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Liberal Coach Looking To Sign Anti-American Quarterback

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  1. Rodney Steward says:

    This country is under knew leadership, a person that cares deeply for our country instead of hating it! ESPN can get their head out of the Obama sand or die by it, I don’t care either way, I no longer watch it! They are a disgrace to our country as bad as Obama was, and like Obama is no longer needed!!

    1. mrpoohead says:

      Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Ray Maxberry says:

      Could not been said any better!?

    3. Candice White says:

      I guess you have to be a white racist like yourself to have any rights in this country I am ashame my father and brothers fought for worthless scum like you.

      1. Rodney Steward says:

        What was racist about it, no color was mentioned, just the fact that Obama was the worst President in history and that’s been talked about on the news! No one that fought in the military is scum,PERIOD! But Obama hated this country and he showed it every chance he could! Now get over it snowflake!

        1. Thomas Proctor says:

          If you had ever been in the Military, you just had that feeling and knew that obummer had nothing but disdain for the American Military, even though he tried to put on a different face.

          1. Rodney Steward says:

            You’re exactly right friend, I had 12 years in, and have 3 family members in right now! I know how Obama felt about our military, and the family I have in now hated him for the things he done to belittle them!

          2. rex ames says:

            One off the problems we have is this country makes allot of money on wars, with not only war materials being supplied, but also reconstruction cost to private companies is a big business for the corporate sector..

          3. Rodney Steward says:

            True, we’ve not fought a war to win since WWII, the rest since then have been for making a lot of people rich with most being politicians and a certain few contractors! It is about money, but the day will come when everything will change, and it may not be to far off!!

          4. stopspending4 says:

            so rex, what do you suggest? We just not defend ourselves and our allies? We spend no money on defense? Yes, it is big money – and often wasted – but the alternative is not all that great. Would you rather be speaking Japanese or German?

          5. rex ames says:

            My 2 sons and I have collectively served in 6 wars, from Vietnam through all the current wars. Collectively 38 years total. We just put our heads down and served.
            I have no answers for this because money seems to corrupt everyone. Waste is very much in bed with our civil service government people who all want to keep their jobs and are happy to let government grow. Right now its unsustainable. The only thing Trump can do is down size government by forcing people to retire early, and then freeze the hiring. They are all civil service democrats protected by government unions. If you call a government office, most times you will get a recording, and if you leave a message, they never call back. A bunch of worthless bastards !!
            There is no accountability for nothing, and if you blow the whistle, your name is mud.
            The Federal judges are all liberal and think they should be running the country.
            You have corporations that hire retired generals who are connected to military contracts and get work from their Buds who are still serving. Where does it all end?
            I have no good answer for it all, and not even the president is allowed to govern.
            Trump knows its a big mess, right on down to the NAFTA Treaty inplimented in Jan. 1994, but they are tying his hands. Personally I think its better to have jobs and pay more for products. But corporations that moved don’t care about you and I. They just move to where the wages are 75 cents an hour and pocket the profits.
            I have know answer for it all, everyone is on the take.

          6. 101Airborne says:

            DEAD ON MY GOOD MAN!! My family has many years service also, but the swamp has to be drained of all the free loading bastards.. The citizens HAVE to give the Prez. their backing, or our country will be unrecognizable within a decade..Call your Congressmen and Senators and checkout their voting records on Trumps policies..If their voting records don’t back the Prez.,let them know their seats are in jeopardy in the next election cycle..Most do not care about our country,only their own asses!!!! We need new blood in the government anyway!!! PUSH HARD FOR TERM LIMITS!!!!!!! THAT INCLUDES THE CIRCUIT JUDGES!!!!

          7. Kenneth Freed says:

            Thank you for your service sir!

          8. Rodney Steward says:

            Thank You Sir!

          9. Al says:

            I did say we are on the same side of the street. You are right. When Obbie was campaigning he was somewhere.. Iraq or where ever and he ignored a group of soldiers. Oh, USN here . Four years on a big grey boat here. I swore I wouldn’t support this jerk.

          10. Thomas Proctor says:

            Thanks for your service. For me it was four years in the U.S Air Force Security Forces. Have a great night.

