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Nancy Pelosi Just Ended The Democratic Party With This Accusation

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  1. Franie says:

    Geez, Pelosi is another one of those insane political loons on the Left. Not only that, but she too, needs to be prosecuted for all her misdeeds and crimes against humanity!!!

    1. dude says:

      I agree she’s a mini Hillary their both just alike

  2. Elisha says:

    Rep. Pelosi is experiencing a major, unfortunate issue (of a personal nature) with alcohol abuse. And her current string of public statements demonstrates that she’s on the wrong side of history. Nevertheless, it is Hillary R. Clinton who has thoroughly trashed what’s left of the Democratic Party. Hillary is a criminally insane Communist witch.

    1. fiftysevenchevy says:

      I don’t rate her that high!!!!!

      1. dude says:

        me either

    2. John Ciaccio says:

      The Dimwitted Party did it to themselves for allowing the notorious liar and elite stooge clintion to be their candidate. They are going down the wrong path which may lead to the final end of their party unless they do some major house cleaning. They won’t though. Waiting for the final nail in the Democrat coffin.

      1. pappy450 says:

        You will never see them do ANY “house cleaning” (Thanks to chuck-you schumer) in “charge”, they are officially the “party of obstruction” and intent on carrying on OSCUMBAG’S “legacy” of turning our country into a third world crap hole. They just can’t get over how BAD they got TROUNCED by “WE THE PEOPLE” and will continue to whine, cry. and dream up their “fake news stories” to feed their media “friends” in hopes SOMEONE out there will actually “believe their LIES”.

        1. SDofAZ says:

          And though Clinton was very, very bad Bzo was at least on a par with her. He awoke and galvanized the silent middle class because his fundamental destruction agenda was so very, very bad. His arrogant, narcissistic, black racist sociopath id put the NWO agenda on steroids and exposed all of them including the establishment rinos to the public. They are all NWO elitist including the Bush clan. I call them all the Uniparty. It includes dem wits and rinos. These days it is hard to tell rinos from dem wits. To me the most clearly associated Rino with the dem wits is McCain. He straddles the fence so obviously. Traitors, all of them, and they are the Enemy Within.

          1. bert shaw says:

            I agree 1000% OBOZZO did one thing (the only thing ) for this Country, he made millions and millions of Americans painfully aware of the One World Order globalist attempt to destroy America. He FAILED miserable because of his own narcissism and self inflated ego trying to push his muslime agenda on a Christian Nation

          2. SDofAZ says:

            It is frightening to realize how close we came to having Hillary. The fix was in but enough people got off the couch and voted in numbers BO is responsible for mobilizing. His handler, Soros, should have reigned that sociopath in but he did not. Maybe because Soros underestimated this nation and the people of this nation. We are not Nazi Germany of the 1930s, we are Americans of the United States of America and proud of our heritage, our history and our country. Bzo did not change that fact and yes, we are a nation of christians. Soros and his minions are our enemy within and thus this war will continue. Apparently the DNC represents the core establishment of our enemies within and so far the voting is showing they are LOSING. And now that fraud in voting is a fact and only on the dem wit side, guess what laws are definitely going to be enacted and enforced. The enemy within is going to get really desperate, really soon.

          3. Robert Walters says:

            We can stop the Deep State war, “We The People” can do this. We must unite as a Christian Nation and force the Muslim population to return home. America First, Under One God. We must stop the lies in the media, the corruption in the government and the courts. We must bring religion and the American flag back in our schools. “We The People” control the vote, support America First or leave the government, the courts, your elected office OR WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT !

          4. SD of AZ says:

            We can set term limits with a few simple rules as voters.

            Incumbent = no vote
            New candidate running against incumbent = vote

            Rather congress sets term limits, (that has a likely probability of never happening), we can and should vote them out. We have horrible representation in this congress, time to turn em out, vote em out. Maybe in a few decades we will have elected officials who listen to their constituents. We can make term limits happen with our vote.

            And we need to push the nation to clean up the voting fraud. Eliminate the duplicate registrations, the dead still voting, check ids for legal citizenship, and make sure that the person lives at the address he is registered to vote at and validate he is only registered in one country, one state. And help, volunteer to cull them all from the voting rolls if the registrar says they do not have the resources to get it done. Shut this voting fraud down. And severely punish the cities, counties and states that resist then clean it up anyway.

          5. America1st says:

            You have to admit that ironically Obama’s greatest accomplishment is singlehanedly Obama is the BEST GUN SALESMAN in the USA.

