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Leftist Actor Makes Ridiculous Claim About Gun Owners

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  1. bert shaw says:

    He needs to taken out and shot

    1. George Reed says:

      Great idea but it is against the Law and a waste of good ammo to boot.

    2. Brady says:

      no no no let him live, cause it’s clear he is very unhappy with his lot. Death would do him a favor.

  2. rick meek says:

    Hey – they sure PAY a bunch of money to security and bodyguards that DO CARRY…..

  3. TED from Boston says:

    Who is this clown? I have never heard of him.

    This clown does not have the balls to call BLM a terrorist organization, bc he knows he’d lose whatever gigs he has, and probably get smoked by an “Obama/Change” t-shirt wearing fellow.

    The left are simply retarded in their ability to understand basic common sense, basic logic, or communicate without Screaching or Preaching.
    I have lib in my extended family and she’s gets her news from The View, enuff said!

  4. Dan says:

    Moron that had to be an actor because it is one of those jobs or careers that requires no talent other than the ability to lie.

    1. IsThis4Real says:

      Kind of like that worthless, vulgar, vagina loving Amy Schlumer – a nobody!!!

    2. John E Strom Jr. says:

      Dan, a politician has the same standards of “excellence” There are MANY politicians but few patriots

    3. Tony B says:

      That is exactly true in every sense. They actually take “acting” lessons to learn how to propagate a false character that in and of itself is a lie, not to mention every word, action, and deed. Which I am sure by reviewing their actions, carries over into their personal lives. So sad.

  5. Andrew Johnstone says:

    Do we care what this lelft wing nobody thinks or says??? He doesn’t know what a trrosirt is he should move to Iraq Iran or Syria. The stupid fuck

    1. Tonya Parnell says:


    2. Init4thecache says:

      Yes, we should care. Although he and his ilk are not only wrong, but nefarious, there are many who will swoon at his every word – and they vote (and murder).

  6. IsThis4Real says:

    Who IS Michael Ian Black??? Is Michael Ian Black an actor…..I don’t know or think so!!!!! Such a waste of time. Why is this news??? SMH1!!

    1. Brady says:

      better yet why did I read part of it?

  7. Donald Lindsey says:

    We all know just how stupid and dumb the left are, we see it everyday they push to remove our rights but wants to keep theirs

  8. Ginger says:

    I’ve never heard of this guy and could care less what he thinks.

  9. Einar_Petersen says:

    You’ll notice, he starts many of his offerings with, “I don’t think…” He should STOP RIGHT THERE and proceed no further. The Truth had already shown thru…!

  10. Ed Noce says:

    The man is nothing but a self serving IDIOT.

  11. Just curious as I like to make list of actors I will never watch again, but never heard of this liberal liar loser, so he doesn’t even qualify for my list. PATHETIC

  12. jhforsythe says:

    The alternative spelling for leftist is “I-D-I-O-T”.

  13. BigMG says:

    I remember many years ago when comedians were funny.
    Comedy is rarely funny. Instead they use ridicule and vulgarity for a cheap yuk at the expense of those who are too civil to fight back.

    Why even bother watching yet another unfunny, leg-humping, attention whore?

  14. Brady says:

    Who is this person who seems to need some fame. What has he been on, I don’t watch comedy central much, unless I know fully is on.

  15. James in Texas says:

    Another “chatty Monkey” so-called entertainer. Well, chatty Monkey, get back in your box and we will call you when we need a “chatty Monkey”, Period! Oh, and please hold your breathe while waiting.

  16. Scott Puckett says:

    Mr. Black calls himself an actor, but I haven’t seen him on anything in years. At any rate, he is typical of left leaning males who could not defend himself or his loved ones when the hockey hits the ventilator.

  17. Daniel Gray says:

    Ok just exactly WHO THE F*** is this creep and WHY should I care?

  18. CharlyO says:

    Look in the mirror asshole. You are really talking about yourself.

  19. Brad Butler says:

    Michelle WHO?

  20. Ronald Gunn says:

    Am I supposed to care what this THING has to say? I might if he was somebody but I’ve never heard of the loser!

  21. Crystal Gixier says:

    making idiotic remarks like his are the only way losers (extreme lefties) and never heard of nobody comics/actors (liars) can get any media coverage. They just come up with whatever are the key buzzword of the moment and then exagerate and lie about them. Just ignore these idiots and don’t even make comments. He’s been watching the websites to see how many “people” are talking about him.

  22. Ben says:

    The First and especially Second Amendment are what makes America great. Loses due to guns improperly used is tragic, but those casualties are an acceptable cost for our freedom.

  23. charles becker says:

    No news here, just a libtard flapping his gums. Move on.

  24. Richard Wittauer says:

    Here we go again, this bleeding heart would be one of the first ones to cry for some one with a weapon to protect him or is family from a attacker with a weapon intending to do him or his family harm, do to the non thinking of what his party is doing to his country, letting people into the country that can’t be vetted correctly, letting people out of jails that shouldn’t ever be released, trying to pass laws and agenda’s that aren’t meet to help the United States, electing people that have a goal to hurt America. and the list goes on and on. Hope this guy and others like him wake the Hell up before things start to happen, and I’m sure things will after these non-thinking types of people keep on doing what they are doing.

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