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Loretta Lynch In Enormous Trouble For Hillary Email Scandal

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  1. mrp15 says:

    And Loretta Lynch was touted as being honest and ethical. What a crock! She’s nothing but corrupt and crooked.

    1. pappy450 says:

      Typical of ANYONE that was a part of OSCUMBAG’S “administration” (and “inner circle”) don’t you think?

      1. Ken/FL says:

        Of any administration, neither party is doing the job they were voted to do.

        1. pappy450 says:

          Like I have stated SEVERAL times before, BOTH “parties” are TERRIFIED that under the TRUMP administration, all that ILL-GOTTEN- POWER, CONTROL and those all-precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS that they rely on to fund their cushy lifestyles, is slowly, but surely being returned back under the CONTROL of “WE THE PEOPLE” (as promised) SO the “elites” will fight tooth and nail and do anything to retain this CONTROL, STOLEN over the years from the people.

          1. Ken/FL says:

            Both parties will fight to their death to stop the people from regaining control of their Government.

    2. Ahmed F. Hosny says:

      Obama appointee.

    3. badass says:

      i am 100% with you.

    4. worried american says:

      What did you expect…if I recall, she and Holder’s wife went to school together. We are talking old swamp buddies here as usual…If she had been ethical she would have gone after Holder as first on her list.

  2. David Linton says:

    Clinton, Lynch and Rice in the same cell block. Now that would be justice.

  3. myfordtruck says:

    they need to charge the Clintons also

    1. Ken/FL says:

      For many things.

  4. me1952 says:

    Now why would anyone one have any “concern” over Bill paying Loretta a social call while the DOJ is investigating Hillary? Don’t we always run into old friends on airport tarmacs?
    One can almost hear the theme from “The Godfather” as Bill enters the plane. But not even Don Corleone would have been this brazen, or stupid.

    1. David in MA says:

      What are the odds they just happened to be in the same airport at the same time? And, why did Lynch have a private government airplane?

      1. me1952 says:

        Exactly. This was supposed to be secret. They were caught so now the public is supposed to believe they met for doughnuts and coffee and to exchange recipes for cherry pie.

        I’m not surprised Lynch was in a gov’t plane. She was the AG of the United States on official business.

        1. David in MA says:

          I understand the govt. plane is assigned to the AG for their “needs”, and was the official business with slick or did it “just happen” while she was on her way to “official business”? All BS, in my book.

          1. me1952 says:

            I understand she was on some kind of official business in AZ and Bill “happened” to be golfing there at the time when he decided to make an “impromptu visit” with the AG. A visit that no one was supposed to know about.

          2. CurlyJ555 says:

            Let’s see Loretta’s itinerary…. What was the purpose of the meeting, with whom and what were the results of the “Official” meeting… AND, where did Billy play golf? The temperature that day exceeded my cardiologists recommended outdoor sports activity limits…. Not his? Who did he play the rounds with? What was his score? When were all the flight plans filed? Let’s get real folks…. A deep dive into this meeting is required to reassure ME that the entire Justice Department is NOT corrupt………. Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget.

          3. me1952 says:

            Brilliantly stated.
            I thank you for your service to our country.

  5. Ahmed F. Hosny says:

    Impatiently waiting………………….

  6. kbmiller says:

    Start the investigation !!! It will ultimately lead to both Clit ons, Holder, Obama, Lois Lerner, J. Koskinen D. Washerwoman Schultz, Donna Brazille and every major Dumb ASS ok RAT in the last administration.

    1. BambiB says:

      I want to see Trump reopen the investigation into Operation “Fast & Furious”. When the facts are laid out, there should be over 2000 counts of “conspiracy to smuggle assault weapons to criminals in Mexico” to charge Obozo and Eric Holder. That’s at least 2000 years in prison.

      1. kbmiller says:

        Me too. Look at ALL of it.

    2. Al says:

      When the Clintons left the WH they were broke. Obama too.

      1. Jim says:

        If Barry was broke who floated him the $8 mil for his new house?

        1. Al says:

          I can’t believe the Clintons had no money like Hillary claimed either.

          1. David in MA says:

            Emotions for the democrat useful idiots to get their support (and financial contributions).
            Democrats do everything with emotions.

        2. mrp15 says:

          George Soros. Payback for Barry pretending to be president while Soros ran the show.

        3. Amber says:

          Probably George Soros – I imagine he told him the job was not done. Only an idiot goes on working for anyone when the job is over, unless someone is funding them to work undercover.