        2. Mathew Molk says:

          If that’s what they are intent on they are not doing so hot these days. Loosing every battle and loosing members every day too. It’s only a matter of a couple of years and the NWO Marxists will cease to exist.

        3. Robert Walters says:

          Right on. Thank you.

    3. Countrysunrise says:

      I remember the article they had when she was speaker of the House, and she would fly home on weekends. Her plane was filled with every liquor available, as well as specialty foods!! This article was quite critical of her, and I thought to myself — that’s a twist!!

  3. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Her accusations fit very well with the DEMOCRATIC party, not the Republican party. BUT, the Republican party is on it’s way out too. People are fed up with them NOT doing what we voted for them to do. WE have the majority in the House, & the Senate, AND a Republican President, yet they continue to blame Dims for not passing laws that We The People want. In ’18, they may just lose their majorities.

    1. John Ciaccio says:

      It won’t be to the Democrats. Unless the Day of the Walking Dead comes to pass and they find away to get zombies to vote. I totally mean that in the literal sense. ?

      1. Rani says:

        Pelosi doesn’t even remember who the current President is. She keeps calling President Trump President Bush. She’s as loony as can be and Schumer thinks he’s saving the Democratic Party by turning on the tears. What a joke he is and how pathetic. These swamp people don’t know when to rollover and leave.

        1. Angeline Pebler says:


          1. Rani says:

            Thank you for the compliment. These people are a sideshow and would make a good comedy if the state we’re in right now wasn’t so bad because of them and their rhetoric.

      2. LLJINTL says:

        And don’t you know they will find it and legislate it.

    2. chief1937 says:

      We never want the democrats in power again in this nation. Replace rhino republicans with true ones OK but never replace them for democrats.

      1. dude says:

        we need voter reg. and i.d. then you won’t have to worry about a dem. getting in

    3. Rani says:

      Some of those Republicans are obstructionists too. They’re going to get what they deserve if they don’t stand behind this President. I just hope they are challenged by some new Republican blood and that we still keep the Senate and House. Those obstructionist Republicans like McCain, Ryan and a few others should either retire in McCain’s case, and Ryan should step down. Ryan has not done a thing to get the Healthcare done and he had a long time to do it. He’s dragging his ass and you can tell he doesn’t like President Trump. Ryan is a phony and I don’t trust him.

  4. Ken says:

    She is a nut job that should be ignored. That goes for many on the left. Publicizing their ignorance only foments more anger, hatred, and violence from the leftist movement.

    1. David Estes says:

      I don’t like what is happening with the liberals (demos) and their liberal media. If they would tone down the hatred then the Conservatives would also. President Trumps statement ‘I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.’ It was just a metaphor for loyal followers like now. She can understand things like that because of her hatred towards Conservatives. They want to keep people on welfare and poor. Control health care. They are such sad sacks.

      1. Elfie says:

        and I like to ad, you control their life’s from birth to death. .

        1. Countrysunrise says:

          They don’t. If they had it their way, they would abort everyone!!

  5. Dick says:

    Mr. Sanders (as the rest of the democrat party) is wrong. President Trump was not the most unpopular candidate who ever ran. Hillary is. If Trump had been the most unpopular candidate, he would not have won.

    1. David in MA says:

      Your right, we would be dealing with Burning Bernie right now.

      1. Christine Glass says:

        And circling the drain into the oblivion of socialism and anarchy.

    2. Jim Norris says:

      U R RIGHT…

    3. rick meek says:

      Sanders is a sell out and now they got caught in another DC taxpayer financed SCAM……

      1. SDofAZ says:

        That Bernie claims is nothing. We shall see! He and his wife lawyered up already. Hum?

        1. Countrysunrise says:

          Bernie’s wife is in a lot of trouble!! They now have 4 attorneys. Think about it. Just bought a $600,000 beach house last year. There was an article that states Bernie “earned” $1 Million last year. You don’t see him sharing it with all of his peeps, which means he doesn’t practice what he preaches!! He just talks smoke, and his wife will see the slammer!!

  6. hwyphd1 says:

    piglosi is bat shit CRAZY

  7. James in Texas says:

    Madam Stool Sample has been the “cause” of many many “No Bid” government projects to somehow “fall into” the construction company that she and her husband just happen to own! For all of you so-called Democrats, she doesn’t give a “bucket of spit” about you or the Party, she cares only for her power, added wealth and re-election, which the Snowflakes, Illegals and Smores (confused sex idiots) in CA guarantee every 2 years, Period! So, do something or keep on paying the freight cost!