          11. Al says:

            God Bless You

      2. Gator says:

        So saying Carroll is a liberal jackass and Crapernick is a lousy quarterback and a worse American is somehow RACIST ?? What alternate reality do you live in ? There is no particular skin color that goes with jerkhood…and these two prove.

        1. Al says:

          I won’t watch any sports that have un- American players.

      3. BornAgainSouthernPride says:

        Racist!,, Racist… Racist… say it enough, especially as your only comment and you prove your ignorance, liberal bias and racism. All you know, all you see, all you say. Begone snowflake!

        1. Millard Huff says:

          BornAgainSouthernPride liberals are the most RACIST people in America.It’s there way are the highway do as I say not as I do liberals are total FOOLS.

          1. BornAgainSouthernPride says:


          2. Thomas Proctor says:

            Hey Millard, it’s their, not there and or,not are. Have a good day and study up on your spelling and English.

          3. 4august20 says:

            Proctor shut your damn mouth you are a smart ass I bet you don’t have one person that like’s you

          4. boone1 says:

            proctor sounds like a last name for a QUEER.Now proctor did I spell queer right.

          5. Thomas Proctor says:

            How should I know, You are the Queer and if that is the name you go by, you can spell it any way you like. Have a good day. You should have a space between the period and the word Now.

          6. boone1 says:

            I will write as I please.

          7. boone1 says:

            I think the queer name fits you betterRino.

          8. Thomas Proctor says:

            Hey Bonne, what part of California are you from? I would say that you vote for all the liberals running for office. I know that you are a liberal because your vocabulary is very limited. Should be a space between better and Rino. It looks bad when you run words together. Have as good a day as a liberal can.

          9. boone1 says:

            Their and there same thing get over it and don’t worry your little liberal heart about my spelling and English teacher.

          10. Thomas Proctor says:

            If you believe this, you really need to take that English course. By the way I am not a liberal, staunch conservative,voted for President Trump. I just believe in using correct English, nothing wrong with that.

          11. boone1 says:

            You need to teach engish too all of your muslim friends.

          12. boone1 says:

            conservative Rino I see.NOT

          13. Thomas Proctor says:

            There you go again, did not space between sentence ending period and NOT. Try to do better in your next derogatory post. Have a nice day, if possible. Say hello to Maxine, Nancy and all the other California liberals. Don’t worry be happy.

          14. phil62 says:

            Sorry dude but you are dead wrong (in more areas than one), but as a one-time English teacher there is a big difference between “there” and “their”. Their means people so THERE the truth is.

          15. Al says:

            Picky picky and screw you.

          16. Thomas Proctor says:

            Hey Al, maybe you should join the other liberals in their English class. You should have a comma between Picky and picky.

          17. Al says:

            Hey Thomas. It seems that we are both anti liberal here so let us not dis one another. I would be happy to learn sentence phrasing is it? Please direct me to a free learning site. (I’m serious). I do spell good though. Al

          18. Thomas Proctor says:

            Al, I am a true Red, White and Blue Conservative, but I respect, and have worn the Uniform to protect everyone’s right to believe anyway they want. I have just been playing along to have a little fun. You have a great night and may the Lord bless you.

      4. Millard Huff says:

        Stupid liberal no one here is a white racist it seams to me that it is you that is the racist not Rodney Steward.

      5. Fox5live says:

        Lol…surprised you have the name “White.” With your prejudice, I would think you would have changed it, snowflake.

        1. rex ames says:

          I guess your prejudice is showing through, the pot calling the kettle black.

        2. rex ames says:

          Its a weird thing that a black person can call white people prejudice because they are black. It works in reverse too.

        3. rex ames says:

          If a white person did not honor America by taking a knee at a game, I would not respect him either. For God sakes for all the money these people make playing a game, they all should be ashamed for not honoring this country.

      6. Thomas Proctor says:

        Hey snowflake, I guess when you are not able to come up with anything intelligent to say, like any liberal, you can always play the race card. Have a great day and be thankful you live in the Great U.S.A.