      2. kbmiller says:

        Anal. you’d better check your facts. The OHOMO’s had $millions from book deals. Remember, the ones that Bill Ayers wrote? The Clit on’ s had book deals in the wings. HillBilly was getting paid $hundreds of thousands for speeches and don’t forget the $thousands of merchandise they STOLE from the White House during their move out. Neither were broke. Hell LIAR y was looking for the sympathy vote. Later she got the PATHETIC vote.

        1. Al says:

          I wasn’t serious friend. They had big bucks and Hillary actually said they were broke.

          1. kbmiller says:

            Sorry. We’re on the same side. Good !!

  7. Jesustheonlyway says:

    “Senate, … will undoubtedly criminally indict her.”
    HOPE SO!!

    1. MsC says:

      I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

  8. ClimateWhat says:

    I don’t trust Robert Meuller, he needs to recuse himself because of his relationship with Comey and a non-partisan investigator replace him.

    Trump has ample cause and authority to demand Meuller’s recusal.

    1. Grant1959 says:

      I could not agree with you more, not only are they long time friends, crony’s etc. but Mueller is hiring a bunch of Hillary supporters and donors . He has assembled a kangaroo court, he has created his own version of the Spanish Inquisition. This is a set up and I do not want to see the President walk into this obvious trap. Where the hell are the Republicans? They should be screaming like banshees about this farcical attempt to put together a fair and unbiased Independent Council.

      1. Michael Lloyd says:

        Where are the Republicans? Sitting nutless and gutless in the peanut gallery having a grand time smoking, joking, toking and back stabbing.
        Remember, the Democrats wanted Hillary and the Republicans did NOT want Trump. They are enjoying this 7 stage farce as much if not more than the Democrats.

        1. Jim says:

          The republicans re nutless wonders and are scared s#ittless of the democrats and are a disgrace to their party!

          1. Ken/FL says:

            and to those who voted for them.

        2. KJ says:

          We The People wanted President Trump and still do–more than ever.

        3. Ken/FL says:

          and aiding the Democrats any way they can.

        4. mrp15 says:

          That’s because they fear President Trump will drain the swamp and they will be exposed and their business as usual will have to stop. Sad!

        5. Ancient Mariner says:

          You must understand. Draining the swamp doesn’t include only democrats. The Republicans resisting President Trump’s agenda are part of the problem.

      2. Ken/FL says:

        The Republicans are behind the scene trying to help save the establishment and destroy Trump. That’s where they are .

      3. Denise Stathatos says:

        They are taking away our health care, while we are not looking. Bad news for them, I am looking over their shoulders every step of the way

    2. dux nobis28 says:

      Get rid of him a demorat croonry

      1. Patricia Anderson says:

        Make that DEMON=RAT lol

      2. Clipart says:

        Delightful work you have here.

    3. Ollie Octopus says:

      Get rid of him. Period!

    4. Amber says:

      Apparently Robert Mueller is not going to have the decency to do this. I think it is up to we the people to all get on board and demand he be replaced. I can understand that President Trump is in a difficult place where this is concerned – but if we don’t get on board here we are going to wake up one day and they will tell us Hillary is our new president. I don’t want to hear it is not constitutional or legal, or it has never been done. We are dealing with people who break the law and take the law into their own hands and anything is possible with them.

      1. ClimateWhat says:

        Start a petition on
        I’ll sign it

        1. Stephen Korup says:

          I’ll sign it as well

    5. worried american says:

      Yes….but he won’t! He will wait until he gets fired so the Dems can lick their chops greedily saying …”we got another thing on him gang…drool!!!”

  9. Grant1959 says:

    I believe I saw an article once that said that there was a memo that said that Lynch would make sure that the Clinton investigation would not go to far. Has anyone else heard about this?? If so please chime in with any more info or details you might remember.

    1. maryb says:

      gran1959t, that’s the reason the hilderbeast was so confident she would win the election.She knew she would be prosecuted for nothing, Benghazi, email scandal, foundation donations etc.The swamp is still full of these rats.

  10. BambiB says:

    I think Sessions should appoint an independent prosecutor to investigate the Clintons. Trey Gowdy would be my first choice.

  11. mary says:

    When is she going to be locked up along with Hilary?

    1. Ollie Octopus says:

      I wish it would happen but probably never will.

    2. Michael Lloyd says:

      When is Hillary going to be locked up?

  12. dux nobis28 says:

    Time to Lynch Loretta the fate for all lieing Negroes get Obozo and Rice as well!

    1. David in MA says:

      Get one or two and they will sing louder than McCain.

  13. vinny says:

    She will get away with it because she is A NIGGER!!!