  8. Rani says:

    Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, Warren, Waters are the main stupid Dems who will put the final nails in the Democratic Party’s coffin. They are the ones that will implode themselves and their party. They should continue to talk and act like lunatics and soon we’ll be rid of them. They’re toxic.

    1. Joan Ferrantesimplyme says:

      Rani, The left seems to be listening to you! they’re firing away with the hate

      1. Rani says:

        Good – maybe they’ll implode soon. I’m hoping that’s what happens. The guy behind the funding of the riots and the inciting is George Soros. That’s who Pelosi, Schumer, Warren and Waters take their orders from. Something should be done about Soros. President Trump is aware of Soros and knows that he’s behind the funding of the riots. All his endeavors to bring down the United States should catch up with him too. Soros pumped millions into Killary’s campaign and the Clinton Foundation. We’ll have to keep our eyes and ears on the situation. Pelosi may be the first to annihilate herself and then the rest will fall behind her.

        1. Countrysunrise says:

          All we need to do is charge him for all the damages his minions caused from all of their protests on the streets, and for all of the added Police protection that could have been used elsewhere!! Soros is really a piece of work who thinks higher of himself than he really is!! He has an organization that has dues of $250,000!! That’s insane, if you ask me. They use the dues to see who they’re going to go after.

          1. Rani says:

            He’s as crooked as they come. Involved in every underhanded and dirty thing. Maybe someone will take him out permanently. You can see that everyday President Trump calls out the fake media, they turn up the heat on him with more stupid protests. The latest is impeachment or that he’s not mentally fit. We’ll see what happens there, but if they dare try to remove this President from office, they’re going to have to answer to our Veterans. There will be war and the stupid libtards better hide.

    2. Countrysunrise says:

      Their party imploded back in November. Then they voted in Perez as head of the DNC. You know him. Little big man who has to swear to feel big!! The one who says you have to be for abortion in order to belong to the Democrats!! What a little idiot!! That’s why they took God out of their platform years ago. He’s come back in the form of Karma!!

      1. Rani says:

        Talk about an idiot – that little twerp of a creep thinks that by swearing he’s going to show us how tough he is. He better watch his mouth or someone is going to put his face on the other side of his head. Karma will rule in the end because if you do bad and evil things, which these libtards are doing, nothing good is going to happen to you and I’d be afraid if I were them.

  9. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Maybe this will be a good time to start a 3rd party, one that has the common interests of We the People at heart. One reason, in fact the MAIN reason, that Mr Trump got elected, was because people are sick of the status quo. As an outsider, Mr Trump offered a change, a breath of fresh air, no pay to play, & so on. And, Mr Trump also caused the near destruction of the GOP too. They quickly learned that they better stick with him, or be left behind. We need term limits, so the Reps & Senators don’t become millionaires on the people’s taxes.

    1. Elfie says:

      I am all for term limits but we have to take away a lot of what the Federal Government is now holding on with dear life and turn it over to the States.

  10. US Patriot says:

    The Clinton’s have belonged in prison for decades. Unfortunately the Clinton money has bought off FBI Directors, agents, lawyers and Judges to all look the other way and ignore all the crimes the Clinton’s have committed during their entire time in politics! They were called “The Arkansas Mafia” for a specific reason. The Clinton’s will do anything, and I mean anything for money and power! Murder is not of question for the Clinton crime machine!

    1. Rose Ribitzki says:

      agree … agree … agree !

  11. Marilyn Z says:

    Who is so sanctimonious? The woman is a pathetic joke; ignore her.

  12. joleenworden says:

    It is pathetic that Pelosi chooses to ignore the scores of violent attacks in the name of her Party or just Anti Trump since the man ran for office. Most of the racist, radical violence has been recorded and put out for all to see on Fox News and other unbiased TV channels. But since most of the mainstream news has refused to cover it, Pelosi feels she can pretend it did not occur. If people who justifiably hated Obama had behaved the way Liberals do now they would have been arrested and crucified by the Media. But most of the Soros paid demonstrators causing this violence, especially at Colleges, are not punished. College Professors call for the mass assignation of Republicans and Pelosi acts like nothing happened to incite this shooting. Sad.

  13. David in MA says:

    People like Pelosi tend to think the “Little People” have short memories, although some from the ghetto and the welfare group do, the majority have started to listen to the BS and recognize it as BS and remember it, and are now starting to understand what is going on and responding to it intelligently..

