Legendary Musician Disgustingly Attacks Trump

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  1. Becky Wright says:

    This drugged out freak is a pervert and sexist. He is really sick and people boycott his shows he needs to know he is s show hue and stop his perversion on stage.

  2. Patricia says:


  3. Kirk Kahler says:

    wow they live behind there walls ! have mass money they spend on just them selfs ! cry about every thing ! not willing to help change any thing in America ! so I would like to know did they even VOTE ! if they are not happy they could do some thing about it other then bitch ! the left is failing fast there people are going to jail what is it up to now four ? and many more to come ! the corrupt Obama/Clinton/MSM cartel is slowly being exposed for who and what they are CORUPT !!

  4. KJ says:

    And it bears noting that the picture of Roger Waters above looks very much as if it could have been taken at SS headquarters in Berlin circa 1943. Coincidence? Maybe Roger is every bit as hateful as he seems.

  5. gilfaethwy says:

    I thought “The Wall” was sick, disturbing and unwholesome, and now I understand why… how the hell can this drug-addict accuse MR Trump of being a sociopath? Shadow projection. The blaring noise and rock-n-roll lifestyle seems to have corroded his brain, such as it may have been. His own biliousness and hatefulness is the salient feature of his rants.

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