      7. stopspending4 says:

        Thanks for your post Candice. Without liberals like you that can only name call, the gop would not have WON the last several elections. The progressives really can not understand that namecalling does not convince ANYONE to vote for them. Keep up the namecalling, and electing leaders like Pelosi/Clinton/maxine/etc and the gop will remain in control for many more elections.
        I am now going to go run to my safe space because you called me a name – NOT

      8. Frank W Brown says:

        Full of SHIT MUCH???

      9. Al says:

        They are/were would be ashamed of you.

      10. Mac says:

        Do you understand what a racist is? I don’t like Barry Sotoro either. But not because of the color of his skin. I despise him for his ideology. You should appreciate Trumps agenda. Your brothers would too. Semper Fi.

  2. E James Maggio says:

    Seattle is already one of the hated teams,now Carroll is adding to the hatred. I never did like him when he was head coach at USC, he was a jerk then and is still a jerk now, I among many others will continue to not watch any of t heir games. This quarterback is a traitor to a country that gave him the the opportunity to make all that money that he makes and be a part of a team in California that was good to him in spite of his traitorrist actions of not standing for the playing of the national anthem. To me and many others, there is no team called the Seahawks

    1. Millard Huff says:

      Well you don’t have to be smart in any sports to play and football players are not too smart.As far as sports go I could care less any of it.All players are over payed too start off with.

  3. Dan says:

    What a coward this man is.

    1. Red Steiner says:

      Lol You left out weenie Sir. Boycott the Seahawks Patriots.

    2. Stephen Lykins says:


  4. scrubbie says:

    I’ve been a Seahawk fan since they were born in 1976. I live about 30 miles from Seattle, I watch all their games and my house has a giant Seahawks flag out front (makes it easy for the pizza guy to find my home, ha). I have Seahawks gnomes in my yard and a Seahawk plaque on my door. I wear Seahawks colors every Friday, too, and though it would pain me to give it all up I will not support them if that piece of dung, Kaepernick, joins the team. We already have a good quarterback, who happens to be a stand-up guy and decent human being as well. Bhull chit to Kaepernick.

  5. William Di Gennaro says:

    Kaepernick is prima facie evidence of the Liberal’s lunacy.

  6. Phillip Lake says:

    How the hell would you know what this article is about when it is covered up by useless and filthy damned ads that have no use what-so-ever.

    1. KDC says:

      I agree, Phillip. Nothing is more discusting than some of these half nude ads they show. I’m with you!

    2. Marjean Wagner says:

      This is happening all the time. Sometimes I cannot even read the article which must be their intent. Sports has deteriorated for a number of years now in my opinion.

    3. JSStryker says:

      Ad Block Plus is your friend

  7. KDC says:

    No offense, but I’m glad. Sports have begun to be just Hollyweirds on the playing field. If they just stuck to their sport business it wouldn’t be so bad, in a way. These types shouldn’t be anybody’s heros. Now a days they are nothing to look up to or admire. Anyone who turns their back on our country and it’s flag should leave or pay a price.

  8. KDC says:

    No offense, but I’m glad. All sports these days are nothing more than HOLLYWEIRDS with an agenda.

  9. CCTexas says:

    Seahawks, as in Seattle. The next great Socialist City, after San Fransisco on the West Coast. They should be banned from sports. ESPN, good bye you jerks. One day, the great silent majority of the Democratic Party will raise up and drain their own swamp.

  10. Teleman119 says:

    ESPN and Kaepernik, et al, all deserve what they are getting. It doesn’t matter to me what they do, I get what little sport news I want from YouTube searches 1-2 hours a month. I haven’t watched any live sports since the Jacket Jackson fiasco in 2004 and won’t until their act has been totally cleaned up for at least 5 years. I won’t hold my breath. They don’t even understand what is decent anymore much less able to be it like their Commie and Muslim friends. They can all rot in hell together.

  11. Howleyesque says:

    For those of you who watch their games… DON’T STOP! Instead, STOP buying the products advertised during those games! And make SURE to call the sponsors… and tell them WHY!