  14. Kirk Kahler says:

    negative attitudes is all the corrupt left has ! they put more out there then I have ever seen and it is just sad ! the corrupt Obama/Clinton/MSM cartel pushes so much hate to there followers that I am surprised there have not been more attracts ! they have paid people to go to rally’s just to start trouble , have been on TV calling for blood in the streets , calling for trumps impeachment , telling people to resist every thing , supporting Hollywood in there awful attacks , pushing lies and fake news as the truth , the vile things the left is saying and it is being televised to the people , attacking white men , attacking uneducated women , war on police , blaming every one and any thing on there loses , war on Christians , open boarders , protecting illegals of US citizens , having double standards and so much more ! and she has the balls to blame trump ! you don’t see supporters of the right going out there and attacking the left with hate ! you don’t hear about the right going to rally’s to start trouble ! you don’t hear about the right calling for killings and resistance ! the right is not on TV lying ! you don’t see the right pushing fake news ! but what you do see is the right working for the American people ! job, unemployment down, killing the Obama crap , rebuilding our military , letting the world know that America is back ! and so much more ! the left is unhinged and fading fast there party is falling a part and turning on them self’s ! they have nothing left but hate and negative attitudes !

  15. CharlyO says:

    Have Pelosi and Waters been certified mentally deficient yet? As for the Trump comment about shooting on 5th Avenue all you would hit would be Democrat freeloader Anti-Americans and you could be lucky, it might be Schuhorn or Hilliterit.

  16. Richard Kreitenstein says:

    The Dhimmicrats are dead in the water with the only oar in use is in the contorted, failed hands of Nancy Pelosi. Can you say “Goodnight,” Nancy? Can yu say, “Goodnight, Dhimms”?

  17. LLJINTL says:

    The demonic slime that grabs tax dollars for their hedonism, demoncrats, will be in for a rude awakening. It will be square one in the after life, as each one is shown what public service really means. They are completely off track of what America is about. I hope Trump dismantles all their healthcare, benefits, retirement, to equal any citizens’, and finds a way to send all traitors to Venezuela to enjoy the socialism they think is so loving.

  18. Christine Glass says:

    The reason you do not see the democrats parodied on SNL is simply that no one is talented enough to make them look any more ridiculous. Donald Trump , his family and his administration should be glad that they do have room for comedy relief while the other side has reached maximum stupidity and even the most talented of comics could not improve on their bizarre behavior.

  19. travis690 says:

    Sounds to me like Nancy Pelosi needs to take her stupid vitamins again; it’s been a few days since she said something completely insane.

  20. quelque chose says:

    I sent a letter to the editor of our local, falling “newspaper” stating how the left has been behaving like spoiled brats since the day after the election because their candidate lost. They have become violent since then, either with their words or actions, and the shooting of Rep. Scalise should be a wake up call to them that this has to stop. We all knew what was said by the left was just lip service given what Pelosi said the day after the shooting. Actions speak louder than words.
    Not two days after my letter was published, I have received hateful letters in the snail mail from uncouth louts who do not put their names or return addresses on their screeds. These defenders of free speech and women’s rights are 14 karat hypocrites — not to mention cowards. So, anyone who is a Republican, Conservative, or is just plain tired of their behavior be careful. They aren’t kidding with their #HUNTREPUBLICANS

  21. Vince says:

    Polosi is the best “tool” the republican’s have.

  22. dude says:

    pelosi is a crook a Clinton wanta be and she been caught up in a bunch of crap now it’s the dem. name call game blame it on someone else dem. you need to elect someone else this ones making all you all look bad

  23. George Hilliard says:

    Pelosi is a nut,
    Clinton is a witch,
    They both have trashed the Demo party,
    And are looking to trash the entire country.


  24. kevin A Grumpy Old Man says:

    Lets all vote to keep Nancy and Chuck u Shumer, we consergatives need them. They are better at promoting our conservative agenda than republicans.

  25. Maria castro says:

    She is senile with symptoms of Alzheimer’s and they know it. She will make them”big” with her pronouncements.

  26. Doxie says:

    Pelousy is a blithering idiot; her alcoholism is at the forefront and on stage for everyone to witness; however, demoduds can’t see it, they’re so wrapped in hate and destruction that they are truly are disintegrating. The demoduds are trying to deflect from this undoing by their rabid attempts to crucify President Trump.