  14. Beth says:

    I am so frustrated with headlines like this. So LL is “in a world of trouble”. Maybe that could read “SHOULD be in a world of trouble” because so far I have seen no action against her, Susan Rice, HRC, BO and others. No one is “in trouble” as long as they are skating along scot-free. Being in trouble means not only getting caught but having to face the consequences. There is proof, evidence and witnesses to all of their crimes but nothing is being done about it. Yet the innocent are being smeared, investigated, interviewed and forced to testify. And their enemy is put in charge of investigating them and no one (conservatives) is putting a stop to it causing us to appear to be weak. It is mind boggling.

    1. mrp15 says:

      It is frustrating–just when you think they’re wising up to indict Obama, the Clintons, Loretta, Susan, Lois, Debbie–voila, nothing happens. Evidence is overwhelmingly against them. Yet all they do is go in search of evidence of crimes that does not exist against our president. The GOP that is in control and does nothing needs to be replaced in the next election. They are the swamp that President Trump talks about who care more about themselves and their power than we the people. They would rather President Trump fail than our country succeed. Sad!

  15. Carson Tyler says:

    Sounds like the boiler room is at work again. The courts and justice system should be dismantle accepting what some people write. The Republicans and Democrats agreed about Meuller. Who are we to judge. Any person who accepts the position will be dammed if Trump’s name is brought up. Nothing was said when Nixon and Clinton had to face the investigation. If everyone is innocent they have nothing to fear.

  16. Macy's Mom says:

    Loretta Lynch is in no trouble, just those stupid RepubliKLANS spreading rumors. Now about their stupid leader, HE is in a whole lot of trouble and he is under a criminal investigation.

    1. jim says:

      You are full of it she should be in prison along with her boss and thec

      1. KDC says:

        Save your breath. They don’t know what truth is even if it stairs them in the face!

  17. CaptTurbo says:

    The deep state protects arch criminals such as Holder, Lynch, Barry Soetoro (Obama) and the Clinton Crime syndicate. The wolves have been unleashed against President Trump because he is trying to turn around the liberal crime wave being orchestrated by the globalists. They know they all deserve the death penalty for treason and there is plenty of good reason for American citizens put pressure on their elected criminals to see that it happens. If the deep state wins this battle. our republic will be lost.

  18. Tonya Parnell says:

    LYNCH SHOULD BE IN JAIL. FIRE MUELLER NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. KDC says:

      Clinton first, Comey second then Lynch. They’re all lying.

  19. Dan says:

    I’ll believe this story when the fake news outlets have no choice other than to report that Loretta Lynch has been subpoenaed and will be testifying under oath infront of a Congressional committee.

  20. maryb says:

    LL in trouble over the email scandal??? NAH! I’ll believe it when I see it

  21. Mike Pitzer says:

    Clintons,Lynch, Comey, indict all on the criminal charges and put them all in prison!

  22. Mathew Molk says:

    If she is in such deep shit why is she not in jail awaiting trial?

    Too much bullshit and not enough bo-get.

    I am totally sick of hearing how much they got on all these obomites and yet nobody has been indicted other then the goofy broad leakier last week. Come back when we have someone going on trial. Until then don’t bother me any more, and I’m including Trey Gowdy who has produced absolutely NOTHING but noise in 3 year.

    1. Chi Sam says:

      Years. More than one year, is ‘years’…and the simple, common word ‘then’ refers to a specific point in time and cannot be substituted for the equally-simple and common word ‘than’.

      What a molk.

    2. KDC says:

      Exactly right. If Comey had an ounce of honesty, this would have come up long before this.

    3. Beth says:

      I have often had the same thought about Gowdy. He is great at getting to the bottom of things but nothing ever comes of it. When Rice refused to testify she should have been subpoenaed. Too much passivity going on in the conservative side.

      1. Amber says:

        Probably the same thing happened to Gowdy that happened to the FBI Agents – they got all the information and all of the facts but then their bosses, James Comey and Loretta Lynch put the hammer down. We had corruption at the highest level of our government.

  23. KDC says:

    “But even the untrustworthy James Comey distrusted Lynch”… Nah, I don’t believe this. Comey isn’t capable of doing anything honest. I smell smoke screen. I think Comey is taking his orders and is doing everything to protect Hitlary, by diverting attention elsewhere. I think it’s from the Clintons who will do anything, at the expense of “eating their own”.

  24. KJ says:

    Crank up the special counsels and grand juries. We’ve likely got RICO charges, money laundering, and obstruction of justice charges galore associated with the Clintons and their piggy bank of a foundation.

  25. Marvin Barry Cohen says:

    Loretta lynch is a far left Leftist Liberal. Now, she also wants to keep her life. All Bill had to do in this secret meeting was remind her that of people disappearing just hours or day or so when they had bad secrets. Leftist Liberals are very protective of their lives. They have no code of personal honor or any dedication except pure unadulterated hate for decency.

