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Megyn Kelly Has Become So Sad It’s Hilarious

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  1. Dave says:

    LOL – She shouldn’t have quit her day job.

  2. bobs33hotrod says:

    She is getting her just Due. After Insulting President Trump On Fox News Her Decline began Good Reddens
    Bobby ~!~

    1. rs1123 says:


      1. John says:

        I see bobs is another linguistic 2nd grader. Hope he learns how to spell in a few years by the time he reaches the age of 9. .

        1. CLARA PERRY says:

          I hate the effffffffffffffffffffffing spelling , grammer police,,, Find something better to do with your time please,,,,,

          1. BambiB says:

            Yeah but reddens? Seriously? Reddens?

          2. John says:

            Some people had very little education and thus write and speak so poorly. I suggest at the minimum a 6th Grade Education if you are a Redneck and/or a Southerner, Clara must be both.

          3. CLARA PERRY says:

            go screw you self moron…. you are a sad man… go get a life ..I

          4. esquire2 says:

            Do You speak Russian? or German ??? Then learn to write the language you pretend to SPEAK … Your “Hate” labels you to be a IDIOT …

        2. Deb says:

          Get a life! There are so many more important things to focus on. I work in the court system. If you ever read a court report written by a judge you would see it’s the content, not the spelling or grammar!

          1. John says:

            Let’s hope you are not the court reporter. That would be a mess to read along with all the “good riddences”.

          2. Deb says:

            That was really dumb. I was trying to inform you that spelling is not a priority anymore in this fast paced world. It just doesn’t matter if the judge uses the wrong your/you’re in a report or spells a few words wrong. Just like kids will no longer be taught to write in cursive. I’m also not sure I like it but……

          3. John says:

            Spelling is “not a priority” today? You are really nuts and I guess you wrote all your resumes using lol and ttyl and swak and stfu? . Good luck in advancing your career.

          4. Deb says:

            Well, since I’m retired that shouldn’t be a problem. I bet you really don’t like it that kids are not taught cursive anymore…and don’t have to memorize the multiplication tables anymore. Before you went all rude on me I was saying I don’t think it’s right but it’s a fact Jack.

          5. John says:

            I use block letters and not cursive but all should be taught the latter (cursive). I loved learning the multiplication tables and hope schools do not stop teaching it. I once knew the tables up to 24. But now forgot off hand what is 23×13.

          6. Deb says:

            I agree.

          7. esquire2 says:

            see ABOVE Reply …

          8. esquire2 says:

            NOT TRUE! The spelling AND grammar are NECESSARY to enable “enforcement”.
            btw, are you as “criminally” corrupt as the judges? and lawyers?

  3. Norman Fox says:

    POOR POOR Megan. She has let her alligator mouth over ride her tad poll ass. It could not have happen to a more deserving person

  4. David Stewart says:

    Gee, wish I was a loser makng 15 mil a year!

    1. esquire2 says:

      The MESSAGE in this article is that it shows HOW FFFF-ed Up this country truly is .
      The Media is controlled by the Left, The People cannot get the TRUTH, and WITHOUT TRUTH, we can have NO JUSTICE! <>

      The USA is officially entering into the “Roman Downward Spiral”!

  5. Allen Rogers says:

    I still think she is a progressive dyke.

    1. James Thomson says:

      Perhaps I am getting old. What is a dyke?

      1. Sharon Jeanguenat says:


        1. James Thomson says:

          Thank you Sharon. Obviously this is a nasty reference that generally would not be used in public or in groups.

      2. CLARA PERRY says:

        a lesbian that is the male in the relationship.of 2 women..

  6. Ed Shick says:

    Well if she is going to hit rock bottom , I hope she takes Hillary with her !

  7. charles johnston says:

    Kelly was never a serious journalist, maybe a so so lawyer, but her coarse personality rarely made her attractive to watch. Didn’t watch her on FOX after the first debate where she made such an ass of herself. . . damn sure won’t watch her on NBC.

  8. JOHN STEEL says:

    she brought it on her self.

  9. Pacman5 says:

    She really and truly let her mouth overload her arse. It backfired big time.

  10. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Well, she should have KNOWN that conservatives were NOT going to watch NBC, no matter WHO was the host of the show. She was already losing fans BEFORE she left Fox, because of the debate fiasco. Serves her right! If Mr Trump had lost the election, then she thought she’d be a shoe in. But Dims don’t like conservative people, no matter who it is, & conservatives don’t like liberal people.

  11. vinny says:

    We hear the same BULLSHIT!! JUST FIRE THE BITCH!!!

  12. george briar says:

    if she starts doing her shows in the nude I might watch or maybe just take a quick peek. She was finished when she first attacked Trump. I pity the fool that mess’s with Mr. T

  13. Lillian DeVore says:

    Why would she be worried? She doesn’t need the money. She’s already rich enough for several lifetimes.

    1. BambiB says:

      Worried because she’s one of those people who feed on attention and approval. No attention+No approval = failure.

  14. Red Steiner says:

    I like her legs.

  15. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    Teeheeheehee… serves her right. I think it is really funny that her ratings are so low that she had to call Fox News probably for some help. ?? then Sean Hannity hasn’t called her back ???.

    1. jnlaf says:

      hannity haven’t called her back…..because hannity is so far up trump’s ass you don’t know were trump stops and hannity begins..

  16. jnlaf says:

    Why can’t you people handle it when others disagree with you….you people ar all love America,,,,,,As long as every one think, act ,believe everything you people would do a lot better in a communist country…funny little people,,you guys are cute,,

    1. gil ewer says:

      What the Fuck did you just write??????

      1. esquire2 says:

        I think he is trying to impress other readers … He succeeded … just like Megyn Kelly!

  17. Dick says:

    Maybe NBC should dump her and sign “Last Man Standing”. It would definitely improve their ratings.

  18. Pingy Ping says:

    Screw her

  19. BambiB says:

    She’s looking a lot older than she did a year ago too. Stress will do that to you.

    1. Megan H. says:

      I’m glad you saw the stress-lines, too. From her lower cheek to her temples. She must be clenching her teeth a lot. : )

  20. Monica says:

    This is just part and parcel of the general attitude of Americans viewers not watching anything that has to do with opinion and rhetoric with the “anonymous source” as their basis for their so called “news.” She believed her own “hype.” She should have stuck to morals and principles.

  21. Bennie Bennett says:

    What goes around comes around.

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