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


      7. The Jews have brought homosexuality out of the closet and into our faces through numerous “rights” legislations. Sodomy is shown in their Jewish controlled media and movies as normal, healthy, enjoyable and something to celebrate openly in as brazen a fashion as possible. Six year old children in our Public Schools are shown videos promoting anal sex between males. The Jews have founded, funded and fronted every homosexual advocacy group in America.

      8. The Jews have brainwashed American children in other areas besides sexual depravity. With their control of the Public Educational System and Collegiate level academia, they have filled the minds of the young with Marxism, Deconstructionism, relativism, anti-White hatred, and lies about “diversity” and non-judgmentalism. These sundry isms are the pernicious lies that have jettisoned the positive isms that once bloomed in our society: absolutism, patriotism, altruism, individualism, nationalism, etc.

      9. The Jews have subverted our government. With Zionist control of the media, both print and television, the two major political parties have been steered away from the interests of the European-American majority, rendering us incapable of self-preservation. The war in Iraq, the 9/11 attacks and a possible clash with Iran in the near future, are all results of the Zionist subjugation of the most powerful nation on earth, and the prioritizing of Israel’s concerns over those of the United States.

      10. The Jews have brought radical feminism to American women and girls. Thanks to the steady diet of anti-male, anti-marriage and anti-family books, lectures and college courses from the likes of the Gloria Steinems, the Betty Friedans, and the Susan Sontags, many women now see the prospect of marriage and child-rearing as an impediment to their liberation.

      11. The Jews have made abortion into a sacrament. Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) is run from top to bottom by Jews. Unregulated abortion on demand is touted in the Jewish controlled Media as a positive social good for the United States. With a large percentage of abortion doctors being Jewish, the Jews have definitely made a killing out of killing.

      12. The Jews have sold us the packaged lies of egalitarianism. All are equal in intelligence, morality, accomplishments — except of course, for one group. The Jewish “race” as their own leaders refer to their people, is covertly declared as being uniquely moral and wise. The Jews truly believe they have a God-given right to rule over us. To criticize their pernicious power is the most egregious societal taboo resulting in being blackballed as being, “Anti-Semitic!”

      Everything on this list can be easily verified. Jews, mostly Zionists, have spearheaded every movement that now threatens our destruction. Jews have extended their tentacles into all facets of our country squeezing every vestige of wholesome life out of America.

  27. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:


    1. The Jews have emasculated our nation by destroying our pride in America’s Christian history. Without a commonly held memory a nation ceases to exist as a cohesive unit.

    2. The Jews have labeled America’s Christian Founding Fathers as “racists” and “white slavers” while at the same time suppressing the fact that Jews financed and participated in the Black slave trade.

    3. The Jews have promoted multiculturalism, celebrating every culture — no matter how backward and barbaric — except for Western white European culture. As Jewish feminist Susan Sontag, (originally named Susan Rosenblatt), stated: “The white race is the cancer of humanity.” But Susan Rosenblatt Sontag’s own cancerous contagion is her lesbian perversity with photographer Annie Leibovitz and Nicole Stephane Rothschild, the banking heiress turned movie actress.

    4. The Jews have driven our Christian heritage from the public square through the efforts of the Jewish Lobby Groups, the ADL and the ACLU. American children will grow up in a society wiped clean of any vestiges of the Bible, Christ or the Cross. However, the Menorah is still allowed in public displays and in the White House for Hannukah celebrations.

    5. The Jews have torn our borders open, permitting, indeed cheering, the Third World immigrants who will soon replace the white Christian American majority. The Jacob Javitzes and the Lautenbergs have designed legislation that will genocide us. They have done all this while simultaneously supporting Israel’s “Jews-only” immigration policy.

    6. The Jews have pushed, created and profited from pornography and perverse entertainment. The “chosen people” make up 90% of all American pornographers. The Hollywood they run has mainstreamed wife-swapping, common law marriages, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestitism, pedophilia, drug and alcohol abuse and self-indulgence. Bestiality will be next on the list for these society-corrupting Jews.

  28. scrubbie says:

    No matter who the public players are in the US, whether it’s Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Waters, Valerie, Eric, Joe, whomever, the actual puppet-master is Soros.There is unpredictability in humans, we have weaknesses and flaws, and thought processes which can change from one day to the next, so no matter how rich or powerful a person is they cannot absolutely guarantee the outcome they desire. I’m thankful for that because otherwise Soros would have secured Hillary the position of president. Now if we could just get rid of the rest of the garbage…

  29. mrp15 says:

    We need to reach a place in this country where there are no such things as Black Lives Matter or White Supremacy or any other distinction to create discrimination. No race card or gender card or any other card. We are all Americans and that’s how we should be defined. United we stand and divided we fall. Over a century and a half ago, a wise man named Abe Lincoln said it best: “A nation divided against itself cannot stand.” Same holds true all these years later.

