ok for me to rape her also. Most of the posters on this site are some incredibly ignorant people.

      I’m done slumming, see ya.

      1. livefreeordiehard says:

        No, you’re the one that is incredibly stupid. You talk as if we are still out there enslaving people. Oh, wait, that would be YOUR friends, the muslims.

        1. The lucky one says:

          Apparently they’re Trump’s friends too. He just agreed to supply a known sponsor of terrorism (Hint: Most of the 911 perps hailed from there) a huge amount of arms.

          Maybe you’re not a total imbecile. At least you now acknowledge that we were enslaving people.

  11. anoesis says:

    Abraham Lincoln was a REPUBLICAN. The entire body of Congress that backed the freeing of slaves were REPUBLICAN. The politicians in the years before that war that were arguing for the freeing of slaves were 100% REPUBLICAN. Martin Luther King, Jr., Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver and the 1st black ever elected to Congress VERY soon after the Civil War were ALL REPUBLICANS!! The founders of the Ku Klux Klan were ALL demoncRATS. The politicians who restarted black slavery in 1964 were demoncRATS. The politicians who have been trying for years to give blacks back their dignity through education and jobs programs are white REPUBLICANS. The people who have stopped that are demoncRAT VOTERS who ALWAYS vote demoncRAT because they don’t WANT to work and make something of themselves, they want govmint gimmee money. White people who go to school, get an education, WORK to get ahead in this country and actually EARN the money they have are considered, by blacks, to be privileged and to be born with a sliver spoon in their mouths when reality is that they WORKED to get ahead. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s CHILDREN don’t share the views of people who want to KILL other people just because we believe in the TRUE and LIVING SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST and not their pedophile boy. They don’t share the beliefs of people who think the govmint own dem dey jack. They understand that this country was built with the sweat of WORKING PEOPLE OF ALL COLORS AND NATIONALITIES none of whom came here LOOKING for a handout, just a hand up. They also understand that slavery was abolished in this country 152 years ago. They know their ancestors worked after they were granted freedom and would NOT want the govmint to supply their every dime. It was a matter of dignity. When I was young black people WORKED for their living. I was taught NOT to be racist. That has changed somewhat. But I DO agree with this ungrateful ingrate on one thing; this country IS going backward in race relations and it started a little over 8 years ago when the black messiah, the Kenyan dream, the 1st muslime ever got elected as ‘president’ of this country. And it’s not going to change any time soon because demoncRATS refuse to admit the American people, of ALL races, voted them out of ‘power’ and race baiters such as this so-called American hero, who is ashamed of his real name (just like Casius Clay) just keep running their hate filled mouths instead of trying to help make things better in the MANY places in this country where they can.

  12. Shamgarr says:

    Anyone who holds Mohamed as a prophet and example to one’s faith has mental issues in my opinion. Mohamed was a murderer, misogynist, racist, and pedofile! Why do people even become Muslim with a “prophet” and “holy man” like Mohamed?? If they just think it through – and especially if they study the life and facts about Jesus – they would run fast and far from their Muslim faith. There is absolutely NO comparison to Jesus. If anyone is interested in looking, from an investigative perspective, at the life and claims about Jesus, check out Lee Strobel’s works (especially the short book, “The Case for Easter”) in addition to the New Testament Gospels.

  13. CaptTurbo says:

    Just another shit for brains Muslim convert who’s too stupid to know that it was the democrats who fought to keep slavery and also formed the Ku Klux Klan and that it was the GOP that fought to end slavery. Shamefully stupid and unappreciative of what this country has done for him

    1. The lucky one says:

      If you had any understanding at all of American history you would know that the evolution of the GOP to it’s present state makes your statement “it was the GOP that fought to end slavery” absurd. This ain’t your great great grandfather’s GOP junior.

      1. CaptTurbo says:

        Unfortunately the two parties are just different sides of the same counterfeit coin.

        1. The lucky one says:

          On that we do agree.

      2. livefreeordiehard says:

        You’re a moron. YOU don’t know American history. Where do you get your information from ? CNN? Yahoo? The Dimocratic party?

        1. The lucky one says:

          Obviously I know it better than you do. True in Lincoln’s time it was the Repubs who supported abolishing slavery but today’s GOP is nothing like the party was then.

  14. ronniecanoli says:

    Another black sport’s figure crying as they are running to the BANK… Hey Jabber the Putz, you never had it so good , just like you & Orca , & many, many other’s ..all helped by WHITEY.. F**KING INGRATE’S.

  15. phonewiz says:

    Stick to basketball comments, because anything else coming out of your mouth is bullshit!! Another Muslim, who needs to find another country to live in!! Thank God for our president!! God Bless America!!