  12. Kirk Kahler says:

    I hope they do not get jobs till they tell the American people they are sorry for what they did ! I was a big football fan every sunday but I had to stop cuz of the disrespect that was happening on the field ! these players are paid god money to play a game and they act like this so be it they lost my support and there sponsors as well any one that supports anti-American acts are not worth my time or my money !

  13. jong says:

    You know they got rid of Randy Moss in Minnesota for far less than what this whacko has done. I thought Minnesota was a little extreme at the time. Randy looks like a Saint compared to Colin.

  14. pepie says:

    fire or your team will be laugh at and sales will drop .He’s not worth it maybe 100 dollars a week . that’s it.

  15. Linda Lee says:

    If Kaepernick hate this country, then why is he here? Sure, he’s entitled to his opinion, bu thaving stated it , maybe it’s best he leave and find a country that does suit him

  16. pepie says:

    Fire the coach .he will bring down sales and lose you team to a loser . foot ball is American don’t change it

  17. Patriot says:

    There must be a team in Afghanistan you can play for.

  18. desert fox says:

    Carroll and Kaepernick are both ash wholes. I’ll just pray that the Seahawks go down the drain just like the 49’s did. I’ll never watch a Seahawks game if he sign this muslim bastard.

  19. jerry1944 says:

    Life after football wasnt at all bad More time with kids and wife . Not to sure i am going to watch much football this yr ether . But for sure want that still have those that took the knee are where against the Flag And those espn lids that support blm Thugs i dont watch them ether They sound like they just argue for fun and we are support to like them Sorry want happen here dont care to watch are her STUPITY

  20. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Sweeet.. Another team to root against..

  21. disqus_xhoTljOoA4 says:

    Some people never learn.

  22. yellowjacket2 says:

    I never did like the Seahawks.

  23. draeger24 says:

    Pete Carroll is a “9/11 truther”….???? ROTFLMAO……

  24. Bob Hunt says:

    I think for too long we have placed anyone who can play ball well on a pedestal no matter what kind of person he or she is! It seems that if they play well enough they can skate through high school and college with mediocre grades and the ones who can go on to professional ball can command millions of dollars and get away with most anything!

  25. Carole Cobb says:

    Destroy football with crap! We enjoy an American game with players that support our country. This just turns my stomach! Losing interest in the game all together!

  26. tryscavage says:

    If any coach needs daily drug tests it is Pete Carroll.

  27. daves says:

    There is nothing anti-American about protesting your government.

  28. charles becker says:

    These two idiots deserve each other.

  29. CraigP3 says:

    I live just north of Seattle and a big Seahawks fan….Hey Pete hire Kaepernick and I’m done I wont watch Ill turn the TV off.

  30. Frank W Brown says:

    And, of course, I won’t be watching the seahawks if they hire that piece of shit!

  31. Les Landers says:

    This coach needs to find something else to do for the rest of his life, for even considering an anti-American POS like Kaepernick.

  32. DonRS says:

    TERRIFIC NEWS – another reason to HATE the Seattle Seahawks!

  33. Alleged Comment says:

    IT is unfortunate this nation imported the LOW IQ Negroes i.e. the slave class from Africka. Everybody was dumping them, including other Negroes.

    Now we have millions of these muscled apes plaguing our nation. Will the rise of the Planet of the Apes begin?

    Demoncraps (their masters) hope so.

  34. Karll says:

    We sat back and allowed commies to infiltrate and now saturate our
    media and academia. Will we draw the line at sports?

  35. cathylovesyou says:

    Sea Hawks like Seattle are Communist and don’t realize it or do they. How un American can you get, plenty more as you prove every year. You are hurting America. Not watching anymore of your games even if it is against my home team.

  36. barbara says:

    I guess he doesn’t want anyone coming to the games.

  37. MoBetter2 says:

    Krappernick can help Seattle crash and burn. Go ahead, Carroll, play with fire and see how badly Seattle gets burned! Looking forward to it….. you anti-American POS!

  38. Robert Early says:

    I think a coach replacement is soon coming.

  39. CommonSense4America says:

    I didn’t watch any SFO games because of him and I won’t watch any team with him on their roster. Mine is a moral judgment and theirs is a business decision. Nothing personal about the team, but about Kaepernick.

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