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One Liberal Comic Quickly Regretted Trashing Trump

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  1. Diane DeMarco says:

    She is quite the obnoxious one. My problem is figuring out if she is more of less obnoxious than cousin Chuckie!

  2. TediBearMom says:

    It is time for Republicans stood up to the verbal bashing and quit supporting Hollywood leftist who cannot stop shoving their politics down our throats.

  3. Dave T. says:

    What do you expect from a liar liberal???
    They cannot do ANYTHING but race bait!!!

  4. boone1 says:

    Amy Schumer is nothing but a fat ugly liberal.

  5. Helena Starke says:

    Best news of the day !! I can’t stand that crude bitch !!

  6. Vic says:

    She is related to Chuck Shummer – what do you expect -birds of a feather, flock together!!

  7. gtrippp says:

    Biggest surprise is that only 9 people gave it zero stars.

  8. Amber says:

    Any actress or actor who is stupid enough to appear in a movie or an appearance with Amy Schumer is taking a big risk of their own career. America is sick of people like this trying to take down our president. Actors and Entertainers are not necessary for our way of life, but a President of the US is necessary.

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