  26. Dickens10 says:

    I hate to say it but the Republicans won’t do anything to her or about her. We know she is corrupt. We know the Clinton’s are corrupt. We know the Clintons took more money from Russia than the Trumps ever thought of but it will make no difference. Out of fear of the media machine, the Republicans WILL DO NOTHING to them. They are far to busy kissing Chuckie’s ring.

  27. Carl Looney says:

    Loretta you can betta that you are going to go down in history as a phony and a liar who tried to protect the lying Clintons. You should have prosecuted both Hillary and Bill – they are murderers.

  28. David in MA says:

    “Comey and Lynch allowed a criminal, Hillary Clinton, to get off scot-free.”
    I do not believe this statement is completely true, she was not charged with any crimes, so the statement of not prosecuting Clinton would be true and beings she was never charged means she can still be charged AND IMPEACHED, while in or out of office. Now it is plain in the Constitution that a president impeachment can only remove the president from office, I have not read what an impeachment of others amounts to, but people like Clinton, Lynch, Comey might be prosecuted in a federal court for their crimes beyond impeachment and losing all benefits and pay. And if found guilty of a felony can never hold office again. Interesting.

  29. Peggy Baldwin says:

    I never, never, never believed Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had a chance meeting. NEVER. Those that do should buy that bridge in London before it falls.

  30. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Don’t bet on them indicting her! Liberals seem to walk away scot free from crimes that conservatives would be up UNDER the jail.

  31. cutterguy says:

    nothing will happen to her as soon as they try to charge she will holler that Trump raped her and every body wanting to take her down will be called racist. automatic release from any and all possible wrong doing.

  32. Donald Lindsey says:

    Radical Liberals Socialists Democrats will blame anybody to cover their butts, they are like a pack of rabid dog going after the scent of blood of a wounded animal. None can be trusted as being OK.

  33. william g munson says:

    Well not painful enough James and you were not confused either , you know what she was planning all the time too and you are crooked as Crooked Hillary and what about the man that left that device on the plane that they had there talk and nobody was allow on the plane why let get that tape from the man and see what all is on it that what needs to be investigated you know it too

  34. Ken/FL says:

    Within our Government there are very few politicians who would vote to see that corrupt politicians pay their dues. Very few!

  35. David VanBockel says:

    I presume the facts have been spirited away to the obama Presidential Library in
    Illinois, a mere few hundred miles from a militia base in Louisville, KY.

  36. Kirk Kahler says:

    yes she is corrupt a liar and has to answer for the crimes that she did and I am sure that Obama had her do much of it ! every day more and more of how corrupt the left is being brought to the people even though MSM will not report on it ! and have to go to FOX and OANN to get the truth ! the left is hammering trump about crap there is no proof of to keep the American people a way from finding out about there crimes and they fear team trump so much that they keep pimping fake news supporting the horrible things that Hollywood is doing calling for riots and blocking any thing they can to stop team trump from draining the swamp cuz they know that there days of power and money will end and they will loose there jobs and many will face jail for the crimes against America and her people !

  37. Little Lulu says:

    Honest and ethical are not words you can use to describe the left. Come on, they worship Saul Alinsky and in his rule for radicals he tells his followers to lie, cheat, steal, do whatever it takes to win. So to leftists Lynch meeting Clinton on the tarmac to plot hiding Killary’s crimes was perfectly fine. It is past time for them to be held accountable for ALL OF THEIR CRIMES!!!!!! There are people in jail for doing nothing like they have done. The double standard has got to be crushed. Now they are advocating violence against anyone that doesn’t go along with their horrible agenda. THEY ARE ALL CORRUPT AND VILE!!

  38. davegrille says:

    Loretta Lynch deserves comeuppance.

  39. Countrysunrise says:

    You could tell she was related to Obama!! Just look at her ears!!

  40. mrp15 says:

    Will lying Loretta admit that Obama made her do it?

  41. Carl Looney says:

    She is an example of mobster leader. Put her in the slammer and throw the key away, after a trial, of course.
    She is just another crook in Obama’s anti-American government.

  42. worried american says:


  43. Thomjeff says:

    So I guess now days If your just a naive democrat, your not in any way responsible for your illegal actions. Like, I’m so sorry but it will never happen again. Im only the attorney general, its not like im supposed to know what im doing. Again, I’m so,so, sorry, and i promise, next time I will do it the right way. Please forget this every happened and we’ll call it even.

  44. Denise Stathatos says:

    lock them all up! Put them in a cell block with #45, too, and let them fight to the death

  45. maryb says:

    pappy450, Ship every last one of those “OSCUMBAGS” over to North Korea and let the N. Koreans deal with those crooks

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