  30. Phillip says:

    “Trump’s previous comments about shooting somebody on 5th Avenue and still not losing any votes is clearly a metaphor about the loyalty of his supporters.

    But of course angry liberals confused that as being literal.”

    Actually, she wasn’t implying that he was being literal. Rather, she was making the point about invoking gun violence to demonstrate loyalty is fundamentally problematic.

  31. COL Bullseye says:

    Please don’t go, Nasty Puta-lousy! We need you as the main DemoKKKrap spokes-perthon, so we can get to Super-Majority numbers in the House and Senate. We LOVE you, Puta-lousy! We’ll even PAY you to stay on as Minority Leader!

  32. rick meek says:

    The only REASON they kept her around is ALL THAT TECHIES MONEY SHE BRINGS IN FROM CA……

  33. John Beam says:

    I have to say that I cringed at a lot of stuff Trump said, because I’ve said the same thing about Obama followers–that he could do something utterly reprehensible, in public, and he wouldn’t lose ANY of his mindless supporters. To me, it was a slap at how thoughtless Trump’s support was to HIM.

    That said, Pelosi’s redirecting all of the left’s hate and destain aimed at Trump towards projection of everyone who disagrees with her is disgusting. The only real reason that I voted for Trump is because of the unbelievable “election coverage” from the MSM, that was 100% positive for Clinton, and 100% negative for Trump. Their “news coverage” was such that they appeared to be bought and paid-for by Clinton’s campaign. I voted for Trump because of Mike Pence, and because Clinton and Kaine cringed me to the deepest depths of my soul.

    You’d either have to be really stupid to vote for Clinton-Kaine, or really despicable.

  34. Dave says:

    It’s the first rule of communism:

    Always accuse the other side of being/doing what you are.

  35. Mathew Molk says:

    The Democratic Party dies years ago, I’s now the NWO Marxist party and that is also on it’s way out. BYW, Does anybody actually believe anything Bella Pelosi says? She became irrelevant even before the President knocked the cackling witch flat on her depends clad ass. .

  36. VINNY BARONE says:

    Pelosi is a leftwingwaccadoo nitwit who along with soros-obama-clinton-schumer-sanders, all DINO [democrats in name only] REGRESSIVES have destroyed the integrity of the Democrat Party beyond repair…

  37. Michael Kovacs says:

    Politicians have been saying stupid things on both sides as long as there have been politics and that predates any actual parties. The problem being that they were at least smart enough to drag the whole party into their personal stupidity thus allowing them to ban having to answer individually on the field of honor. Let us return to the days of Hamilton and Burr. Even though their duel itself was illegal they settled their differences without dragging others down with them. Today we settle for lip service apologies from party shills. The electorate accepts this and within 72 hours the news cycle has moved on to the next piece of dung who has said something asinine. Academia is stacked with Marxist professors many of whom have been there since the 60’s and have had a major influence on those who are now teaching K-12 and we wonder where the values have gone and why? These people have also educated the majority of those who are today’s journalists and naturally somebody had to teach political science to future legislators. Y’all will remember the name of the oft vilified “witch hunter” senator Joe McCarthy and how his House UnAmerican Activities Commission has been vilified over the years and still is occasionally. It pops up every now and then when ever someone looks too hard at the left. It was a bad thing wasn’t it? Except that after the fall of the old Soviet Union and the opening of its files what was it, I believe something like 87% of those investigated were in fact involved to some degree with Soviet intelligence plus many more who had evaded suspicion. A number of these were high ranking members of the military or in sensitive positions within the government. Golliee, Who would a thunk it!

  38. cp123 says:

    I no longer listen to the insane ramblings of Sanders and Pelosi. I can’t get that time back.

  39. cp123 says:

    In 2020 we need additional questions on the ballot that WE THE PEOPLE can vote on so we can stop the gridlock!

  40. Robert Walters says:

    The best thing for the Demoncratic Party to do is follow Hillary Clinton’s example of murder and commit SUICIDE, sorry they already are.
    One thing left to do: PULL THE TRIGGER.
    “We The American People” Thank You.

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