  16. Rose Ribitzki says:

    NBA player or not ! … this puke needs to keep his trap shut or go to the muslime world he converted to … go to Syria, go to Iraq, got to wherever, just get the crap out of the USA!

  17. KDC says:

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Isn’t any friend to America and our Constitution either. So what’s he doing here?

  18. Willard Weems says:

    A a basketball player he had few peers, as a muslim, he is totally blind to the havoc that muslim refugees have caused in the US. Furthermore, my personal opinion is simple, if these radicalized muslims continue to kill American citizens we will see more and more blow back in muslims , radicalized or not paying the price of those who wish harm to those they refer to as infedels. Kareem, if you happen to read this, a word of caution, don’t place blame on the one person who is actually trying to prevent these events regardless of their religion!!

  19. Rob Anthonisen says:

    I did not realize that he was so stupid and such a racist.

    1. The lucky one says:

      I didn’t know that about you either.

      1. Rob Anthonisen says:

        You did not know that about me because I am not stupid and not a racist.. You do not seem to be lucky for thinking wrong things. I bet my IQ is higher than yours….

        1. The lucky one says:

          You’d lose the bet, not because mine is so high but I know I can beat single digits.

          1. Rob Anthonisen says:

            You did not spell a word correctly. So I was right! Do not bother to respond to this because I would just have another laugh at you. STFU!

          2. The lucky one says:

            Actually no misspelled words in either of my posts to you but you go ahead and have a chuckle. Believe me I’ve had many reading the nonsense posted here.

            My apologies to the few here who seem to have a brain, not you of course. Bite me doofus.

          3. Rob Anthonisen says:

            Another misspelled word LOL…. I was kidding about the other one but this one has 1.

  20. cutterguy says:

    this jackass needs to read our history. maybe he would find out that dems started the kkk, owned more slaves than republicans owned,l and the dems resurrected the kkk when it was in its decline.

  21. Those comments are as old, washed up, and out dated as his career and typical of an old Democrook Libtard living in the past and still whining about slavery. Ride off into the sunset with your idol Libtard Crooks…The Clinton’s and… stfu… cause no one cares what you have to say.

  22. Patricia says:

    Nobody ever said that sport “heroes” and Hollywood actors were known for their brains. They prove it every day, when they, who claim to be American citizens, bash a president who is making America Great, Safe and Prosperous again. They have no common knowledge of regular citizen’s lives, they live in their mansions, surrounded by fences and body guards and airplanes and think that gives them the right to comment on issues that pertain to regular citizen’s lives. They are nutcases who belong in a zoo.

    1. The lucky one says:

      “They have no common knowledge of regular citizen’s lives, they live in their mansions, surrounded by fences and body guards and airplanes and think that gives them the right to comment on issues that pertain to regular citizen’s lives.”

      LOL, you probably don’t even realize that you just gave a perfect description of Trump and gang he has surrounded himself with.

  23. livefreeordiehard says:

    I never realized he was so stupid.

  24. David Estes says:

    I went to the site that The lucky one gave. I found numerous sites that were NBC, CBS, the guardian. Do you trust CBS or NBC? I sure as heck don’t. I’ll check a few more and let you all know where they originated.

    1. The lucky one says:

      Just curious David. Which sites do you trust?

  25. David Estes says:

    I just went to one of the sites that “The lucky One” mentioned. This was a UK Muslim group that chastised the people of UK. It didn’t condemn the terrorist killings. KDC made a statement “Muslims immigrants terrorize and murder'” This wasn’t a blanket statement about Muslims. Look in the backyard of UK. There are Muslim areas that the police wont or can’t go. That seems that they are afraid of those areas. A number of women in EU have been raped, beaten and harassed. Does this seem like a religion of peace??

  26. Maria castro says:

    Is this genius, with such an exotic name, he seems to have forgotten, that his bros, the muslims were very big and competitive in the slave trade, with special offers of buy one get one free when business was slow? Definitely, Ignorance is bliss, especially for these idiots.

  27. Jack says:

    this once credible guy, has 0 credibility, and has been soo irrelevant, for so many years, he should bow out of the limelight, and enjoy all the $$, he has made from the slave masters. He’s one, of so many, that think, because I have money, I have sense. It’s too bad, because a lot of people that we used to admire, have ruined their legacy, by including their idealistic thoughts, politically.

    1. The lucky one says:

      “He’s one, of so many, that think, because I have money, I have sense.” apparently many people believe that because a prime example of that is now president.

  28. bub says:

    I doubt Jabbar-mouth would have a cogent comment about anything.

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